Cyanogen Updater - 5.0 IS HERE!!!


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Jun 24, 2009
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The updater now includes an updatable list of theme servers maintained by myself so you always have all the themes supported at a press of a button

FireFart has put ALOT of work in to this - coding day and night
if you appreciate his work, buy him a beer USD or EUR

Screenshots in post #2
Changelog in post #3

Google Code Page
Cyrket Page
Cyanogen's Experimental Branch
Cyanogen's Recovery Image

BIG thanks to all the art guys and the coders, including: FireFart, senab, prash, willmav5000, tuxfoo, matt_stang, DirectMatrix, amarkow2 and all the others
BIG thanks to the translators, including: FireFart, DavidChill, Moksha, Gamempire, Wiebbe, Chahk, Offcina, ss1271, baggus, kog, ZilverZurfan, Jar0b_, zezol and all the others
If I left you out, let me know and I will add you to the list
HUGE thanks to the jfupdater guys for making our lives so much easier
BIGGEST thanks to cyanogen himself for bringing us great ROMs, recovery images and all the rest... KEEP IT UP!!!
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Jun 24, 2009
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CM-Updater 5.0

Changed Update Folder so theres only one Directory on SDCard (new: /sdcard/cmupdater/updates)
Screenshots for Themes. They are now stored in an Database on SD-Card(reason for the update folder change)
Screenshots are only downloaded, if the Modified HTTP Header has changed, otherwise the cached image is taken
And some other freaky Screenshot Things
When there is an HTTP-Exception on Downloading a Theme.json, the Updatecheck will continue with the other Themeservers
More Menu Items in the ThemeServer list to make live easier with Featured ThemeServers
Version Compare is now working again correctly (hopefully)
Reduced the Package Size (about 200kb) by using NinePatch Drawables and Changing the PNGs from RGB to Indexed
There is now a check if theres enough space available on SDCard before downloading the Update
Downloads are now resumeable (server hosting the must support it)
Changed Service Implementation to the AIDL Interface
Services are now running in the Background
Made it easier for other devs to use the updater for their roms (see wiki)
Featured Theme Servers are now marked in Yellow
Theme Server List is now sorted alphabetically
Incremental Update Support, till Cyanogen hacks the OTA Updater ;)
Screenshot Support can now be disabled on Build Time(for other roms).
Debug Output is now disabled by Default to make the App faster. You can reenable it in Advanced Settings

CM-Updater 4.5

Updated Translations (now in UTF8)
Fixed a Bug in UpdateCheck
Reset the update.json File back to default for all the people that switched to beta.json

CM-Updater 4.5

Updated Translations
Major Code cleanup. Hope i made no Mistakes ;)
Theme Version is now Displayed in the Dropdownlist. So if you changed your Theme name to contain the Version name, change it back, or the Version is Displayed twice ;)
Theme Version is now String Compared, so you can also have a Theme Version like 1.4.5-r3. But remember: 1.4.5-r3 is "greater" and newer than 1.4.5
When you cancel the download, the half downloaded File gets deleted
Progress dialog when applying an existing update without md5sum is now disabled
new logcat command is adb logcat cmupdater:V *:S Now windows user friendly ;)
Download is not completly canceled when you hit the cancel button
Now you can add Multiple Theme Servers (sooooooooo much work)
New UpdateCheck mechanism. It will only notify you on NEW updates. So you can use the automatic UpdateCheck again ;)
Toasts on MD5verification failure or other downloading Problems
Now you can update the Theme Servers with a List of Featured Theme Servers
When you disabled a Featured Theme, and the URL changes (after updateing the Theme Servers again) the disabled state remains
Remove the scan qr menu item, cause people get confused about it ;)
When coming from an older cyanogen rom, you get update instructions

CM-Updater 4.1

Fixed Bug when changing orientation while Barcodescanning
Fixed Bug with MD5SUM to Pad the String to 32chars
UpdateFolder can now be changed (i think its beta ;) )

CM-Updater 4.0

Support for Theme Developers to provide their updates also via the updater
Progressdialog on Updatechecking will now go away on errors
Mod Version in Title Bar
Updated Translations
Seperate JSON File for Themes. Also via Barcodescanner
URL Checker when entering new UpdateServer urls, so there will be no Exceptions
themes.theme File configurable via Advanced Properties
ALternative md5sum Method, so the md5sum binary is not needed
No Updatecheck Exceuted --> Last updatecheck was printed as Mindate. its now a String.
When no themes.theme File is present, a Wildcard is used for Updates, so you can install them, without having this File. Your SystemROM still must match the Property in the JSON so you will not mess up your system. You can also put a * in the themes.theme File. It has the same effect
New Structured Preferences Menu
Loading image is displayed while app is loading. No more black screen on starting

