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Nov 29, 2012
Gotta love trolling your competitions threads.

dbrand skins on nexus 5, nexus 7 and moto x all still going strong.

Right? hahaha. That's pretty low poaching people on a competitor's dedicated thread. Btw, @DanP47 I wouldn't expect them to send you lens skins unless you bought the full body skin. I ordered a side skin just to see what the're like and because they were having a sale. I asked @slickwraps in the special instructions if they could please provide me with a red camera lens to match the side skin. I get the package, and for some strange reason my special instructions are on the OUTSIDE of the package. Still don't know why that was the case. Well, I get happy thinking that since my special instructions are even on the outside of the envelope (for everyone that handles the mail to see), then they must have included the lens protector I asked for. Nope. I open the envelope, and find the skin but the lens protector couldn't be found. However, how nice of them to include samples of other skin materials for me to try, yet they couldn't throw in a red lens? Also, the side skins' cutouts (for the sim, volume, power button) were barely cutout. I had to take my sim tray ejector and push the excess plastic out of the cutouts. I did appreciate that their shipping was fairly fast, but I don't think I will be ordering from them again. /endrant


Sep 10, 2010
Hi, it has been over 7 weeks since my order was shipped but it has not arrived yet. (Order #107339)

Unfortunately Indonesia is pretty inconsistent with deliveries. We'll email you right now with a few options on how to continue.

No Luck!! I still have not received my order. Actually this is the 2nd shipment from you.

1st shipment: 5 Jun
2nd shipment: 5 Aug

Thanks anyway. :good:


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Aug 22, 2012
So your upset that DanP47 was taken care of and would prefer slickwraps keep silent and let him go without all because it was in the "wrong" thread?

The issue is a "professional" company releasing personal information of a previous customer, calling them a "troll" in numerous threads, then going into a direct competitors thread and trying to take their customers.

It's exactly the behaviour I would expect from them, however, it's not to be tolerated, and should not be an issue on xda.

The mods have dealt with the entire situation accordingly, and continue to do so.

Any other issues you can pm me.

And to be back on topic, @dbrand, release some OnePlus skins and some Surface Pro skins!

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Apr 19, 2010
The issue is a "professional" company releasing personal information of a previous customer, calling them a "troll" in numerous threads, then going into a direct competitors thread and trying to take their customers.

It's exactly the behaviour I would expect from them, however, it's not to be tolerated, and should not be an issue on xda.

The mods have dealt with the entire situation accordingly, and continue to do so.

Any other issues you can pm me.

And to be back on topic, @dbrand, release some OnePlus skins and some Surface Pro skins!

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You can try and re-frame the issues all you want. My only issue and consequently the only question I asked is based on the comment by DanP47 and the subsequent responses nothing more. So I ask again, would you prefer DanP47 go without all because the response was in the "wrong" thread. I assume your answer is yes based on your earlier comment and I find that kinda sad. Hopefully even dbrand would prefer a consumer be taken care of by someone if they can't help at the time.

Regardless I'm done, feel free to say as you will, I won't try the whole pm me if you have other issues trick to get the last word in. :cool:

PS. Can't be a potential customer of dbrand as they don't sell just clear lens covers. Unless of course waiting for release counts as being a potential customer. In that case I am a potential customer of Ford's flying cars.


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Jan 19, 2014

I'm done with my Google red case, because its just to heavy and bulky.
I want to order a Nexus 5 dbrand skin, but i cannot decide which color combination will look the best on my black Nexus 5!

Front - matte black
Frame - True Color orange
Back -True Color orange
Front - matte black/matte white
Frame - Titanium
Back -True Color orange
Front - matte black/matte white
Frame - Titanium
Back - Bamboo

Maybe you guys can help me out.. ;)



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Mar 11, 2011
Awesome Customer Service

I'm sure something like this has been posted a lot here already, but I just wanted to say that if you're on the fence on picking up anything from dbrand, go ahead and do it because their customer service is some of the best I've ever experienced, on par with Amazon.

I initially ordered a white matte back skin (awesome, btw), and after waiting for the suggested shipping period, still didn't receive. I contacted dbrand and they sent me a new one right away, which I received very promptly.

