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Need a Signature!

Text: the_pirate_predator
Status: Senior Member
Background Image Preferred: A war scene



Senior Member
Sep 10, 2012
Someone do my request too from a page or 2 back :D

Sent from my LG-D800

My try!


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Retired Senior Moderator / Recognized Developer
Feb 10, 2011
@Perseus71 here is my attempt at making a Greek Helm. Is it anything close to what you want? :p I can add your username, or try to put a head inside the helmet if you so desire. Or I can try to create something else.

Edit: o_O quality dropped. Will fix and reupload pic


Edges are rough now, but when it is shrunk down to size for avatar, it will look fine.
That's really nice one. Yes do add my name and a Sword if possible. Can you make the green into metallic blue like my current Avatar ?



Here u go...



May I have a signature? With the theme of my avatar in the quote. The name should be in full - androvista. Also with this logo made by blaze


in the bottom right corner saying saying InFriction ROM team head... and below that in the center saying SENIOR MEMBER in a cool font..... thanks! in advance!!!!

Gamer R

Senior Member
Jan 19, 2012

or someone else

Hey is it possible to brush up or polish my existing Signature ? I had made this signature couple of months ago but have used it recently. I don't have a .psd file.


Retired Senior Moderator / Recognized Developer
Feb 10, 2011
@Perseus71 Does this fit your fancy? :) Any other changes you would like made?
This is Perfect. If upon shrinking to a Avatar size, my name is unreadable, then change that font color to something else. Secondly, any chance you could make another copy of this with the Santa hat on top of Red wedge (thus hiding that wedge) ?

Thanks once again.
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    GFX Bandits is officially dead. I'm sorry about that.

    Welcome to SIGNATURES HUB by Team GFX BANDITS ! A place where u can request your custom graphics , let it be a Logo/Banner for a ROM/kernel, or a Signature, or an Avatar and any other graphic related stuffs !


    (Thanx udi3011q ! ;) )

    Our Team :

    TEAM GFX Bandits

    (Made by Stopa46 :D )

    - DD-Ripper (me)
    - @stopa46
    - @udi3011q
    - @Zeuscluts
    - SmillerNL
    - Lokeshsaini94
    - Lifehacker7
    - Robgee789
    - PartimusPrime
    - -Mr.WorldWide-
    - m4Rinko2
    - @Blaze
    - [email protected] (Rahul4Ace)
    - Amogh420
    - Microman1934
    - Edisile
    - Iamareebjamal
    - @tchsvy
    - bulletproof136
    - Freaky25
    - Crytech
    - MuSaddiq1410
    - Shyam Lohar
    - Skad00sh

    More by TEAM GFX BANDITS :

    Boot Animations HUB™

    SmillerNL's advice with Signatures Hub

    Websites HUB

    Developer HUB

    [Guide]Make your own awesome signature pic

    *Only for Team members :

    Guidelines and Rules for making a sig

    ••••For MINIMAL and Simple sigs ••••
    - Make sure that the SIG is not more than 800 pixels wide and 250 pixels in height ...it can be less than the values mentioned

    ••••For Sigs with Devices in it••••
    - Make sure that its maximum dimensions should be 850×350 pixels ...it can be less than that depending on u...

    •••• For other random funky, grungy and abstract type sigs ••••
    - Not more than 800×350 pixels

    For requesting a custom graphic ,

    If you provide your own graphics for the GFX bandits to implement, it has to be: "CC openly licensed, Fair Use licensed or you have to have permission from the author". Because people blaming the GFX bandits for something they did unknowingly is not a situation you want to be in.…

    - give as much info about it as much as possible. Just dont post a request that confuses us and in the end it may end up getting ignored once others request after it..:p

    - And most importantly, read this :

    If you just want to look at our team's latest work , before requesting, please view the last 5 pages at the most. :)

    But please at least press THANKS once u receive your desired Siggy by us, as there is hard work and dedication towards XDA :D

    If you are looking for huge pack of resources for great Photoshop sig creations, then :

    (Thanx Robgee ! :D)

    2. CLICK THIS ( thanks ZeusCluts !! :D )

    #Note : We don't supply .PSD files for signatures and Avatars and also we don't make animated GIFs...so Please be informed and don't ask about it

    Please take a lil bit of ur time to fill up this ^_^

    We need to know whether ur truly satisfied or not ^_^
    It will only take a min but it means a lot to us :D
    (Thanks to an old trusty member of Team GFX bandits : Zeuscluts for it !! :) )

    Follow us on FB :
    Hi team. Today is a big day for me and my lady. Our baby is born. So that's have been said i'm taking a small vacations from making gfx. I'll be back :) Keep up the great work and make me proud of our team. Cheers
    I want a funky siggy ;). I have one request ...... GO wild :)
    Sent from my LG-P990 using xda premium

    Will make it tomorrow for you..! :D

    Sent from My Premium Calculator HD
    Sure guys. Will try to provide you your signatures as soon as possible. :)

    Sent from My Premium Calculator HD
    Dont say thx, slam it (c my signature).

    This is the 5th or the 6th time I see you doing this and I have to say that (for me) is very annoying. You just slam some text over an image taken from the web and then ask for thanks. OK, maybe I can jump the first part, but not the second. Begging for thanks is a very stupid thing: if someone likes your work she/he will press the thanks button, you don't have to ask it. In another post you said something like:
    Recognized Noob said:
    Press tnx to motivate me
    I find that pretty incorrect. Is like saying "press thanks or I'm going to jump off a building". Same thing as before, if someone likes your work you get thanked.
    About the taking images from the web and adding text, this is a thing that is not tolerated in this team. In the OP is clearly said that in this thread you can ask for custom made graphics. That is not so "custom made"...
    If you want to get better follow some tutorials, get some resources and knowledge, STOP BEING A NOOB (jk).
    Excuse me if I was too direct, but with this attitude you won't ever get anywhere nor enter the team.

    Take a look at my Icon Pack. Click here!
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