CM-Updater 3.7:

Changed the Changelogdialog Titles to App Changelog and Rom Changelog
UpdateCheck Notification is now removed, when you click on it to open the App
Downloadinfo in Notificationbar much more efficient (thanks zillode for the patch) and it will be displayed in minutes and seconds
Toast when Downloading Fails will now go away and not stay at the screen forever
Minor Bugfixes(You will not recognize them in the app)
There are now Icons representing Experimental and Stable in the List of available Updates. Thanks to Quintin for the initial work.
New/Updated Translations
Removed an unnecessary layout
Now with a cool Looking ViewFlipper to Change between the Layouts

CM-Updater 3.6

Application Changelog via downloaded XML
Rom Changelog for selected ROM. Changelogbutton is only shown, when there is a description in the JSON file
Found Updates are now saved again, when closing the App
Updated German Translations
Updated Russian Translations

CM-Updater 3.5

New Menu Icons and new Notificatiobaricon thanks Prash
Updated Russian Translation
Download Status in the Notification Bar and can run in Background
User is now notified via Toast that he has to uninstall the old Version
Now Stable/Experimental is shown next to each Update Entry
New Advanced Preferences, to play with the Update Speed of the Download Notifications. Please handle with care ;)

CM-Updater 3.1.1

The App will Prompt you to uninstall any old Version. The dialog will pop up, till you uninstall the old Version ;)

Changed the Package name, so we can put it on the Market
Old Version MUST be uninstalled to make the App start. So we can be sure that there will not be 2 cm-updaters and 2 backgroundservices on your system ;)
Korean Translation
Italian Translation
Removed unneeded code

CM-Updater 3.0 (uninstall old Version first)

Download should be cancelled correctly(no more downloading in the background)
Download will now be cancelled, if one of the front keys on the g1 are pressed
Download will be cancelled, when a menu is opened(Preferences, QR Scan,...)
Abbility to delete only the selected Update in the Update folder instead of the whole folder
Fixed the Translation Bugs that force closes (some strings will be in english)
User is redirected to Updater Chooser Layout after a fresh install(No metadatafile in cache) when there are Updates in the Update folder, so he can apply them through the app
Added a Check Now Button on the UpdateChooser Layout (point Above) if no metadatafile is cached (otherwise you have to da a menu --> check now ;) )
Orientation Changes in the Download View no longer cancels the download
New Item in JSON File to support the upcoming Cyanogen MyTouch Mod (board: board1|board2|board3...)
Ringtone Preferences will now work
Vibrate Setting for Notifications
Fixed Bug, that Found Updates are not shown in Dropdown List
now you can do an adb logcat | grep "<CM-Updater>" so see only our Output from the App
Last Update Check Date is now shown on GUI
If the update you're trying to download exists, the app will promp you to overwrite it or not
No more strechted Background on the updatechooser Layout when showing all Buttons
If no MD5SUM exists in the existing Update Folder, User is asked what to do before Applying
Check for Update in the App no longer closes it. Runs in a seperate Thread
New Landscape Wallpaper
Notifications can now be disabled at all. But when no Notifications are selected, no automated Updatechecking will be done
Changelog via Menu. This opens just the Browser and redirects to the Google Code Page. Internal Changelog programmed, but there are a few layout issues so it will probably in the next release.
Changes of the MetaData File URL now works immediatly

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Jan 4, 2009
Simplest Method:
make cyanoogen create a text file like this on his server or make your own on your server

Then change the value
<string name="conf_update_server_url"></string>

to your url and compile;)
I would be incredibly grateful if someone took this on and got it working. I have no problem creating a metadata file on my server.


Text file must be in this Format:


PhoneType: I think in cm Builds its always ADP1
VersionCode: I think its an internal Versioncounter to check if updates are available
ModVersion: the Text from the ro.modconfig in /system/build.prop
VersionTextToDisplay: Text that will be shown
Info: Text with Info about this build
MD5HASH: MD5 Hash from the
Mirror1: Url to the ZipFile