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Jun 19, 2008
Nightly Banner said:
** These CyanogenMod builds are highly experimental and unsupported.
** Please refrain from submitting bug reports for any issues
** you may encounter while running one of these builds.
** Submitting bug reports on nightly builds is the leading
** cause of male impotence.

There is another thread in general evo discussion and it has like 140 pages and growing and there is a lot of mess.

Here is the link for nightly build. This isn't full official or anything but it is CM! From reading so far I can read FM radio does NOT work or 4G.

GAPPS(Google apps)
GOOGLE APPS is needed so you can have market and ect. This is a must (More mirrors below)

Starting from a rooted, NAND-unlocked phone with a custom recovery image
Wipe (Dalvik and Cache too)

Flash latest EVO Radio image -
Flash latest EVO WiMAX image -
Flash CM6 nightly -
Flash GAPPS -

1) Go into Recovery - RA or CW - it doesn't matter. Proven to work on both.
2) Wipe Data
3) Wipe Cache/Dalvik - iif you have that choice depending on Recovery
4) Install from zip on sdcard
5) Locate CM 6 - nightly build
6) Install the CM 6
7) Once that is completed - install the Radio. If you have already done this - please skip.
8) Skip the WiMax for you. It doesn't function at the moment anyways.
9) Install the gapps - with the "hdpi" not the "mdpi"(for smaller screens) make sure its the FRF91 signed apk. So a search for it. It's been posted and mirrors a million times already.
10) Once completed - select reboot and the swirling lines should go from multi-color to blue and then boot up. Give it a few mins. Everyone is different on the time length. It should not take over 5 mins.
Good luck.
Cyanogen said:
It's overclockable, just install SetCPU. I'd suggest not using any other kernel right now until people get a feel for this. There are a bunch of patches in that are needed to have everything working correctly.


If you get Virgin Mobile Voicemail...change your number in voicemail settings

If you like Sprint's Visual Voicemail, go here here Thanks spiicytuna
Also from spiicytuna
spiicytuna said:
WiFi Sleep Policy
Go into settings, wireless and networks, wifi settings, menu (hardware key), select advanced, change the "wifi sleep policy"
jrgutier said:
Here's a quicker solution for Facebook. None of this push and pull crap. Cut and paste the following shell code to your CLI.

adb remount
adb shell sed -i 's/' /system/build.prop
adb shell sed -i 's/ro.product.device=supersonic/ro.product.device=sapphire/g' /system/build.prop
adb shell rm /system/app/Facebook.apk
adb reboot

Let it restart, then install Facebook from Market if you haven't already. Sync will work, a lot less effort.

And Now, after WAY too much effort I present The Full Market.

Cyanogenmod 6 Tip,Tricks,Advice,Apps

Mods please edit as you see fit
Short video preview (first nightly build)
You can use this forum sig if you wish.

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Jul 14, 2010
If text messaging, and phone calls work, do we have to flash latest radio?

I dont know if i did it when i did a nand unlock.. Would it mess it up if i 're flash' with latest radio and wimax?


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May 12, 2009
If text messaging, and phone calls work, do we have to flash latest radio?

I dont know if i did it when i did a nand unlock.. Would it mess it up if i 're flash' with latest radio and wimax?

Turn off your phone and hold volume down and power button, then see what it says for radio. Current radio is


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May 22, 2008
Las Vegas


Jul 10, 2010
I changed the number in voice mail settings, anyone know how to get rid of the vm notification?

So far so god! Camera works as does most things, fast and smooth.. nice!


Apr 6, 2009
I keep getting "assert failed: getprop("ro.bootloader") == "0.76.2000". Did I miss something? Are there new bootloader that I need in order to flash the nightly?

I already flashed the latest radio and wimax



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May 24, 2009
Houston, Texas
you want the HDPI ones ;)

I'm getting a installation aborted on both MDPI and HDPI Gapps...Using Clockwork Recovery

Wiped data,
I flashed CM6,
then I flashed the latest radio,
rebooted to recovery,
flashed the latest Wiimax,
rebooted to recovery,
and when I try flashing the Gapps, it says

"Can't open SDcard/
( bad)
Installation aborted

Tried redownloading, but it still says the same thing
Any suggestions??

EDIT: is down so the mirror for HDPI Gapps canceled my second download...that's probably why it didnt work, can someone mirror the HDPI G-Apps!
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    Does the 7/28 include the newer kernel based on netarchy's?

    I'm still having the issue with my fps dipping below the 40's after an hour or 2 of use =/

    I did cache and dalvik wipe coming from RC1.
    Those of you getting slugish results need to update their ADW settings (the defaults suck)

    1) Screen Preferences - Desktop scrolling speed - set to something low-ish like 150-200, default settings are just plain moronic here. Desktop overshoot should be fine at 30 or 40.
    2) Drawer Settings - Horizontal Drawer definite on (this is far superior to the scrolling drawer if you have more than a few apps, and feels much smoother).
    3) Drawer Settings - Zoom effect speed - 400 is a decent setting, default was way too high.
    4) Drawer Settings - Columns/Rows - 4x4 is a nice setting for portrait, if you don't like a crammed screen.
    5) System Preferences - Wallpaper Hack - check this. If you have issues, change wallpapers to something of a sane size.
    6) System Preferences - Use Screen Cache - check this.
    7) System Preferences - Scrollable Widget support - you should start with this unchecked. Only check it if you have issues with some widgets. In my experience it didn't make a huge difference in performance or smoothness.

    (info from Here)
    Yes for sure this latest build doesn't like setcpu at all. I ran ver 1.6 and 2.0 and both would cause the phone to reboot at anything over base. The higher the setting the shorter time before a reboot. Also noticed performance was way better without setcpu installed. I know guys won't want to hear it but better leave your overclock off for this one. I'm still managing a quadrant score of 1500+ and MPFLOPS of 45.