How To Guide [DEBLOAT][OPTIMIZE][V1.2] - OPPO Find X3 Pro - PEEM00 (CN)

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Jan 12, 2022
OPPO Find X3 Pro
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how u unlocked like what command of adb u run and r u able to boot into bootloder?
I didn't have to use an ADB command to perform the OEM unlock, but the command "adb reboot bootloader" is only allowing me to see a very faint picture of what I believe is a face, and then the phone is restarting.

Edit: at least, the command for the recovery is working but without the access to the bootloader, it will be difficult.
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Mar 11, 2012
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With china oppo phone from Find x2, you need acess dept test and wait 1 month from Oppo review before unlock bootloader. Current only effect on android 11. Oppo china said wait for android 12
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Aug 19, 2022
With china oppo phone from Find x2, you need acess dept test and wait 1 month from Oppo review before unlock bootloader. Current only effect on android 11. Oppo china said wait for android 12

Do you know if anyone has tried to work out what exactly the deeptesting app does to enable fastboot mode?

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    1) Introduction
    I recently acquired a Find X3 Pro Lensman edition and wanted to share the few tweaks that I operated on it, seeing that some people were also relying on importation for the Find X3 Pro.
    As I used ADB to operate the majority of the changes you'll see next, I invite you to follow the XDA guide to install it, or the official Android documentation.

    For a quick resume of the command lines that will be used, you can visit this link to have a quick explanation on what they are doing.

    Don't forget to activate the dev options and the USB debugging before throwing yourself in the debloating process (also know that ColorOS might deactivate by itself for security reasons, so you might have to reactivate it from time to time, but after some reactivation, ColorOS will let it stay, strange behavior, but be aware that it can happen).

    2) Debloat list
    These packages will be uninstalled through the ADB command line
    adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0

    Basic stuff (that you can replace for better options)
    com.oplus.cosa * (setting another default SMS/MMS app will result in warning prompts everytime you try to send something with the replacement app, to reinstall it, use the following command:
    adb shell cmd package install-existing

    Breeno related packages (ColorOS voice assistant, only works with CN language)

    Don't forget to install replacement apps for contacts, phone, SMS and browser. 🙂

    You can uninstall most other of the OPPO proprietary apps or CN bloat apps with a basic uninstallation directly performed from your smartphone, and most of them are restorable through ColorOS (Parameters > Apps > Restore deleted system apps) if you realize you've done something wrong.

    3) Various tips and observations
    From my personal experience, the PEEM00 units cannot use a third-party launcher consistently, even when set up through ADB. I tried to add various launchers (Nova, Nothing, Lawnchair 2, etc.), but they never appeared in the default launcher selection list. I managed to trick the system with
    adb shell cmd package set-home-activity "com.teslacoilsw.launcher"
    , but Nova wasn't able to fully take over and the "back home" gesture was alternating between ColorOS launcher and Nova.
    I've thought about unlocking the bootloader to push Nova (or any other launcher) as a system app, but it might be an overkill solution.

    OPPO is having a very angry "energy management" process, so you'll need to manually change the optimisation for the apps you want to persist in the background (personally, I changed pretty much everything to "Always ask"). You'll find the app list in Battery > Advanced parameters > Optimize battery usage.

    If you want to deactivate the use of 5G bands and only use 4G+ and lower bands, you'll have to select the corresponding optimization recommendation in Settings > Battery > * recommended optimizations (top banner) > Disable 5G.

    To add Google services, you'll have to load the Play Store with the package. You'll find it easily across the web, just make sure you download it from a trusted provider (I installed mine from APK Mirror).

    OPPO doesn't seem to have released the sources for the Find X3 Pro to this day, which is a little disappointing, as I'd really like to see crDroid on it, but the smartphone in itself is quite enjoyable to use as is (moreover, the microscope lens wouldn't be usable this easily, as the OnePlus 9 Pro camera app is already requiring proprietary packages and vending folders to work properly, and it seems to use the same requirements and system packages as its OPPO brother).

    To easily find the packages names, I highly recommend using Solid Explorer to check the system apps list directly on the Find X3 Pro while you debloat through your terminal on the side.

    I'll surely edit this post as I find new items to add, modify, etc. Feel free to suggest your own modifications, I'll gladly look into it.

    Redacted under update PEEM00FLU_11_C.08, some details might change depending on your own version (available packages, paths, etc.).

    Edit 1 (22/06/2022) : added some packages in the debloat list and separated the Breeno (CN voice assistant) related ones from the general ones.

    Edit 2 (26/06/2022) : added more packages and reinstalled, added a few tips.
    Thanks for this. will try debloating my PEEM00
    For some weird reason, when I uninstalled Quick Search Box (com.heytap.quicksearchbox) my PEEM00's home launcher now has this strange icon in the left (probably related to quick search box or pictorial, iirc). It doesn't let me swipe to the left (lol) and the animation of the swipe is gone. It actually doesn't bother me, because untill now the phone is working properly

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    It's because of the presence of the main Google App. ;)
    With china oppo phone from Find x2, you need acess dept test and wait 1 month from Oppo review before unlock bootloader. Current only effect on android 11. Oppo china said wait for android 12