Moving forward to this week, I got the email for the new dbrand glass and, being in need of a new screen protector, decided to go ahead and order it with the free shipping. I sent them an email also explaining that the "e" had fallen out of my nexus skin, and seeing as how they had some specials on other skin combinations, I asked if they had any specials for the matte white. Well I just got an email today saying that they would be sending a free replacement skin along with my new glass.

I know none of this is groundbreaking or anything but I have been really impressed with their customer service every step of the way and would recommend dbrand without hesitation to anyone who is looking for skins for their phone and just wanted to share my experience. I will definitely be sticking with them for any future skins that I need.

Tone Deco

Sep 12, 2013
Just want to let you know I really love my Titanium skin! Having it for about 3 months and it's still fitting like a charm. Also had loads of badass reactions by people. :cool::good:

Now of course I want to buy other ones to do a bit of mixing, but I want to inform first:
When I remove my current skin, what do you recommend to keep this at its best so it's usable again? (if possible)



Aug 2, 2014
hey dbrand

My previous order was lost in transit and I never received it. After giving me a waiting period of 8 weeks, the bot i contacted finally gave the go-ahead for a re-shipment,
This time, I received the skin within 3-4 weeks.

I love the skin. Will apply it in a couple of days

Thank you guys!! great customer service

@Tone Deco
i guess the ideal would be to reapply it on the paper which it came with


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Oct 24, 2010
Bought first set, cutouts didn't really match so I emailed them and they sent me a replacement
Installed the second set, cutouts were still a little jagged but i didn't care. All in all it was great. Customer service was amazing as well.
After about 2 months, the skin started tearing at where the speaker is (this is where I usually use my pinky to support the phone)
A few weeks later the back started to come off slowly as well.

Perhaps I got a bad batch or perhaps my usage is too rough. DBrand is amazing, but this experience made me really sad.


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Jan 5, 2009
Any coupons for anything so far? I really want to order a back and frame piece but can't justify paying $17 for both whereas slick wraps charges $17 for a whole kit.

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    N5 skins are on the way. Considering the N4 skins thread had 512,000 views and over 4400 responses, we should all be in for a LOTR journey on this thread.

    There are a few elements that go into making a skin, I'll outline them below and give an ETA. Many tasks are done concurrently, we have many Robots.

    1. Measure the device, draw the vector, cut the skin, apply the skin, measure the offset, repeat around 1,000x to achieve a flawless fit.
    2. Cut a few hundred skins for the pre-orders and contemplate a few thousand more for the upcoming month.
    3. Shoot and edit a how to apply tutorial video. Very high production values.
    4. Shoot 14 skin styles in 5 angles on 2 devices (plus post-editing: colour correction, dust removal). You do the math.
    5. Create renderings for 14 skin styles, 4 pieces (front/back/left_frame/right_frame), 2 devices, with/without nexus cutouts. More math?
    6. About 80 computing hours of .jpeg/.png and compression on all the assets created.
    7. Code all that sh*t on the site.
    8. Hit hard on the marketing campaigns we planned out weeks ago.

    ETA is (realistically) Monday morning for the pre-order. We'll ship everything but the screen protectors on Wednesday. Screen protectors will arrive shortly after.

    Pricing is still TBD, but we are confirming the following coverage: Back piece with our signature "nexus" cutouts. Front piece (full picture-frame style). Frame pieces with intimidatingly-precise cutouts. Anti-glare screen protectors, fitted so that they insert into the front skin screen cutout like a puzzle piece.

    I'll pop by with exclusive pre-release content once the creatorBots have worked a bit of their alchemy. So far all I can tell you is that installation is going to be a breeze. The soft-touch coating is prime for skins, and the extreme protrusion of the camera gives a reference point that is foolproof.

    My name is femBot and I'll be here a lot once the release is finalized. Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forwards to this thread! Also, shout out to @can6rxw for spelling "dbrand" properly... we would have been really depressed having to look at a 500k thread a year from now that spelled it "Dbrand" or "DBrand". We appreciate this a lot more than you can comprehend.
    Before I get to this multiquote, responding to each person with the love that they deserve, I want to clear the air about a few things. I don't blame you guys for the frustration that many of our customers have been feeling recently. Just a few months ago, our customer service was leaps and bounds beyond any other company out there. There were never more than 1-2 unread messages and our customers stayed happy.

