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Cyan Mod or Enomther ?

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Senior Member
Aug 19, 2009
I am currently using Cyan Mod 5.0.6 and I noticed that the performance was not as smooth as the previous one ( especially the launcher ). I am planning on switching to Enomther. Can anyone please tell me which one will have smoother and better performance ( according to your opinion ) ? Thanks in advance


Senior Member
Apr 4, 2010
Imo, Enomther has better perfomance, I went from CM 5053 to Enomther to CM 506 and back to Enomther..

Enomther Rom is minimalistic and smooth :)


Senior Member
Jun 23, 2010
If call quality has changed then it is likely due to a radio update.
Anyway, on topic, I prefer Enomther's ROMs to begin with, it just seems overall faster and more stable for me. It really comes down to personal preference. There are lots of great ROMs out there and some you may even like better than these CyanogenMod of Enomther's Official Nexus1 ROMs.
Point: If I had to choose between just these two, then Enomther for now.


Retired Recognized Developer
Jun 18, 2010
S.F. Bay Area, California
You could try them both for yourself and make up your own damn mind.

It takes maybe five minutes to restore a nandroid backup if you don't like what you see.

I know, right? I don't get why people would buy an N1, a bona-fide Google Developer phone, if they're just gonna *****-foot around flashing a few roms...

Like mtw says: "I ain't scared of no damn battery pull!"