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Mar 23, 2012
Switch audio output for testing. Eg. to phone or another channel.
Done that, it didn't fix it
What DAB-Z version are you using? Is this only with BBC Radio 2?
I am using the latest version just freshly downloaded from the playstore. Na it was with all the stations.

Okay so weird thing is that i restarted my stereo and it started working.

I have done it like 5 times now and out of those 5 times ever since it was working is that it has failed only once, so idk how to repeat it.


Mar 23, 2012
is there a way to check if my DAB signal is being boosted?
I am using a focus mk3 2014 and from what i've seen there's two fakra connectors which one of em is for FM/DAB and the other is for phantom power. I have purchased a dual fakra to single fakra then a fakra to dab/fm/power.
I have connected the power to the ACC which delivers 12v.

Does the app have a way to check if i have boosted it because i am noticing my signal does drop a bit, i live in the suburbs in uk so i shouldn't have that bad of a signal.

might do a trial where i don't connect it to the phantom power and just send it to the dab/fm fakra.


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Apr 3, 2021
@rowan112are you sure that's that's case? I read the same all over the web..White phantom power and black fm/dab but I get FM on white and DAB on black on my 2015 Fiesta ST

Also @realzoulou app is excellent thank you.


Mar 23, 2012
@rowan112are you sure that's that's case? I read the same all over the web..White phantom power and black fm/dab but I get FM on white and DAB on black on my 2015 Fiesta ST

Also @realzoulou app is excellent thank you.
i don't really know tbh, everyone says white for power and dab/fm on black.

I have tested it on both, i have tapped into ACC on just black fakra and ACC for both black and white fakra. i get the same outcome in which the DAB signal is amplified and works good.

So i don't know.

I have noticed that my signal isn't that great though in area and i live in a urban area. some places it's good, other places it's bad


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Apr 12, 2021
DAB-Z is a really excellent app. I use everyday in the car :)

One item which I would appreciate is if the app honored the media keys.

When my steering wheel remote buttons are pressed it sends these KEY_CODES . Most audio plyers respond appropriately however, DAB-Z doesn't.

Thanks for your app.


Jul 31, 2020
Hi @realzoulou,

since some days i get randomly "perform station seek" (Sendersuche durchführen). After stopping the app and restart everything work as expected. i will forward a system wide loccat
Good day.
I had the same problem. I found out that the DAB-Z application starts at the same time from the Android system and the launcher. When I removed DAB-Z from "run at startup", it didn't work for me anymore.


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Sep 12, 2010
Mayence, Germany
the app honored the media keys.
if you mean this
then DAB-Z reacts on these keys. I checked it with my self-written app, and all mediaplayers tested (except of built-in Joying media player) react on these events - DAB-Z also. So it works for me to control DAB-Z from steerig wheel buttons and from launcher widgets. So check in LogCat whether such events are fired for broadcast.
I assume that you have USB DAc connected to external audio amplifier, and not USB Amp. Correct?
Are both USB devices (DAB adapter and USB DAC) connected to same hub? if yes - have you tried to use active hub (that has external power supply)? Have you tried to make kind of shield for DAB adapter (with e.g. grounded copper foil) ?

So my problem is still there :(
Active USB-C hub with USB DAC and DAB+ connected.
There is no DAB+ station found / signal strenght goes to zero when USB DAC is connected.

I have tried to extend the DAB+ device with an 1m usb cable, but no success. Could it be software related?
Also groundshield the DAB+ device changes nothing.

Many thanks in advance.


Mar 17, 2009
Hi, I just bought and installed a new Android Head unit for my Hyundai iX35. I also bought the DAB+ adapter from the same seller. The seller also sent me the DAB+ app YHX-DAB which I found quite useless. Then I found the DAB-Z and am very pleased with the look and feel of it. But here's my problem. When I scan the stations I find al lot of stations and they all provide their logo. But many stations have a poor or bad signalstrength. I looked a bit closer and I found out that stations that broadcast in the 7D band (194 MHz) have no signal at all, Stations which broadcast in the 7A band (188MHz) have a bad signal with a lot of noise and Stations that send on other bands like 12C (227 MHz) have a strong signal and are perfect. So my problem is that all of our local radio stations I would like to hear seem to transmit in the 7D band and are not receivable for me.
Is this an issue with the app I can modify somewhere in the software or ist it a problem with my hardware I can fix by changing my cabling? Or do I need a other adapter or antenna? I believe I have a Seicane USB adapter with a sticky antenna that ist mounted on my windshield on the passenger side.
I am glad for any suggestions or tips.


