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Question Debrand Mi 11 Lite 5G Tim or other operator

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Apr 30, 2012
Is It possibile to debrand (not unlock!) Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G using Xiaomitools V2 method WITHOUT THE UNLOCKING OF BOOTLOADER?

It Is possibile to install a global version not operator related in two ways: unlocking the bootloader or workout unlocking the bootloader.

Someone has tried to debrand in that way (without unlocking bootloader)? thanks

Qualcuno ha provato (o vuole provare) a debrandizzare i modelli con brand operatore tramite la modalità SENZA SBLOCCO DEL BOOTLOADER di Xiaomitools V2?

Solo debrand, non unlock. Per avere quindi poi gli aggiornamenti ufficiali global e non restare agli aggiornamenti Tim/Vodafone/Windtre.

Xiaomitools V2 ha due sistemi per sbloccare, il primo SENZA SBLOCCO DEL BOOTLOADER il secondo sbloccando.

Non tutti i telefoni possono utilizzare il primo metodo.


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Nov 11, 2016
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Yes it is possible . You can download the global rom and flash it over the Tim rom using Miflash. Since the rom is official and signed by xiaomi you can flash it using Miflash without unlocked boot loader

Alternatively you can enter edl mode by opening and shorting or "test point" to force the phone into edl and then you can definitely flash any official but operator free ROM

Most recommended option is unlocking boot loader and flashing EU via fastboot .

So the answer is yes ,it can be debranded ..