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Dasaita Max10 HD Px6 Bluetooth not work not find any device

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New member
Sep 10, 2021
Hello, as the title suggests, I have a Dasaita Max 10 HD px6. I have the following problem. The first time I installed it a few days ago I was able to pair my phone correctly. After it is no longer connected and from the bluetooth of the car it is not possible to find devices, nor the car radio is visible. I tried with 2 android phones and ipads. Entering the factory menu 126 in the BT Module initially FSC-BW124 was set then at the suggestion of the assistance I tried to set WQ_RF210 and WQ_816 but nothing the unit is not visible and does not see any bluetooth device.

I tried to do a factory reset and update to the latest version of Android 20210722 but it didn't fix the problem.
the MCU is the following MTCE_HA_V3.78.1

Do you have experience with this type of problem? How can this be solved?

Thanks in advance


Senior Member
Apr 28, 2008
Hmm, I would think that WQ_RF210 would work. Did you ever figure out which BT module was installed?


Senior Member
Dec 19, 2007
I have a Dssaita with the FSC-BW124 bluetooth chip. You issue occured to me once when i upgraded to the SCOUT ROM....the issue solved once i reinstalled the firmwre again...
when reinstalling please activate the WIPE DATA