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Feb 20, 2021
Just want to provide the background of Junsun V1 which looks nice in DAB-Z:


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Sep 12, 2010
Mayence, Germany
windshield-sticked antennas are proved to be bad in most cases. Try to use any other antenna.
As i have wrote here already - i exchanged my built-in car amplified FM antenna + windshield-sticked DAB antenna with that one https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B073R8KW7F and now I have absolutely no problems in receiving any local DAB stations, and even get stations transmitting over 100km away from here (info for germans - living in Mayence, RP, i get stations from Bavaria and Unterfranken). I hoped it to be better, but haven't expected soooo much difference to sticked antenna...
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Mar 17, 2009
windshield-sticked antennas are proved to be bad in most cases. Try to use any other antenna.
As i have wrote here already - i exchanged my built-in car amplified FM antenna + windshield-sticked DAB antenna with that one https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B073R8KW7F and now I have absolutely no problems in receiving any local DAB stations, and even get stations transmitting over 100km away from here (info for germans - living in Mayence, RP, i get stations from Bavaria and Unterfranken). I hoped it to be better, but haven't expected soooo much difference to sticked antenna...
Thanks for your tip. Do I also have to replace the DAB+ decoding box or will this antenna work with my box? Because it has a MMCX connector an I'n no fan of adapters. For this antenna I would need a SMD - MMCX adapter.

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    Sorry, that I didn't find this bug with Swap logo and station list in my own testing. I will provide a fix as soon as possible.

    EDIT: Release was uploaded to Google at 21:38 UTC+2

    Service Following (SF)​

    With DAB-Z version 1.9.108 the feature Service Following (SF) was introduced also to OMRI mode.
    The legacy libdab mode based Service Following will be dropped along with libdab mode.

    Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

    #0 How does it look like?​

    Video shows
    1. DAB-Z starts to play recent station "ARABELLA BAYERN"
    2. I disconnected the DAB antenna, signal drops down to 0, audio stops
    3. After a few seconds, SF starts to attempt all 5 stations, which have also ARABELLA BAYERN.
    4. Because all attempts fail, DAB-Z finally selects the original station

    #1 What is it useful for?​

    If DAB signal becomes weak so that audio cannot be received anymore, DAB-Z follows the same station on other ensembles / channel frequencies.
    Note: Not all stations support SF.

    #2 How do I know if a certain station supports SF?​

    In the station list, an SF icon is shown for those station that support it.
    For the current station another bigger icon is shown, which turns to green when SF is possible.

    DAB-Z uses ONLY the information provided by the station over DAB.
    If a station does not provide such information, SF cannot work.
    There are no backdoors or any file that you could modify to add stations (unlike the libdab-based SF).

    #3 How does it work?​

    The SF procedure is not based on the signal strength, which is reported by the USB DAB adapter to the app, visible as signal bars.
    I decided to not use this, because quite often I have perfect audio although "no signal".
    Instead, SF is triggered upon a drop of the actual incoming audio sample rate.
    You can influence the sensitivity of the detection algorithm in Settings->General.
    1 = very low sensitivity. SF kicks very late, when no audio samples can be decoded anymore for a while.
    9 = very high sensitivity. SF kicks in very fast, when just a few samples are missing, which can be barely noticed by the user.
    Default is 5.

    #4 Why does it take 1 minute for the SF icon to become available?​

    When you select a station for the first time, DAB-Z caches the information until it becomes stable.
    This takes typically 1-2 min, because the SF information is repeated only very seldom.
    DAB-Z stores this information in flash memory. The next time you select the same station, the information is available immediately.
    Of course, DAB-Z updates this information in case it would change.
    Information about Service Following (DAB specification calls it also Service Linking) is transmitted for the whole DAB ensemble.
    This means that you will see the SF icon in the station list appear also for other stations in the same ensemble, if the station has SF stations.