    Recently, we've gone through some big changes. dbrand is making the transition that every powerhouse megacorp has had to go through at one point. Investors have come on board, everything from quarterly to 10-year strategies are penciled in, and a lot of upgrades have been made to streamline manufacturing efficiency. In short, we've planted the seeds and are now awaiting crazy genetically modified fruits that nobody has ever seen before. Bigger than any of this, we have been silently working on a 100% brand new website. One which will destroy your preconceived notions of what eCommerce is.

    While making this transition from a "startup" to an "enterprise-ready" corporation, we have failed to keep on par with the standard you have come to expect of our most important two duties: customer service and order fulfillment. After taking three days to do an in-depth strategic analysis with our entire team, our inbox never recovered. The 3,600 pending emails have been whittled down to under a thousand, but the 2,700 we responded to took far too long. Many of the customers who emailed 3-4x were simply fed up. Order fulfillment was done at the absolute base measure of completion.

    Admittedly, this was not even close to our standard levels of service, however it was a necessary trade-off to get things running properly in the big picture. In an ideal world, we would simply close up shop for a month while we sort everything out. Unfortunately, that isn't an option, as December is the one month of the year when we strictly cannot skip a beat.

    All we ask is that you bear with us a little while longer. Many years from now when dbrand is a household name, you can be proud that you stayed with us through this scale-up period. XDA has grown with dbrand from the beginning and we genuinely owe each one of the participants in dbrand threads a 'thank you'.

    There seems to be a few recurring issues that have come up, so I'll get those out of the way before responding to each user individually:

    1Q. Users with White Nexus 5 devices have had to decide between a properly fitting flash cutout versus a properly fitting "nexus" cutout. Even if they were to choose the "nexus" cutout, the cuts simply don't fit as intended.
    1A. You are not crazy. The fit is not flawless on the white device. When we designed the skin, we designed it using a Black N5. The white device, while a close match, is by no means a 100% perfect fit. We released the skins with the mindset that, if applied properly, the fit would be about 90%. While we wouldn't call this "good enough", it was the best we could do with so much else going on. Any extra time coding logic into the website for two variants of the N5, or doubling the manufacturing process to accommodate two separate fits, was not feasible. Time was extremely limited, order volume was ever-increasing, and internal paradigm shifts were eating up most of our processing power. Add to this the fact that a brand new website is imminent, any change to the existing v2.999999 site would not be the most effective use of resources. To rectify this, we WILL be offering a separate fit for the white and black variants of the N5. The fit WILL be flawless. Unfortunately, this "official change" won't go live until the new version of our site. In the meantime, we'll be offering any users who were affected by the "White N5 Plague" 80% off a replacement. Once we fix the fit (likely this weekend), all you have to do is place an order for a back piece and write "MAKE SURE ITS THE N5WHT VARIANT" in the Special Instructions. I'll be active on here to make sure everyone knows when the white variant is live.

    2Q. Users did not receive a response to emails for over 10 days.
    2A. We've cleared every "admin" email: those are the ones which are direct responses to Order Confirmations. If you sent a "Contact Us" email in the past few days, it's been responded to or is being worked on right now. We're still sifting through the ones that are weeks old to find the questions that still have relevance. Turnaround time is shrinking by the hour, we'll soon be back to our standard of insta-customer service. This is definitely the #1 item on our priority list of balls not to drop.

    3Q. User didn't receive a screen protector. Orders taking forever to receive.
    3A. There is a very simple reasoning behind this, and the answer will kill two questions simultaneously. We ran out of screen protectors almost instantly due to a monster retail order for N5 skins. Many (most) of our eCommerce customers didn't receive screen protectors with their order, so we decided to include an explanatory note and a pack of lens skins (packaged in a dime bag) to counterbalance the inevitable frustration that comes along with not receiving the full order. It turns out that because of the thickness that a pack of lens skins adds to the envelope, along with its suspicious shape and feel (it's a dime bag), random orders (mostly those within the USA) have been getting inspections, slowing down the entire process. To rectify this, we've upgraded to a slightly larger 1/8th bag, allowing for the lens skins to more evenly distribute within the baggie and reduce thickness. Unfortunately, this doesn't change the fact that your order is taking forever to arrive. If you haven't gotten an email from us within the past 48 hours and are still awaiting an order, please email us. We'll do our best to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

