Debrand from FRD-AL00 to FRD-L09 and update to Nougat.

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    As some of you might know, I recently bought FRD-AL00 variant of this amazing phone. For those who doesn't know, this is Chinese variant with 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. Its European equivalent is FRD-L09 and from same rationale, FRD-AL10 and FRD-L19 are equivalents but it has 64GB of internal storage.

    I bought it at AliExpress and it came flashed with FRD-L19C432B131 (wrong firmware). The phone were really unstable, it was rebooting very often, specially when I played videos on YouTube or when phone was under heavy load (low memory and many apps opened).

    My first try: Debrand to right EU version (FRD-L09). I did it doing standard procedures: Unlock bootloader/TWRP/Root/Debrand/Flash (FRD-L09C432B131). I followed these tutorials:

    ** WARNING: Backup your data cause this procedure wipes everything. **
    ** Do it at your own risk **

    1) Unlock bootloader/Install TWRP/Root:

    Followed this procedure:

    1.1) For this step I ran DCUnlocker because I coudn't get my unlock code from Huawei
    1.2) Warning: Pay attention and install right version of TWRP, there are two links to download
    1.3) Flash superSU
    1.3.1) Download SuperSU
    1.3.2) Flash it through TWRP Power off and then press volume up + power (unplug USB) Press "Install", select SuperSU ZIP and flash it. Now you're root

    2) Debrand using SRKTool

    Followed steps in this tutorial:

    2.1) I skipped step to change build.prop, cause right after debrand I reflashed new ROM
    2.2) Warning: Don't forget to enable USB debugging, grant access to your computer and grant access to SRKTool actions in SuperSU (it will ask for permission when SRK tries to change something). Make sure SuperSU is running
    2.3) After reboot, just power off your phone and move to next step

    3) Flash EU ROM

    3.1) Make sure you copied ROM FRD-AL09C432B131 and unziped at folder dload on your SDCard
    3.2) Press Volume UP + Volume Down + Power
    3.3) At this point, your phone might enter in Huawei's recovery mode and start flashing new ROM. It takes about 5 ~ 10 minutes

    Now. I realized even "right" ROM for similar model were still unstable. Actually nothing has changed. My next attempt: Nougat!

    4) Update to Nougat

    This step were simpler. Just execute Charles method and it works seamsless:
    Charles Method:
    Other responses for different variants:

    In my case (FRD-L09C432B131), the response I used was:

      "status": "0",
      "autoPollingCycle": "1",
      "components": [{
        "name": "FRD-L09C432B360",
        "version": "FRD-L09C432B360",
        "versionID": "73856",
        "description": "FRD-L09C432B360 (2017/01/18)",
        "createTime": "2017-01-18T01:57:51+0000",
        "url": ""

    PS: did not lost any data on this upgrade but backup, just to make sure you won't loose anything.


    Now, phone is running FRD-L09C432B360 and seems to be very stable.

    Please let me know if you have any questions and follow me on Twitter: emilioyn.
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