How To Guide Debloat Guide for RUI 2.0 and RUI 3.0 | Free System Resources by removing bloatware using ADB

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Sep 21, 2022
Restore package HeyCast
For me it don't work but com.oplus.safecenter is doing something but crash. I've uninstalled it before for debloat and now it's broken.

It seems like only the package from the Realme UI 3.0 update is working. How to recover this package or reinstalling the same update for fixing the package. Is it possible?


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Sep 25, 2022
Beware don't uninstall or disable Weather Services this will make phone flashloop if you update to new OS , this like my realme 7 4G ( RUI 1.0 ) after unistall this apps and update to android 11 flashloop occur.

btw Shelper #Malware remove immediately someone have source for this ? if this apps is malware

anyway thanks for list , so far realme GT neo 3t (RMX3771) can disable some app on the list maybe this good so not to worry brick or bootloop if update OS or upgrade to New OS ( RUI 4.0 )
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Sep 19, 2022
I lose Software update (also did nt show in in About device ) , Whats package name of Software update?


Jun 23, 2014
I lost all my screenshot edit features after debloating can someone tell me which app i need to reinstall to get that functionality back?

Edit: if anyone wondering how to fix it, just restore "Screenshot" from uninstalled section
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    1. You might loose functionality provided by an app if it is removed .
    2. Also neither I nor XDA will be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to your device .


    A safer approach to remove resource hogging bloatwares preinstalled by our dear Realme , all removed apps can be re-installed with adb , Read the guide carefully to find out what apps are safe to remove .
    Although it is not necessary but it is better to follow this guide immediately after completing first setup .
    Also you may need to re- debloat after installing any System Update


    • A PC
    • Realme GT NEO 2 and USB type C cable
    • Device should be on RUI 2.0 based in Android 11 or RUI 3.0 based on Android 12
    • Device should have USB Debugging enabled from Devloper Options


    For Automatic Method
    GUI Windows Tool to Manage Apps through ADB (Click Here )

    For Manual Method
    ADB Setup .exe for windows (Click Here )
    (install drivers required )


    Enabling Developer Mode

    • Go To Settings >About Phone > Version> now tap on Build Number 7 times till it shows a toast that Developer Mode is enabled
    • Go back To Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options now Enable USB Debugging , now scroll down and Disable Permission Monitoring
    • Connect your Phone to PC via USB cable and a Popup will ask Use USB to select option Transfer Files/Android Auto

    GUI Method

    • Open ADB AppControl
    • Allow debugging prompt on device
    • It will ask if you want to install ACbridge select yes
    • By default it shows All apps , Select system
    • Look through the apps and select which you want to remove , If you are unsure , You can use my list

    Accessory Framework #Unnecessary app for realme bluetooth headphones users
    After Sales Service #Restore it when going to Service Center
    Android Accessibility Suite #Provides accessibility and talkback to users
    Android Auto #For connecting to Cars with Andrid Infotainment
    Android Setup #Not needed after setup is done
    App Cloner #Remove if you dont use App cloner provided in system
    App Enhancement Services
    #GameSpace Tools
    ARCore # Stub to provide AR support
    Assistant #Google Assistant
    Assistive Ball #Remove if you dont use
    atlasService #Removebloatware , accesses location in background
    Bookmark Provider
    #Bloat No Important Function
    BTtestmode #Not needed , no effect on Bluetooth on its removal
    Calculator #Better Calculators avaialble on Play Store
    Calendar #Google Calendar
    Carrier Location Services #Required if you use VOWIFI
    Carrier Services #Provides RCS messaging
    Chrome #Better Alternatives like Kiwi Browser or Brave exist
    com..coloros.safecenter #Privacy Hazard
    com.redteamobile.roaming #Chinese SPy tool Not needed on NON-China user phones
    Combine Captions #Provides Captions in Realme Video Player Apps
    Compass #Privacy Hazard
    ConfigUpdater #Logging Tool by Google
    Contacts #Google Contacts Not needed when using TruePHone
    Crash Box
    Deep Thinker
    #Telemetry powered by oppo
    Default Print Service #Remove if you dont have printer
    Device Configuration #Logging Tool by Oppo
    Diagnostics #Gimmick of coloros
    Digital Wellbeing #Google Wellbeing App always run in background
    DMApp #Data Migration App , not needed after first setup
    Downloads #Not needed , bloatware , maybe monitors what you are downloading for oppo
    Eid-Service #Unique Identifier Service remove it no functionality loss
    EmailPartnerProvider #Bloatware Service remove it no functionality loss
    Emergency SOS #Keep it , if want SOS facility
    Engineer Mode #Required to access engineer mode
    EngineerNetwork #Required if use Engineer Mode
    E-Warranty Card #Restore it when taking to Service Center
    Facebook App Installer #Facebook spying tracking
    Facebook App Manager #Facebook spying tracking
    Facebook Services #Facebook spying tracking
    Feedback #Remove logging tool ported from 1+ to realme
    File Manager #Default Realme FIles Manager better use Mixplorer
    Files by Google #Bloatware No unique functionality
    Finshell Pay #Chinese Payment App - Scam
    Focus Mode #Keep it if you use Focus Mode
    Gboard #Install any other keyboard before removing this
    Glance for Realme #Provides Ads on LockScreen
    Gmail #Remove if you dont use Gmail , better use from browser
    Google #Biggest battery sucking app
    Google Assistant #Needed to enable OK Google
    Google Contacts Sync #Needed to backup restore contacts from cloud
    Google Location History #Backups where you went to Google Server
    Google One Time Init #Not required after first boot
    Google Partner Setup #Not required after first boot
    Google Pay #Google Pay app remove if you dont use
    Google Play Services #Remove if you want to degooglify your phone
    Google Play Store #PlayStore , remove only if you dont use it
    Google Services Framework #Dependecy of Play Services , remove if you don't use Google stuff
    healthservice #Gimmick serves no purpose
    HeySynergy #Realme Bloatware
    HeyTap Cloud
    #REalme Tracking Hazard
    Hot Apps #Provides ads on 32000 device
    In Ear Monitoring #Useless Gimmick
    Internet #Oppo Internet Browser somehow even worse than Chrome

