Debrand/Remove Useless Carrier Stuff

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Feb 23, 2022
Hey, I'm trying to desanitize my device from the useless carrier stuff. My objectives are the following (Video attached to better explain it):
- Stop recommending carrier related apps;
- Stop Chrome from opening the carrier page (or even suggest the link as homepage) every time I open it;
- Remove the carrier logo when turning on/off;
- Overall, totally delete any "default" thing that's not from LG itself.

I've managed to remove the Carrier logo animation by deleting the located on data/shared/cust/. But I still didn't manage to solve the rest, I'm not sure if flashing a EU "Brandless" ROM will fix that because I've flashed a supposed brandless one from my country (iirc: G810EAW10a_06_OPEN_SCA_DS_OP_0726.kdz) and it didn't change a thing.
My device is unlocked and rooted, so I'm assuming that flashing a ROM from another country shouldn't be a problem, but I've already tried with the one mentioned above, which makes me think that flashing a new ROM will not really delete anything related to the carrier.

My device is a G810EAW (LG G8S ThinQ), the carrier is called "Vivo". Any help is gratefully appreciated.


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