    4Q. User finds that the back skin stretches during removal, the letters rip, and it isn't as "re-usable" as was expected.
    4A. The N5 back skins are 100% removable and re-usable, you must just employ the proper technique when taking it off. If the proper technique is used, the skin will have absolutely no warping, curling, stretching, ripped letters, or loss in adhesive. We'll likely make a video very soon to show how it's done, but here's a quick tutorial: 1. Apply a piece of regular scotch tape (the one that has the matte 50% opacity finish) over the "nexus" cutouts. Gently peel the four corners. Now select one corner and peel it off until there's enough space for you to firmly grip the device with your other hand. Rip the skin off with as much force as you possibly can. Make it a single, smooth motion; as if you were ripping off a band-aid. The reason that this works 10/10 times without stretching the skin is due to the nature of the adhesive bond. Breaking the adhesive bond requires a certain threshold of force. When you remove it slowly, you are delaying the inevitable break in the adhesive bond, while also allowing the adhesive to try it's hardest in resisting. This resistance is what causes stretching. While it may feel "wrong", tearing the skin off as quickly as possible results in force strong enough to consistently break the adhesive bond throughout the entire surface of the skin. A video will relay this information in a much more consumable fashion, but (as XDA members), you are all intelligent enough to understand what was explained above.

    5Q. Frame pieces or edge of the back piece feels sharp when holding the device.
    5A. As a few users have pointed out, just file the edge down with your fingernail. The skin you receive is freshly cut by an exceedingly sharp blade. When the incision is made and dragged through the material, it is cut at a strict 90 degree angle. This results in a corner which is sharp. Over time, the sharpness wears down. To expedite the process, just use your fingernail to wear down the edge a little bit. This won't harm the skin or your device.

    On to the personal answers!! Pro-tip: Ctrl+F and type in your /u/ to find yours.

    ---------- Post added at 12:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:34 AM ----------

    I didn't get any email D:
    This was in reference to the Black Friday promotion. We weren't able to email our entire customer database at once due to regulations on send rates. We're slowly building up to a newsletter system where we can blast our entire database, but until then we have to send them in 5-10k batches. If there's any awesome deals that are going out via newsletter, I'll post it here as well.

    so if u remove the old one can u reuse it in the future?
    and it says on the web that it usually takes 7-14 days to deliver,but how long exactly does it usually take??
    Nexus 5 skins are just as re-usable as any other skin, see 4Q&A for an explanation. The 7-14 business day estimate is tough to break down for you unless I had your country. Guessing that it may be Hong Kong, you can expect delivery to be on the low end of that scale, often even below 7 business days.

    thz,i m getting the front skin as well,would it be easily removed like sticker on daily use?or is it stick on the screen like glue?
    hope u understand what i mean
    sorry for my bad English
    Your English is wonderful! The front skin can be easily removed, but we wouldn't recommend removing the screen protector. It adheres using static cling and will collect dust if you remove it and attempt re-application. The front skin can be reapplied easily at a later date, simply fit it around the screen protector.

    Removing and reusing was a breeze on the Nexus 4, but that had 2 things going for it. The back was totally flat and was made of glass. My experience with the Nexus 5 skin has not been as good.

    I removed and switched a skin last night on my Nexus 5 and I'm not sure I will be able to reuse the one I removed. The skin sticks quite a bit to the back (white Nexus 5) and ended up stretching even though I tried my best to remove it slowly and carefully. I reapplied it to the wax paper but it looks pretty warped now. I stuck inside a book to keep it flat, but I really don't think I'll be able to apply it again with the same fit.

    This really only applies to the back skin for the Nexus 5. I imagine the front will be much easier to remove and reuse.
    Due to the fact that you likely removed the skin like a logical human being (slowly and carefully), this resulted in a back piece that ended up warped. Use the technique outlined in 4Q&A for help in removal.

    will the blowdryer too hot that melt the skin a bit on the phone?
    Not at all, our tests found that you need to almost fall asleep with the hairdryer on high before any damage can come to your phone. It's just a quick 3-5s on each corner and the skin will adhere wonderfully around the curved corner.