    Can I trigger SF manually?​

    Yes. Tap the green SF icon.
    Since 1.8.105 DAB-Z fully supports what is documented as "Back up user data with Auto Backup" by Google and available with Android 6 and higher.
    I did not "advertise" this because it did never actually work for me, although it passed the tests, which Google documents for it.

    Besides this Google Backup, the app supports Export and Import of station lists (and favorites). This does not backup settings however done in the Settings menu.
    Today I installed again the beta and I found the problem that make the app blocked. The issue is starting when in the setting the station list is swapped. What happen is that the screen became black or the background image is displayed. Clicking on the screen it appears but the image in the center is very small. The list of the stations and the other buttons are not displayed anymore.
    All the other setting are working well.
    I found another little issue, the folder whith the downloaded logo is not present in the memory, this prevent to import them.
    When the issue is present, it is impossible to go in the settings to get a log.

    DAB-Z release 1.9.108 BETA​


    compared to 1.8.105
    1. Full support of automatic/manual Service Following (SF)
      See next post for more details
    2. libdab mode is deprecated and will be removed in future.
      Every 10th start of DAB-Z with libdab mode will bring a reminder dialog to switch to OMRI mode.
    3. Width of Station List can be configured in Settings->Layout, default uses 40% of screen width.
      Only applicable in landscape mode.
      In portrait mode (also in Split screen mode), it remains fixed at 50%.
    4. Storage location of the DAB folder for recordings, logs and user imported logos changed
      Previous location <internal memory>/DAB/...
      From now on: <internal memory>/Android/data/com.zoulou.dab/files/DAB/...
      This was necessary to support the upcoming requirements from Google on "Scoped Storage" for Android 11. Otherwise DAB-Z would have been taken offline by Google, latest in fall 2021.
    5. On devices with numeric keys you can jump to a station by entering its list position
    6. Rounded station list icons
    7. Bugfix for Artist/Title not removed in Notification
    8. Small improvements in low-level communication to USB DAB adapter
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    Last updated: 2021-05-05
    Release notes of currently active release on Google Play 1.8.105
    Release notes of currently active PUBLIC BETA on Google Play: 1.9.109
    If you want to become beta user, subscribe in Google Play or open this link from the device : https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.zoulou.dab

    The app is available in Google Play named DAB-Z with package name "com.zoulou.dab".
    It can be installed in parallel to any original preinstalled DAB+ Player.

    Get DAB-Z on Google Play

    Get previous versions on Apkpure

    Compatible devices:

    all DAB USB dongles with VID/PID = 16C0/05DC (decimal 5824/1500) ("VOTI", "Van Ooijen Technische Informatica", "shared ID for use with libusb", "[email protected]")
    Examples (for sure not complete!)
    Joying DAB+
    Pumpkin Y0251
    Hotaudio Dasaita DAB+
    (and dozends or hundreds more, they are all quite the same, if not equal)


    * Any SDR ("Software Defined Radio") devices (e.g. based on Realtek RTL2832U R820T)
    * Fulljoin adapter
    * Dension DAB+U
    * Dasaita DAB box

    For testers that want to actively support me and help everyone to have a better DAB-Z app:

    If you encounter an issue with DAB-Z, I will maybe ask you to provide a) logcat logs or b) raw recordings.

    a) logcat logs are created by pressing the logcat button in DAB-Z Settings -> Info (at the very bottom)
    A zip file is created and you will be able to choose what to do (send via Email, add to Google Drive, etc...). Get this zip file to me somehow.
    If I additionally ask you to enable "OMRI verbose logging", then follow these steps before creating the logcat as above:

    1. Enable Developer Menu: tap 7x on Settings->Info->Version , then go back, a new menu item appeared "Developer options" at the very bottom
    2. Enable OMRI verbose logging
    3. Close DAB-Z
    4. Reopen DAB-Z
    ... reproduce the issue ...
    5. Create the logcat DAB-Z Settings -> Info (at the very bottom)

    b) raw recording are created by this procedure:

    raw recordings are done using this procedure:
    1. Enable Developer Menu: tap 7x on Settings->Info->Version , then go back, a new menu item appeared "Developer options" at the very bottom
    2. Enable OMRI raw recording (you don't need to activate verbose logging)
    3. Close DAB-Z (raw recording enable/disable requires a restart of DAB-Z)
    4. Reopen DAB-Z
    ... reproduce the issue ...
    6. Go to DAB-Z Settings and disable OMRI raw recording. Restart DAB-Z again.

