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Cyanogen & Enomther comparison

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Senior Member
Mar 13, 2009
I realize Cyan's rom is full of features and stuff, and Enom's suppose to be basically stock. But I would like to know personally which is better. I've been running Cyan since for ever my whole android life. So I don't want favoritism. I just want to know which is better because I started to notice Enom doesn't update his roms much often does it mean its COMPLETE and "Perfect"? As where cyan always updates, but with new features and bugs/bug squash.


Senior Member
Jun 10, 2009
Boynton Beach, FL
Try them, find out which is better for your needs.

Cyan is a modded AOSP build with addons, Enom is bassed on OTA updates with addons.

Answer to question... None - Froyo all the way. (but if I had to choose, cyan's).