Daydream unlocker + NFC workaround + controller [Magisk]

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Apr 6, 2021
This is so exciting, I got it to work. It works flawlessly for some games like Lego and Mekorama. So thank you for your hard work.

I have a question about screen resolution (and IPD) though, because i did run into a problem. For most apps, like the Daydream app itself, my phone adopts the wrong screen resolution. Does anyone know if it's possible to edit the dimensions?

My Redmi 5 Plus has an 18:9 aspect ratio, the same as the Pixel XL 2, yet doesn't have the same resolution as the Pixel XL 2, so when I apply that Magisk module and I launch a game it either gives me a black screen with error message (something like: "the app has stopped) or the app crashes. i am running Android 9 with a Pixel Experience rom.

I have gone through all the different modules that you have made. is there a file I can edit to enable 1) a 2160 x 1080 resolution, but with a 18:9 aspect ratio instead?

When I use the Pixel XL 2 driver, it does let me boot up, yet then when I launch the game I get the message "this app will now stop" or something like that.

As I said earlier I can run the games on 2160 x 1080 without crashing, e.g. here is the Lego game loading with the correct screen resolution and IPD:

IMG-3712 copy.jpg

but then also on 2160 x 1080 is the Daydream app, where the IPD is not aligned and it's got the wrong resolution:

IMG-3713 copy.jpg

If anyone has managed to get this work, or knows how I can tweak it, please let me know, I'd appreciate it.
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Mar 22, 2019
Hey all! I am happy I stumbled upon on this thread. I was looking for some way to run daydream on my old OnePlus 3. Did anyone try it on their OP3 and it worked?


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Nov 26, 2021
What is the best unlocked phone with microsd slot for daydream in 2021 that can be rooted?


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Jul 9, 2022
Thank you! Got this up and running on my pixel 3a xl today and it works perfectly. I certainly had my struggles throughout the process but this tip helped:
So I was able to make the module work with relatively simple fixes on my Pixel 3a XL. It might be due to how close Pixel 3a XL is to Pixel 3, but I took the A10 beta file posted from the first page and mostly just deleted extraneous .xml files.

The only two xml files I used were "android.hardware.vr.high_performance.xml" and "" though I'm not even certain that "" is needed.


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Jul 12, 2010
Rio de Janeiro
I have the app working on the Pixel 6 but the only version of the Daydream app that the aspect ratio seems correct to me is 1.13.180130063, the last ones are always too zoomed out and sideways.
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    To save someone an hour of their life - If you are trying this and get a prompt telling you to install the VR keyboard only to be taken to the play store where it tells you your device is incompatible, (and all daydream apps are shown as not compatible) force stop the play store app, then clear the cache and storage of it. After that all the daydream apps are listed as compatible.

    (OP7 pro running OOS)

    Most smartphones on the market do not have Daydream compatability. This locks them out of the usage of all Daydream virtual reality content and the use of the Daydream headset. To change that this thread provides you with the following:

    1. How to enable Daydream compatibility for any phone, with or without NFC
    2. Unlocks Pixel exclusive apps available in the Play Store

    ______Variant 1. Phones WITHOUT NFC
    ______Variant 2. Phones WITH NFC
    ______How to reset the installation
    ______In General
    ______Bugs + Fixes
    ______Old thread
    ______Our team

    1. Controller from a Daydream headset

    2. Magisk rooted device

    3. Daydream app (Not from Play Store! - it will not work!)

    4. Daydream Keyboard
    Daydream Keyboard

    5. Daydream unlocker
    Android 9 or below
    (Use the resolution which is the closest to youre phone.)
    Daydream unlocker

    Android 10 Beta
    Daydream unlocker

    BEWARE! Setup Instructions have to be done in that exact order!

    1. Install Daydream and Daydream Keyboard

    2. Open Daydream
    ->follow the setup instructions

    If you get a black screen, hear sounds, see a flat image.
    -> Close daydream
    -> Open daydream again

    3. Enter VR mode
    -> Continue until you see "Daydream is not compatible with youre phone"

    4. Install Daydream unlocker (one of youre chosen Magisk modules)

    5. Reboot

    6. If youre phone does NOT have NFC ×
    -> proceed to variant 1.

    If youre phone DOES have NFC √
    -> proceed to variant 2.

    Variant 1. Phones WITHOUT NFC ×
    1. Open Daydream
    -> Settings
    -> VR Settings
    -> Setup everything in Troubleshooting
    -> NFC (just ignore it), headset (Daydream or Daydream 2017), controller

    2. NFC workaround
    -> Open VR settings
    -> Developer options
    -> Enable "Skip VR entry scenes" (otherwise you will always be asked to enable NFC)

    3. Enjoy

    Variant 2. Phones WITH NFC
    1. Open Daydream
    -> Enter VR Mode
    -> Follow the setup

    2. Enjoy


    How to reset the installation
    BEWARE! Setup Instructions have to be done in that exact order!
    1. Delete Daydream

    2. Open Play Store
    -> Delete Google VR Services (Can be done with Titanium Backup too)

    3. Deactivate Daydream unlocker (one of youre chosen Magisk modules)

    4. Reboot

    5. If youre phone does NOT have NFC
    -> proceed to Variant 1.

    If youre phone DOES have NFC
    -> proceed to Variant 2.