    Afterwards, files with ending .raw exist in:
    • DAB-Z version: 1.8.xxx: /DAB/rec/
    • DAB-Z version: 1.9.xxx: /Android/data/com.zoulou.dab/files/DAB/rec/
    Download them all from the head unit, zip them and send to me.
    Release ZOU-DAB+171119 "Master Piece"

    Release of the "Master Piece" version of the DAB+ App mod.

    Download: REMOVED


    Credits for translation to Norwegian goes to again to XDA member @[email protected]
    Credits for translation to Italian goes to china-rns.com member John Dai

    Changes (see also Changes.txt from the download):

    - Station logos
    Station logos can be downloaded from Volkswagen for >20 countries across Europe and automatically installed to a User accessible location. More than one country can be installed. User can add own station logos in subfolder "<extStorageDir>/DAB/logos/user" in JPG or PNG format. No width/height restrictions for the logo. The app will automatically scale to fit.
    Settings allow to enable/disable showing station logos in station list and in Slide Show area. Scaling can be limited to 1x,2x,3x if needed.
    Settings list any issues in finding a matching logo for a certain station. The search is based on the station name. If no exact (substring) match can be found in the list of logo files, then a default logo is presented. The User has to fix this by renaming logo files or adding additional logo files outside(!) of the DAB app using a File Manager.
    - Layout:
    * new button icons
    * button bar moved from left to right side to gain more space for the slide show area
    * Changed the "logic" of the favorites button: Shows what will happen when pressing it, not what the current status is.
    * new "radio.png" logo. Using now a new DAB logo used in Germany (www.digitalradio.de)
    * the background boxes are not disabled by default. Can be reactivated in Settings.
    * General layout optimization for
    - 800x480 @ 320 dpi
    - 800x480 @ 240 dpi
    - 1024x600 @ 320 dpi
    - 1024x600 @ 240 dpi
    - Removed the previously added "Large SLS" activity. Replaced with an animated fade out of the station list.
    - Added an option to automatically hide the stationlist after a selectable timeout.
    - Added Audio format (MP2 or AAC) and Sample rate (44,1 or 48 kHz) to Station details. As before in the Large SLS, still accessible via "flipping" the slide show picture.
    - Added an option in Settings to move the App to background when the DAB App was started by the "USB device attached" event. Useful eg. when using certain launchers.
    - New logo in the notification bar.
    - Settings->Info shows the reason why the DAB App is running: Either started by "LAUNCHER" or "USB DEVICE ATTACHED"
    - Settings->Info shows the screen resolution and density (e.g. 1024x600 @ 160 dpi)
    - When scanning with type "update", old stations no longer received are now deleted. The favorite setting will be kept.
    - Added Italian translation. Thanks to John Dai @ china-rns.com

    - Replaced old "Connecting..." behaviour with a completely new implementation
    - Audio recording now stored in <extStorageDir>/DAB/rec/ (instead of <extStorageDir>/dab_rec/)
    - Fixed: Channels "10N, 11N and 12N" not shown in station details
    - for developers: BroadcastIntent generation is now disabled by default. Can be reactivated in Settings.
    BroadcastIntent definition has changed w.r.t. "artist", "track" and "playing". See change documentation in BroadcastIntent-definition.txt

    Note that the high pitch sound issue is not fixed in the 171119 release.

    Video tutorial for station logo download from Internet:

    Video tutorial for adding own logo pictures :
    Release ZOU-DAB+180804 "Master Piece Maintenance Release 5"

    Release of the "Master Piece Maintenance Release 5" version of the DAB+ App mod.