    Keep Notes #App to keep notes synced on Google Account
    Kid Space #Remove if you don't have to give phone to kids
    Lens #Google Lens , remove if you dont use it
    Lock Screen Magazine #Provides ads on 32000 device
    Market Feedback Agent #Google Logging tool not needed
    MBN Test #Runs in background , not needed for a user
    Messages #Google Messages , better alternative is signal as SMS app
    Music #Realme Music Player better alternative is Musicolet
    My Realme #Realme Bloatware
    Netflix #Netflix Stub
    Network Health Services
    #Runs in background , not needed for a user
    Obrain #Telemetry
    OIDT Service #Pacakge name is Postman I dont know what it sends or receives , no functionality loss on removal
    Omacp #Mediatek app on Snapdragon SOC , realme devs talent
    OneTrace #Traces Users Activity
    #Chinese unique identifier privacy hazard
    OpenID #Chinese unique identifier privacy hazard
    OplusLocationService #Provides Beidou Satellites assisted navigation
    Payment Protection #Gimmick and Privacy Hazard
    Phone #Google Phone remove it and use TruePhone to record phonecalls without announcement
    Photos #GOogle Photos app remove if you dont use it
    Private Safe #Privacy hazard , removing will disable privacy safe feature
    QCDM-FF #Qualcomm Tool, runs in background no functionality loss on removal
    realme Share
    #Google nEarby share alternative created by Chines OEMs , removing will cause share from RealmeGAllery to be empty
    Screencast #Required if you cast screen to TV or use 3rd part Screen Recording Apps
    sdk #Not required unless you are using Heytap cloud
    Search #Provides search function on realme launcher , better use NOVA7 launcher
    Secure Keyboard #Privacy hazard ,who knows what it is storing
    Secure Payment #Privacy hazard
    SecurutyAnalysis #another realme gimmick
    Setup Wizard #not needed after first boot
    Shelper #Malware remove immediately
    SIM Tool Kit #Removing this will remove popups of sim
    Sleep Capsule
    #remove if you dont use it
    Smart Sidebar #remove if you dont use sidebar feature
    Software Update
    #remove if you dont want new software updates to come
    Sound Amplifier #Does not works
    System Cloner #Provides dual space option , remove if you dont use
    System Messages #MMS Support for your SIM , remove if you dont mms
    System Tracing #AOSP process tracing for debug
    System Upgrade Services
    #remove if you dont want new software updates to come
    Tags #Google NFC app
    Theme Store #RAM Hogger , remove if you dont use theme
    Update Service #remove if you dont want new software updates to come
    User Experience Program #realme tracking telemetry , privacy hazard
    User Guide #guide on how to use phone
    Video (system) #Video Player by realme better use MX Player or VLC
    Wallpapers #Not needed better wallpapers app in PlaySTore
    Weather #Remove if you dont use it
    Weather Services #remove if you removed weather
    Wireless Emergency Alerts #Provides earthquake or other disasters alerts
    WifiBackupRestore #Oppo Restore app , not required after first setup
    YouTube #Remove it and use Youtube vanced

    • After selecting right click and select uninstall , all selected apps will be uninstalled .
    • To Restore just select Deleted Section and right click on any app and select restore

    CLI Method

    • Open Powershell in C:\adb folder with shift+right click
    • Enter adb devices and allow debugging prompt on device .
    • Enter adb shell
    • Now To Remove an App with package name com.oppo.operationManual You have to run
    • pm uninstall --user 0 com.oppo.operationManual
    • This will remove UserGuide App from Device

    Now Suppose for any reason you want to restore the deleted app you just have to type
    cmd package install-existing --user 0 com.oppo.operationManual

    You can do this for any system bloatware here is a Screenshot
    cli scrrenshot.png

    You can ask here also if you have doubt about any app if it sjhould be removed or not .

    Here is the effect of debloating your RUI 2.0

    Free RAM.jpg
    Thanks again for your hard work!
    Thank you for the effort. The GUI method was really convenient.
    is that safe to remove(debloat) Glance app on lock screen?
    Yes completely safe
    Thanks for the guide. Works damn well and already inceased my battery life!