    In General
    1. Bluetooth has to be enabled for the Daydream controller to work

    2. If you open a Daydream app you have to switch in the VR settings the headset to Daydream, or you can not use the Daydream controller
    -> Daydream app -> Daydream headset
    -> Cardboard app -> Cardbord headset

    You can open the VR settings when you open a VR app by touching the white gear symbol and select VR Settings, or in the Daydream app.

    Bugs + Fixes
    1. Drift issue (the screen turns slowly to the left when in vr mode)
    -> Place the VR glasses with the phone inside on a flat surface for 10-30 seconds (recalibrates itselve).

    2. If you did something wrong when trying to follow the install process
    -> Follow the instructions of "How to reset the installation"

    3. After some usage of Daydream apps suddenly Daydream apps wont work anymore or crash
    -> Follow the instructions of "How to reset the installation"

    4. Device ID change to Google Pixel causes some apps to not work anymore (OnePlus apps for example)
    Reported by @bschmidy10
    Fixes by @jigs4wkiller
    -> 1. Only activate Daydream unlocker if you want to use it
    -> 2. Or edit the OnePlus apps and remove device check from them

    5. Distortions in VR, stagger/smear on the edges
    Reported by @Kleva94, @pbergonzi
    Fixes by @Kleva94
    -> Try a module with a different resolution

    6. After putting the phone in the headset Daydream crashes
    Reported by @masoodsuliman - OnePlus 7 pro
    -> Follow the instructions of "How to reset the installation"

    7. I installed it twice and it does not work!
    Reported by @masoodsuliman - OnePlus 7 pro
    -> Follow the instructions of "How to reset the installation"
    -> Still does not work? -> Try a different resolution

    8. The Daydream app might crash if open a VR app inside of it
    Reported by @masoodsuliman - OnePlus 7 pro
    Fixes by @masoodsuliman - OnePlus 7 pro
    -> If you open a VR app from the app drawer instead it might work (or it will just be Carboard mode instead)

    9. After activating the module and restarting phone is lagging/freezing, getting past it hungs up or reboots the phone randomly, trebuchted crashes
    Reported by @pflatlyne - Nexus 6 - Lineage OS
    -> No fix found yet

    10. Setup tells you to install VR keyboard but when trying says "Device is incompatible", any other Daydream apps are also shown as incompatible
    Reported by @simon_6162 -OnePlus 7 - OxygenOS
    Fixes by @simon_6162 - OnePlus 7 - OxygenOS
    -> Open Settings
    -> Apps & notifications
    -> Daydream
    -> Force stop/close it
    -> Open storage, clear storage, clear cache

    11. Other VR applications (example iVRy) rotate 90 degrees on some axis, some directions are inverted
    Reported by @CombineCrab - OnePlus 7 pro
    Fixes by @CombineCrab - OnePlus 7 pro
    -> Disable the Daydream module
    -> Reboot

    12. Unity Instand preview app crashed if the module is enabled, works without it but loses support for Daydream apps
    Reported by @CombineCrab -OnePlus 7 pro
    -> No fix found yet

    13. While activating Daydream unlocker Magisk says "This is not a module"
    Reported by @grandomegabosses - LG V40 - Android 9
    -> Update Magisk (If it still does not work report it)

    14. After activating Daydream unlocker vibration is disabled entirely
    Reported by @grandomegabosses - LG V40 - Android 9
    -> No fix found yet

    15. Daydream unlocker on Android 10 causes bootloop
    Reported by @The Jack of Clubs - Android 10
    Reported by @adam3914 - OnePlus 7 Pro - Android 10
    Fixes by @Czarmstrong - Android 10
    Fixes by @adam3914 - OnePlus 7 pro - Android 10
    Fixes by @jigs4wkiller - Xiaomi Mi 8 - Android 10

    Boot TWRP
    -> Mount system
    -> Go to the file explorer and navigate to "data/adb/modules"
    -> Delete the "daydream" folder and reboot

    Xiaomi Mi A1/Mi 5s/OnePlus 5t, Android 9, Daydream 2017 headset + controller

    Daydream, YoutubeVR, Cardboard,Virtual Virtual Reality,
    Fulldive VR, and many more...

    Old thread
    Old thread by @jigs4wkiller

    Thread design

    Daydream logo by @jigs4wkiller

    Our team
    @einholzstuhl as a community and thread manager/editor

    @jigs4wkiller for more technical questions

    @jigs4wkiller, [MENTION=][email protected][/MENTION]

    @r0drlgo, @bschmidy10, @Kleva94, @jigs4wkiller, @redpoint73, @pbergonzi, @masoodsuliman, @simon_6162, @CombineCrab, @grandomegabosses, @pflatlyne, @The Jack of Clubs, @adam3914, @Czarmstrong, @Czarmstrong, @Fla010101

    :highfive: Thank you all for your support! :highfive:​
    Thanks for the takeover :highfive:
    Oh my god,
    such high prais from the gcam god himselve!
    I'am fainting :crying:
    UPDATE! 15.10.2019
    -> Daydream unlocker Beta for Android 10 released
    -> Quick fix for bootloop on Android 10 addet to bug list

    UPDATE! 08.10.2019
    A couple people addet to the feedback list.
    Daydream unlocker marked as only Android 9 and below compatible currently

    UPDATE! 16.09.2019
    XDA randomly adds brackets to my linked pictures [B]2.[/B] Manual has been redone entirely
    Using either the Magisk module download from github or the 2160 x 1080 module from the list on google drive "This zip is not a Magisk module."

    Try to update Magisk to the newest version and check if Magisk is working correctly.