dbrand skin on Pixel

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Jan 13, 2014
Orange County, California
I'm on my second skin for the Pixel from dbrand. I was wondering if anyone else had issues with the corners ? The fitment I'd say for the skin is about 95% accurate. Once you start from the bottom and roll it over slowly it fits for the most part. There are some half millimeter offsets around the sim card tray and buttons, but that's not a huge deal. The issue I have had twice are the corners. My last skin, the top corners had issues. This most recent one, it was one bottom and one top. Some areas almost seem like the skin has to even be stretched ever so slightly to fit. For example, the bottom where you start fits fine, but I had to tug it several times to stretch it to fit the camera 100% perfectly. If I did not it would have been slightly off. The sides are also ever so slightly off and I could not tug it b/c I'd have to set one side down to pull. I speculate the skins are cut 100% accurate, but since it goes on top of the phone, there is some slight shortage. For example, if you made a case for a phone, it may give a bit to fit snug, but when the skin if you just roll it over you'll see it.

Overall it looks fine, I think the first skin I had fit better due to the fabric being more pliable and I'd say both skins came out about 95% and quite frankly its not noticeable unless I point it out., but I was wondering if others ran into the same issue.


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Feb 5, 2018
Yeah I bought one....great stuff but its like you said the corners and around the sim area it's not a perfect fit but its manageable and not too bad...but I also switch between covers and the constant pulling in and out of the phone made the sim area of the skin to peel off and now it just sits there like loose skin.