    So... My spigen ultra hybrid and my mahogany came in the mail today :cool::cool:
    Though, the cut outs on my old n4 were more precise than this one.
    Though I nearly ripped the e in the process of putting the skin on
    I too, put my frames on and then was like...
    Back only ftw

    Their is one thing that bothers me. It seems as if the skin I received was too small in a way. If I aligned the camera perfectly. The nexus lettering would be wayyyy off. If I aligned the nexus the camera would be way off. So I had to kinda 50/50 it or else it would've looked terrible. :s still kinda bugs me but its fine.
    You can see the pictures by what I mean. The nexus logo needs to be moved north west a little but there's already white around the lens because I've moved it too much that way.
    This was a "White N5 Plague" issue. Once we release a precision fit for the White device variant, it won't be an issue.

    I have a similar issue myself. I bought the Black titanium. Looks brilliant but had issues matching the e in the nexus. To match the lettering up, I had to be a little off with the camera, although whilst doing that, I realised I was slightly too off with the camera, so I have a small area of the vinyl that actually rides up the side of the camera.

    It's hard to explain. Basically if I look at the back of the Nexus, holding it upright in front of my face... as I look from the top edge of the phone and then look down towards the camera, the edge of the camera as it sticks out from the back of the phone... hasthe skin riding up it a bit. It looks ok a bit of a mess and I can only hold my self to blame for that part. i could have handled it better :(

    Still looks good though, as long as I squint when looking at the camera ;)
    Sorry man... It sounds like this was partially an issue with the fit, partially an issue with the installation. Perhaps shoot us an email (best way is to respond to your order confirmation), and we can set you up with a replacement.

    USE YOUR FINGERNAILS TO SMOOTH DOWN THE EDGES! It makes such big difference and probably can't be mentioned often enough here.

    I think it would help if DBrand adds this to their manual.
    You're right, we really should have added this. The upcoming site will have a "Forums" section, one where these pro-tips will be revealed and discussed heavily. Stay tuned for that.

    Yeah if @dbrandSkins offered cut outs like that for the "x" I would definitely buy them!
    Me too and the lens collection
    Cool idea with the "x" cutouts, lens skins will be included free with every order of a full front/back/frame skin. Stay tuned for that addition when the new site goes live.

    Hey fembot, hoping you could clear something up for me. Even if I would order a full back, side and front skin for a Nexus 5, my order would still not be eligible to use that code since the total amount would be 24 dollars right? Or does shipping count as well?

    EDIT: Never mind, just tried it out and it works.
    Although the sale called for "Over $25", we included an exception to make it for $24 to include all the Nexus 5 users :) Even when we're not here, even when we seem to be off in another land not caring about the customer or responding to their emails, we're always thinking of you.

    Its been about two weeks and nothing! Not to impressed especially knowing they're only 4hrs away!
    Sorry about that, bud. Shoot us an email response to your Order Confirmation if you haven't already and we'll get it sorted out as quickly as we can.

    Same here. I emailed them today. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
    Ditto to you, Jim. If you haven't already been resolved through an email contact, send a response to your Order Confirmation and someone will help you out.

    I placed my order on Nov/16 ... got the email "released from warehouse" on Nov/20 ...

    Today is the 29th ( that makes it 7 business days ) and the order is nowhere to be seen... :eek:

    wait for it...wait for it !!! ... I'm in Cambridge/Waterloo area... which is less then an hour drive from Toronto !!! :rolleyes: :mad:
    Damn you, Canada Post. We're not dealing drugs! They're just lens skins!!!!! Seriously though, respond to your Order Confirmation if you haven't already been helped.

    I'm in PEI and it took the better part of 7 business days for it to get here from Toronto. Weird because the last time I ordered, it took about 3 days to get here. And when I ordered to the US, it took 2. [ ] Consistency.
    If we could, we'd Amazon Prime Air that **** straight to your doorstep. Thanks for sticking with us, Mr. Waffles.

    So when it comes from Canada Post, does it then get dropped off with usps or a different carrier?

