Custom rom - I've messed up

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Jan 13, 2017
Hi all,

So many years ago I used to do this flashing the custom roms on my old galaxy s4, and it was pretty straight forward.

THis s8 though is giving me real problems.

I'm trying to flash lineage 19 on it but I just can't seem to do it. I have run into error messages, boot loops, apparently deleted the boot sector off after using TWRP which only worked once...

I have googled and googled but I can't find the exact guide for my phone. It's a UK phone.

I have managed to get a samsung rom back on it using Odin, but it's got so T roam option which doesn't do anything..

Please can someone help?
It should work like this:
1. Enable OEM-unlocking in the developer options
2. Download the no-verity-opt-encrypt rom (google it, you will find links) on an SD Card or if you can plug that in your phone on an USB Stick
3. Install twrp using odin ( you was able to do this, right?)
4. Boot into twrp (Do not boot in the os first, go to twrp directly after flashing it)
5. Go to wipe, tap on format data and type "yes" to format your data partition.
6. Flash the no-verity-opt-encrypt zip
7. You can now boot to the system. If you already have the install zip for Lineage, you can also flash this now before booting to the system.
8. Done