[Custom Rom] [IMPLOSION Project] [N900] [6.0.1] Note 7 Full Port Coming Soon

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Sep 13, 2011
Hey dude i really dont like your replied . so if you dont want to help us just dont said anything like that . whatever you think , i dont care at all.

I misunderstood. sorry. but not as well as much lower 0,1% than ready for the opening of topics.

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dude why you are so negative o_O its so bad to judge peoples ;)
its so hard to start porting a MM Rom since we have none ready before so be patient help us with good words or just stay out of the thread if you dont like it :)

0,1% opened topic. We can prepare a little more eh. but there are issues that pop-up before closing. such opening and closing, there are issues. a little investigate.


Thread closed.

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To the OP,

Report this post or contact me via PM when your link is ready.
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