    I've already sent a PM to "dbrandSkins" ... hopefully he'll look into the problem :fingers-crossed:

    The product might be great ... but the support seems to be lacking.... there seems to be others who have trouble getting their orders on time...etc
    You're 100% on the ball. Support has been lacking. We're looking to turn that around as quickly as we can and get things back on track. Thanks for your patience with us while we play catch-up.

    Yeah. At what point should I start to worry. My order was shipped on the 22nd so I'm sure I need to wait a couple more days, right?
    You should start to worry. Email us if it hasn't arrived yet and we'll have someone get to the bottom of it!

    I finally received my white carbon fiber back and sides for my white N5 yesterday, and put it on. Promptly took it back off, too. Despite the NEXUS logo being perfectly centered, it was glaringly obvious that the skin was NOT cut right, and it looked like crap as a result. Half of the damn flash was covered by the skin. Took the skin off, lined it up with the camera and the flash, and surprise surprise, the Nexus logo was no longer centered and perfectly outlined by the skin.

    Also, for anybody with the white Nexus 5, the back skin does not "wrap" the whole way around the white backing to where the sides start. This looks, and feels incredibly bad IMHO.

    I had high hopes for these skins, but I'd rather just keep my N5 naked than having something that looks half-assed.
    Half-assed is quite the correct term for this. We outlined the reasoning behind the White N5 mess-up in 1Q&A, but I'll re-iterate for you here: We're sorry that the fit wasn't as you had expected it would be. We'll be re-releasing the N5 skins, with a fit specific to the white device, with the launch of our new site. In the meantime, we'll let everyone here know once the fit has been updated and you can order a replacement back piece at 80% off.

    I have the same problem as you as stated in my posts before. I too have the white n5. I was a little dissappointed but I thought it would've been me that was at fault here is a picture of what happened to mine which is exactly as what your describing.
    It seems like only people with white nexus are affected by this issue. Bots can we see if this is true?
    Very true. Very, very, painfully true.

    I have made purchase but haven't received any confirmation email from them or whatsoever. Anyone having the same problem as me? I have contacted them via "Contact Us" and still no respond.
    Those "Contact Us" forms really piled up quickly during our strategic analysis & planning break. Since you didn't receive an Order Confirmation email, send me a PM with your email address and I'll make sure someone from Order Processing gets back to you with an update right away. Sorry about that.

    Just wondering if it's just me but has anyone else found that after applying the side frame pieces that the phone feels too sharp in the hand? It may not be the case with all types so just curious. I have the titanium. Thanks. I ended up taking the side pieces off and kept just the back. Any tips on smoothing out the edges?
    5Q&A: File the edge down with your nail a bit. This will smooth out the sharp edges.

    So if I don't receive mine today, I think I will have to shoot them an email. I'm in Wisconsin and I'm seeing people across the ocean getting theirs faster than me. I'm betting that mine must be lost in the mail. :(
    Let me know if this hasn't been resolved/received and I'll have someone get in touch.

    So far I have sent two emails to them with no response. This is getting pretty ridiculous.

    I ordered back and sides on the 13th, and I'm located in Pennsylvania. I doubt that USPS is that backed up already.

    Edit: Just sent my third.
    Sorry about the ridiculousness, Jim. Hopefully we've resolved your issue by now, but please let me know if that's not the case.

    Wow not good. While these skins look great and I really hope I like it when they arrive, the shipping is ridiculous. If you don't get a response, I'd contact paypal for a resolution.

    PS. When I do get it, do you think it would be a bad thing to put the front piece on over a screen protector? Or should I take that off first?
    You can definitely put the front piece over the screen protector, but that won't be required because our front skins come packaged with screen protectors. If yours arrived without a screen protector, rest assured we'll still send it out. It will come alongside a fresh front piece.

    No response from "contact us" on their website or their rep on here by the name of "dbrandSkins" either !!! :mad::mad:

    My order shipped out on the 20th still not here ( less then an hour from Toronto )

    This is what I meant previously by poor support.... mail can get lost sometimes, I understand that... but to follow up with your customers toward a resolution is the MOST important for business.

    On that alone... I would NOT buy from them again. !!!

    There are alternatives out there right now ( with more precision measurements by reports ) -->> slickwraps, XGear, Stickerboy ...etc

    BTW... the back piece from slickwraps is MORE fully covered then the dbrand one !!

