Custom rom/Root for Quadcore T3 P1 Android 10 head unit 32gb rom 2gb ram?

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Mar 18, 2023
Thanks to Kaviz for providing the new update, here are some photos and test clips after installing the software.

با تشکر از کاویز بابت ارائه اپدیت جدید در ادامه چند عکس و کلیپ تست بعد از نصب نرم افزار دوستان اپدیت جدید بسیار روان و بدون ایراد هستش با خیال راحت نصب کنید.
با سلام. من دستگاهم رو با بروزرسانی هایی که میداد آپدیت کردم. الان خیلی مشکل داره. به نظر شما با فایلی که کاریز دادند میتونم درستش کنم؟ ضمن اینکه لینک بروزرسانی کاریز رو چطور میتونم دریافت کنم. مشخصات سیستم من این هست 👇


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Mar 18, 2023
اپدیت جدید که دیشب توسط دوست خوبم کاویز به دستم رسید و روی دو تا رادیو تست کردم . بسیار زیبا و با عملکرد فوق العاده تغییرات بسیار زیادی در این اپدیت انجام گرفته در بخش استایل ۳ استایل زیبا و در بخش پلیربلوتوث رادیو و خیلی قسمت های دیگر انجام گرفته .دستشون درد نکنه که برای دریافت این اپدیت از فزوشنده زحمت زیادی کشیده.
در ادامه تصاویری از قسمت های اپدیت اپلود میکنم.


The new update that I received last night from my good friend Kaviz and I tested the file with two radios. Very beautiful and with extremely smooth performance, many changes have been made in this update, in the style section of 3 beautiful styles, and in the music player section of the radio and Bluetooth, many other parts have been made changes and it has a good performance. It took a lot of effort from the seller.

In the following, I will upload images from the update sections.


با سلام.
روی سیستم من قابل نصب هست؟

Can this update be installed on my system?


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    Update firmware from June 2021. Use at own risk. Only for T3 K2001Q with Android 10 and DSP. Does not update MCU but it is a nice firmware.
    Hello @kavirz ,

    Would this update work on this radio:View attachment 5414577
    I am looking to get more radio styles only currently have 3.
    Yes, this firmware will work on your model. You get around 6-8 styles after the update which helps since we cannot run a 3rd party launcher as yet.
    Updated Firmware:
    APPVER: K2001Q_JSH_S212104.20210113.100830.H3Y5.01
    PlatformVER: K20Q-2021/01/11[21:25:51]-v0.01_D
    MCUVER: V2.0-FF01-20200724-A02-CAN0015-15-05-05000000000-00
    BTVER: GOCBC8_V2.0/2020:08:12:09:24:08

    MCU did not update but firmware itself did and platform version. What is interesting, is that DSP is now stable.

    Btw, the radios are T3l processor with 2gb ram, 32gb onboard storage. I can share it with anybody who wants it. There is around 4-5 different interfaces as well.

    Pros to this unit:
    - Latest Android (Real Android 10)
    - Really quick
    - DSP and RDS
    - Does all functions including standby decently well

    - Cannot change launcher
    - No reverse camera on boot (Can work if you use standby)
    ottimo funziona, grazie) do you know how to use widgets on home page?

    If you go to factory settings, and change the Style settings to launcher 4, you can remove and change the icons on the home screen. Widgets is hard or not sure how to change.

    Go to factory settings, pin is 1617 ( or 16176699) and then go to style settings (Pin is 111333). You can try that.
    Android 9 is a problem as there are no firmware's available for them. Only for the Android 10 units. Check on 4PDA as there might be something there.

    I updated it to android 10 finally. Saw a similar unit update, just tried and it worked and also my radio works now.

    Only help i need now, is I want to know that is there any way to replace the stock bluetooth app which is the interface to connect with the phone? Its a very ****ty app, and whats bad is it doesn't show if i am getting any call waiting, unlike other units. I cant manage 2 calls at once, anf i really need that feature since im usually on the move and make a lot of calls from my car unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated