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I went to the Dasaita page - downloaded HA3_rk3399_9.0_ota(20211023) (1).7z and when unzipped via 7 zip the file inside reads as rk3399-ota-eng.hct. Is this the correct file and do i just rename the parent folder file name to uodate.zip ?
All ota updates must have the filename as update.zip . If not...rename it.. but check if is the final zip and not an intermediate zip that has the update.zip inside


Jan 8, 2018
Hello everyone, I've just asked this question in another thread but this one seems more specific to my unit, so apologies for the double post.

A quick question from the UK - I have a 1280 x 720 PX6 MAX 10 unit that I'm trying to use with an AHD reverse camera. I bought the head unit last October. The camera I have is this one :-


It has a control wire you can cut, if uncut the camera runs in 1080p mode, if not it runs in 1280x720 resolution. But when connected to the head unit, with the control wire uncut I see a garbled image for a second, then nothing. With the control wire cut I get an image, but it's really blurred and looks like you are looking through a tiny window

Looking on the web I see other units have settings where you select the camera signal type and you need to select AHD for an AHD camera. My unit has no such setting. But the user manual says that the unit does support AHD.

Before this I had a lower resolution camera and it was fine - way better than what I'm getting now.

Are there any settings I'm missing ? Or do I assume as there is no setting for AHD, the claim that the unit supports AHD is incorrect ? I'm using the stock Android 10 ROM and latest MCU (version 3.78) from the Dasaita web site.

Thanks all !

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    Was anyone able to root this device? Any guide on how to do it?

    I just installed the Hal9k ROM, it comes with Magisk pre-installed. The ROM install is incredibly simple. Download the package, put the update.zip file on a USB Drive or SD Card, plug that into the unit, and follow the prompts. Takes around 5 minutes, and when the unit reboots, you will have a new ROM with root access. The Dasaita Launcher will be replaced with the one that comes with the ROM, but I just use FCC either way.

    See the links in my sig for more info

    PS. V4 of the Hal9k ROM is free, but if you want updates (latest version of V4.02), then you need to pay a one-time 10 Euro fee to get OTA updates. Hal9k also offers his "ModInstaller" for another 10 Euro which makes installation even easier, however the installation as I described above is so simple, it's just not needed.
    - the resolution 1024x600 is too small (600p) sometimes; in Waze it does not fit the 3 alternative routes list. Is there a way to trick the unit that it has 1280x720, and to soft-scale?

    I could fix this issue by changing the Minimum width value under the developer options. To access developer options you have to use the "adbon" password on the factory settings page.
    My head unit has been working flawlessly for a little bit less than a month aside from a few disconnects with Android Auto.

    However, today my head unit crashed 2x. Each time I heard a speaker popping distortion noise for a second and then the head unit restarted.

    The only app that was running was Spotify with the unit connected to my phone's hot spot. Weather was about 60F so it wasn't a very hot day.

    Has anyone encountered this before and if so, do you know what might be causing it?
    Just got my Max 6 in the mail today. I took off the top cover to peek inside. There is a very small heatsink that sits over the chipset, but it appears to be made out of pot metal, not aluminum or copper. Also, it has very small fins, so I doubt its ability to disipitate much heat. Furthermore, Dasaita or whichever factory they use to manufacture these units did a very poor job of aligning the thermal compound that sits between the chip and the heatsink. As dashboards are hot, confined spaces, I'm going to investigate putting a 120mm computer fan inside of the unit and rigging a new top cover. Additionally, I'm going to try and fashion some type of better heatsink than the very low-quality one that it comes with. I'm pretty sure this thing would thermal throttle or have a shorter lifespan if these steps aren't taken.

    Using ideas from this thread for inspiration and ideas for better cooling: https://forum.xda-developers.com/an...nside-look-joying-android-head-unit-t3546872/

    I'm still waiting for the Toyota harness (non-JBL, the standard one, important to match on Toyotas) to arrive, which should be here in tomorrow.


    ....yes, the gap between rockchip and heatsink is too big - very sad thing!!

    take a look what i did - working perfect!!


    best regards
    Do you also have carplay wire/wireless chip on unit? did you see if that is able to charge your iphone with carplay on?

    ALso have you driven longer than 2 hrs? with this unit ? I had PX5 and it used to reset over using it continuously for 2hr or more. and also PX5 was not charging iPhone while carplay was on.

    If possible could any one update me on this?
    It does charge while doing CarPlay because it’s wireless so I just plug it into my charger. Works totally fine for hours on end. I’ve got an annoying bug with VLC thinking it doesn’t have delete permissions unless I manually grant it twice, but that’s unrelated. Also a bug with my iphones voice to text requires me to type a character first before it’ll pick up mic input, but I think it’s an iPhone issue.