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Nov 1, 2010
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
OnePlus 6T
If you want Kitkat, use Neomode 3.1.
Have a Keyboard apk on Sd card or install it from Playstore.
This is missing ;)
I use a kernel of d33 V4.2.5 for ap6210.
Also the KK FHD kernel works good.
Check Freaktab forum.

Its a much better one than the Finless KK beta.

I' m running Kodi RC3 without problems

If People have Screen flickering problems on JB or Kitkat, check your original USB flashing / Power cable.
Mine was defective, I could flash roms.
But the power was bad, looked like my CX-919 was dead.
Won't boot, so I used the cable of my TMS01 external Keyboard (tronsmart).

And everything works great.
Gonna buy a New original cable.. :D

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Mar 15, 2011
WiFi signal increasing

Hello all members,

I purchased few week ago , Quad Core Android 4.4 Mini PC Google TV Box WiFi Bluetooth 2GB/8G CX-919 S19K.
I connected it to my TV with HDMI cable, after that set up connection to WiFi network box.
My network box in another room , distance from network box to Mini PC at 8.5 metes and include wall blocks and drywall.
How I can increase WiFi signal from network box or how I can increase broadcast Mini PC?



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Mar 9, 2011
i use an extender from dlink.AC version about 100$ but works.

Can any body list apps they put on them for movies?

like showbox ...


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Oct 27, 2011
Have you a parameter 8GB file for this?
Or what parameter file use for a 2GB Ram 8GB ROM stick?
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Mar 27, 2019
CX-919 RK-3188 clean stock rom with 4 gb ram

Hi, All

I have CX-919 RK-3188 clean stock rom with 4 gb ram if you interested


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    I have had this for over a month now and wanted to share my experiences.
    I'm on Finless Bob's 4.2.2 ROM.
    Using a 32GB microSD card as primary storage and a 4GB app/data partition.

    -plays everything, mx player works really well
    -firefox with flash and other plugins rules!
    -using my k400 keyboard along with the input method set to null keyboard (app) works great.
    -powers up with just my laptop's usb port power (dont know if my laptop can output more than 500mA)
    -$65 !!!

    -No battery, date/time resets to 1/1/2011 if you unplug it. If you have a wifi connection then it will sync the time (there are also apps like ntpsync)
    -The power microusb port is quite loose, resets quite easily.
    -Occassional sdcard unmounting needing a reboot if you keep it on long (12 hours+)
    -included usb power cable length is short (3')

    waiting for:
    1080P kernel
    Overclock capable kernel
    Nightly AOSP based builds.
    I ordered one for myself --> Finless ROM is available so far.

    Delivery shoud be in 7-9 days.
    Have a question for you guys as reading how you too flashed bobs JB 4.2 ROM. As you know there are choices for space of the apps. 2,4,6 gb. I first tried the 4gb. But when I did. The box on that choice went from green to dark blue. Everything else remained green. Tried to flash and it got a error message. So flashed and just left that line alone with the default 2gb. This time it flashed no problem. But now I'm stuck with 2gb. So Gona refresh. Is it normal for that box to turn blue when you make the choice? If anyone knows..please inform me. TY.

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    I flashed mine with the default choice of 2GB, i think it's the perfect configuration so that i have enough room for my apps and ALSO enough room for my media files.
    i can't answer your question here but i'm sure Finless BOB will answer your question on his own thread HERE
    Yes I had already asked there. But had not received any replies . Searched around to see if anyone else maybe had this issue. But cant find anything. With me. Problem is I could eat that 2gb up with a few games. But you raise another question. Why not use the ext. SD for media. ? Thats what I do with my tab. Or is that not possible with this ROM? Anyway thanks for reply. Edit. Just read on another forum. Bobs ROM allows writing to Ext yea. Guess you can store there.

    AHH okayyyy, that's why then, for LARGE GAMES :)
    if this is the case then you have to try DirectoryBind this app let's you move all the large data files of any game to the external sd card and fool the rom that these files are still on the internal memory. the app supports syncronisation of the files between the external and internal memory.
    great tool, i use it and i love it.
    but before you move the game data to the external sd card you have first to install and run everything on the internal.

    anyway this is just a solution if you can't get the 6GB config.
    why don't you flash the stock 4.1 rom, run it then flash Finless's ROM with the 6GB? i think this way you get the CX919 really FORMATTED

    So how do you guys like the CX-919?

    After I have canceled my Ouya I am looking for alternatives :)

    If you could share some information and experiences I would greatly appreciate it! :good:

    Looking for stuff like boot time, lags in the OS, XBMC alpha, what setup are you using etc.

    I can tell you a little. I did not play around with the stock ROM to much. But I did flash finless 4.2. Had a little trouble with getting drivers installed. Seems that is normal deal. But it worked out. As for device. Its fast! I have not had any lockups or reboots. Video from USB thumb drive and SD card play fine. DLNA works surprisingly well. On this ROM. Netflix is not working. Crackle is not working. Real bummer. Most apps install fine and work. Buy seems like any apps that would turn it into a true smart tv device wont work. I already have a smart tv with these apps. So, that does not bother me to much. But if your going to use it for turning a tv into a smart tv. Well, Forget it. I may try the 4.1 Finless ROM. Read where people were saying these apps work on it? Will see. Anyway this is a fast great device and am having fun with games...

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