    Can't blame you for being mad. If there's anything I can do to make it up, please don't hesitate to ask :)

    I feel the same way. I honestly expected a lot more from them, after all of their activity on the Nexus 4 forums.
    This is fully our fault. We built up a clean reputation for instant customer support. Over the last few weeks, our customer support has taken a major hit. We're working hard to get it back on track. You should expect a lot more from us, as we are fully capable of delivering on it. Thanks for sticking through with us.

    Their website "contact us" said "expect a response within 24hrs" ... yeah right !! :mad:
    :( sry

    Its been 3 days since my first message to them. And I emailed them directly a week ago. I'm just glad they have time to update their Facebook page.
    To be fair, FB is a totally different part of the team. They just sort of post up to keep activity levels consistent and brand awareness flowing. They're not built for customer support. Hopefully your multiple emails have been responded to by now, let me know if anything is still pending.

    I fully understand about lost mail...etc

    My beef is about their customer services !!! no response follow up at all !! That's bad practice !!! :mad:
    Indeed it is bad practice. It's not a black hole we ever intended to get this deep into, it just sort of snowballed over the past few weeks while working on scaling up the dbrand operation. Hopefully you'll give us another chance.

    You said you expected it in two days. They don't give exact dates of arrival. Since it took 10 days to arrive in Illinois which is thousands of miles closer then Germany I'm going to bet it might take 14 days if not more. What do you really expect when you pay $3 for shipping?
    Germany is consistently the fastest country on the planet to deliver letter mail. Don't expect it to take more than 3-5 days max.

    hi guys and gals. Yesterday I get my nexus 5 skin ...
    But there is something wrong :(
    I ordered an red_carbon Frame Skin but its black_carbon
    The Screen Protector is completely missing :( no protector or potbag with camera pieces :(

    I wrote an email yesterday and have written to their facebook page to inform dbrand
    I'm waiting now since yesterday I get a feedback ... but nothing
    My order number is 87484
    Check your email, I believe this was resolved last night.

    Just emailed them again! Ordered on the 17th of November and still haven't received anything!
    Let me know if this hasn't already been resolved and I'll have someone look into it.


    Give this small start up business a chance. It blows my mind how people will down talk a company that is new, and is clearly being swamped by a huge increase in sales.

    I give them time, a few days, or weeks isn't the end of the world. And they always have taken care of me, because you show a company some respect and understanding and they take care of you.

    You complain and whine and say you'll never deal with them again, they aren't going to do anything. Plus you lose out on a great product that is better than any of their competition. That is sticker boy, xgear, etc.
    Thank you so much for the support, Dicy. Soon enough this Q4 2013 fiasco will be a distant memory.

    Only an animal would call people a bunch of dicks... Oh wait. lol Just kidding. Calm down. I've told the bots on Facebook to send fembot down asap.
    F*ck I remember that phone call. One of the bots told me to get on XDA immediately and when I saw that it was up to 80+ pages (likely full of perfectly legitimate complaints), I wanted to jump in a lake of battery acid. Hopefully everyone here will be understanding of our situation and give us a shot to make things right.

    Well my shipping date estimate has come and long gone and still haven't received my order! I ended up emailing them yesterday and got a reply early this morning! They will be re-shipping my order. So lets hope this time I get my order, great cs. :)
    Woooo! Things are finally looking up :)

    Do you think I'll have to email them for a replacement with screen protector, or are they sending them out to everyone who didn't get one? Mine didn't come with one either...
    It will be sent out automatically, along with an email letting you know it's been shipped.
    We're getting EXTREMELY close!! Below is a screenshot of the upcoming Shop page for the Nexus 5 on mobile.


    Okay, before I pic spam the thread with juicy red and black titanium goodness, thanks @dbrandSkins for a speedy delivery! It’s probably because it’s within Canada and from Toronto to Winnipeg, but 2 days is still pretty damn good. I got them Thursday, but only had time to snap some pics today. Also, cheers for the bonus back!! That was unexpected, but entirely awesome. If I ever get tired of the black titanium (which may be never, it’s amazing! I might force myself to switch it up though) I’ll definitely rock the WCF. Maybe I’ll do the red and white for Canada Day!