    Download: http://bit.ly/2Kqp7HB
    (Please only share the bitly link with others)

    Changes (see also Changes.txt from the download)

    - BroadcastIntent: added slsBitmap which contains currently displayed logo or DAB slideshow picture
    Goal: Allow launchers (e.g. FCC Car launcher) to display album art
    INFO: DAB App now also has a fairly complete implementation of Android's android.media.browse.MediaBrowserService interface
    This allows for using pure Android APIs to view metadata instead of using the proprietary BroadcastIntent
    - Add buttons for PREV and NEXT to Notification and use Media style notification
    - PREV/NEXT steering wheel behavior can be swapped in Settings->General
    - Fixed: Volume adjustment in Settings->Audio is lost after station change
    - Fixed: After several station scans, App completely fails to work until re-install.
    - Fixed: Duplicate entries in station list
    - Removed feature to delay the USB connection on automatic start, which was introduced with ZOU-DAB+180210
    - Removed option to avoid that DAB App is started twice from Settings->General. This is now avoided by using Android manifest launchMode=singleTask
    - Removed feature to download a country-specific station logo zip file and automatically extract it.
    Note: You can still copy an extracted folder of such station logos to /DAB/logos/ folder and after pressing "Sync" button in Settings->Station Logo the logo files will be scanned for a match between filename of a png/jpg file and the name of a station.
    Release ZOU-DAB+180618 "Master Piece Maintenance Release 4"

    Release of the "Master Piece Maintenance Release 4" version of the DAB+ App mod.


    Download: REMOVED

    Changes (see also Changes.txt from the download)

    - Fixed: Adopt Station Logo download to new VW website
    - Add a button to Settings->Info to show hints picture about how to use the UI
    Release ZOU-DAB+170909

    Release of my next major version of the DAB+ App mod.
    This is not the "master piece" release yet.

    Download: REMOVED

    There are (again) two versions of the App:
    a) the "normal" one
    b) one with no usb_device_filter.xml included, which makes Android remember already granted access of DAB+ App to the USB DAB device.
    However, Android then also starts the DAB+ App whenever it finds the USB DAB device as newly connected, which is the case when you power on the
    head unit.
    Some people don't want that the DAB+ app starts automatically when the DAB USB device is detected at startup. This is the reason why this version exists.
    Note: When running on Android >= 6, this version will most likely ask for permission to access the USB device at *every* start of the app.

    Credits for translation to Norwegian goes to XDA member @[email protected]

    Changes (see also the Changes.txt from the download):

    - Most (not all) of the texts are now available in: English, Deutsch and Norsk bokmål
    Credits for translation to Norwegian goes to XDA member [B @[email protected][/B]
    - Swipe to right in station list shows a delete button. On swipe left again, delete button disappears. On click on delete button an alert dialog appears to allow the user to confirm. Deletion of stations cannot be un-done. A new scan is needed to get the station back.
    - Additional info (channel and ensemble name) in station list can be deactivated via Settings->Layout
    - "Service Following" feature can be activated in Settings->General. NOTE: This is treated as "Experimental". This activates the original app functionality, which was always in the app, but was not connected to the UI. Do not blame me if you find it not working.
    - Audio recording button can be activated via Settings->General
    - The borders around the slide show picture and around the station list can be deactivated via Settings->Layout
    - A click on the slide show picture creates a large version of the picture. I call this "Large SLS".
    - Swipe left or right on "Large SLS" switches between the picture and some detailled info about the current station.
    - When starting a re-scan one can choose now between "Replace all stations" and "Add new stations"
    - The app sends out broadcast intents containing all information that you can also find on the screen.
    The definition of the intent is in file "BroadcastIntent-definition.txt"

    - Fixed: no audio after standby when using NoKill mods.
    - Fixed: when USB connection suddenly drops, the App remains active but with no audio. My fix is to close the app.
    - Settings layout improved
    - Notification now contains station name instead of "Make DAB+ great again ..."
    - A second way to enter the settings screen is via the "Large SLS" screen
    - Optimization of memory allocations. Results in less Garbage Collector runs, which is good for overall performance.

    Main.PNG Large_SLS.jpg
    ChannelDetails.PNG Credits.PNG

    Videotour through the DAB+ App:
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