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CyanogenMod 10.2.1.x - GT-I9195 - Stable/Nightlies - Bug Reports & Discussion

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Contacts Keeps Crashing

I recently upgraded to CM10.2.1.3(stable) on my Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-I9195). I was previously on CM10.1.3 and upgraded from within the settings -> about -> CM updates menu on my phone. Everything else seems to be working fine. However, when I go to write an SMS I get a pop up telling me that contacts has crashed. I had the previous version of GApps installed and flashed the correct version of GApps immediately after upgrading. I for the life of me cannot figure out what's wrong.

Anyone got a workaround or a fix for this?

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    Short list from the top of my head:

    Fixed emergency calling
    Some camera fixes
    Some kernel updates

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    *UPDATE: Both the Galaxy S4 Mini LTE and international 3G variants now have official STABLE releases on CM10.2.1.x! Get them at http://get.cm/?device=serranoltexx and http://get.cm/?device=serrano3gxx respectively.

    This thread is to discuss any issues you may have or bug reports to raise regarding the CM10.2.1 nightlies AND stable versions for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE variant (GT-I9195) only.

    Opened this thread so that newbies can also post their issues here, as well as to keep the release thread clean for development-related discussions only.


    Nightlies changelog


    Release thread / Development discussion | CyanogenMod 10.2

    How to install CM10.2

    1. Root and install using ONLY CWM recovery (available here: [RECOVERY][ROOT] Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE (GT-I9195))
    2. Copy all the files you downloaded for CM10.2 (From http://get.cm/?device=serranoltexx) into your SD card along with the Google Applications (Optional, recommended - get the latest one for CM10.2.x)
    3. Boot into CWM (Vol Up + Home just as the phone is booting up, navigate using Vol btns, HOME to select, POWER to back)
    4. Make a backup of your NANDroid (Optional - Do this if you wish to return to your previous ROM)
    5. Select "wipe data/factory reset" and press Yes
    6. Select wipe cache partition" and press Yes
    7. Flash cm-10.2-2013xxxx-XXX-serranoltexx.zip file FIRST (or RC or stable)
    8. Then flash gapps (Optional, recommended)

    • When upgrading between CM versions, you still need to flash the gapps module after upgrading as /system is wiped.
    • Notes about updating to latest stock FW before flashing custom ROMs
    • Screenshot is Vol-Down + Home in CM
    • The ROM comes with a Superuser app. You don't need to install another one.
    • When installing themes which appear to be improperly compiled, apply the default system theme and reboot and try again.
    • CM doesn't come with a IR Remote app.


    It would help greatly to be detailed in your bug reports and to provide logs (in [code][/code] blocks), in an organised manner.


    • Camera doesn't work / HDR crashes camera [1] [2] [3]
    • Screen Mirroring not fully working [1]
    • Unable to turn volume down in call [1] [2]
    • Charger: screen does not turn off when power button short-pressed [1]

    Verified & Reproduced / Work-in-Progress
    • -

    Fixed / In coming build

    • none yet

    Unable to reproduce / Unique to certain users / Unable to fix / Kernel issue
    • Missing 4.3 feature: "App Ops" [1] - CM merged it with Privacy Guard



    • Display Calibration
    • Button Lights Notification (BLN) kernel support
    • USB-OTG, MHL kernel support [1]

    Accepted (being/will be worked on in the future)


    Last updated: 31 Oct 2013, 1821hrs (+8GMT)
    @everyone that has tried 10.2 nightlies...in your user opinion , which 10.2 nightly do you consider as more stable and bug free?

    cm-10.2-20131022-NIGHTLY-serranoltexx, but on the other hand none of them is that stable and bug free so I just use the latest.
    New Nightly for Cyanogenmod 10.2 ist up :good:
    the default cm-kernel will not be replaced by my kernel in the cm-rom. you have to flash it every time you flash new rom(version).