    I’m not doing any company vs. company skin comparisons folks, I don’t give a damn about that. I wanted to throw some support to dbrand as well. I don’t mind supporting multiple/competing companies. My experiences with the product/customer service will dictate where the dollars flow. I don’t particularly enjoy public bickering. I’ve simply heard a lot of good things about dbrand and I wanted to give it a shot as well. Also, Black Titanium! Red and black is probably my favorite colour combo, but red and metallic black, damn!

    Material Quality:

    Hmmm, vinyl, good vinyl! It mimics the look and feel of metal pretty well. Nice striations, nice variations in groove thickness and shading. The skin didn’t stretch at all; the lettering was even and pretty much perfect. The camera and flash cutout were also perfect. There is nothing really to complain about in terms of the quality of material, cutouts, and design/feel. The material feels durable, and seems like it can take a beating with no problems.

    The colouring of the Black Titanium didn't exactly follow the colouring from the dbrand website, but since they are revamping the site, I'm going to guess the pictures will be a more accurate portrayal then. The colour isn't super dark like the site, it is more of a dark metallic gray. That makes sense as it is trying to mimic metal, but just an FYI for those of you thinking it's very dark. Depending on the lighting and angle though, as you'll see from the pics, it can look gray, to metallic shimmering, to almost black. So overall, I'm happy with the colour and the effects.


    **NOTE: People have said that the skins don’t go very close to the edge leaving a bigger gapped border. I’m not going to dispute that, the skin does leave more of a gap. In this particular case though, I preferred that, for two reasons. First, it made installation ridiculously easy. Put it on, press it down, hit it with a hair dryer for a couple of seconds around the edges/corners and down it all went. Second, this is circumstantial due to the colour of the skin and phone. The effect on the back of the phone with the skin, mirrors the effect on the front between the screen and the red borders of the phone. When you look at the front of the phone, you see the red outline around the screen. When you look at the back of the phone, you also see the red outline around the skin! It just happened to work out that way with the red phone, and it just happens to be an awesome effect!


    If I was to really nitpick, I could say the edges were a bit rough against the hand. But I guess there’s nothing you can really do about that, it’s just how the edges are when they are cut. Maybe they can be cut at an angle in the future, to create more of a beveled edge. I do use a bumper (though I want to go naked) so I won’t feel the edges anyway though.


    I only chose the back skin. I like having a simple glass slab on the front. It keeps things clean, smooth, and minimalistic. There is also a Nillkin H+ tempered glass screen protector on the phone, and I wouldn’t want to put a skin over that anyway. I also chose not to have side skins as I wanted to keep the red border. I’m using bumper cases anyway, so it was pretty much pointless.

    Anyway, installation was a breeze. The fit around the camera cutout was impeccable! Not a hint of red anywhere. I appreciate how the NEXUS cutout is a little more “forgiving” by being a tiny bit thicker. The lettering is still even, exact, and precise; but having wider openings lets a little more of the red through, which I really like. It allows NEXUS to pop a little bit more in contrast.

    The corners and sides went down very easily and remained even throughout. There is no wavy unevenness anywhere along the edge. Using the hair dryer made things very simple, and it only took a couple of seconds to make the skin more pliable. You could see the corners fold down on their own when heat was applied. Then it was just a quick smooth over with the fingers.

    As I mentioned earlier, lining up the NEXUS was very easy because the cutouts are a little bit wider than the letters on the phone. You can see a slight outline beyond the indented letters on the back of the phone, but these were also even within the cutouts and just made a nice border.



    Overall Look:

    @#$%ing SEXY! That’s pretty much all that needs to be said. I bought a red phone as a replacement specifically because I wanted to skin it and have red letters through the skin. The red colour itself is nice; I like how it’s such a ridiculous neon red. There were a couple of times where I was planning to just go skinless, but I’m glad I didn’t. It won’t suit every look, or every type of skin, but when you put specific types of skins on, such as the Black Titanium or Black/White Carbon Fibre, it is gorgeous. The black and white phones can’t compare when the right skin is on this phone. Black Titanium is one of those skins. The look is just hot!

    Pic SPAM:

    Hey mmmmBACON... Shut up and show me more pics!





    Sorry for the super-afk, guys. Site is launching in the next 48 hours. Stay tuned.
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