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[Dec 10][SD] NexusHD2-FRG83D V1.8 (PPP + RMNET) [Kernel: hastarin r8.5.3_oldcam]

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Aug 18, 2010
Unfortunately this build will never have radio as it was not part of the stock build that this is based on. If you want radio, it will have to be streamed.

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Just for curiosity, does somebody know a build where almost everything works, as in this one, but with a working radio?


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Aug 18, 2010
Date and time syncing

Can somebody help me with the issue of the synchronization, please? the pone stopped syncing the date and the time with internet some time ago and I can't figure out a solution for fix it. :confused:


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Mar 31, 2007
hi there. some questions:

1. any way to show the recipient name in delivery report instead of his number?
2. any way to quite ring when picking up phone like in sense UI?
3. i get 11 mA in standby with only some widgets, background sync, and apn on. no wifi, gps, auto-sync, etc. is this normal? because people get as low as 4 mA :( i've tried many ROM and radio but the lowest i can get is 9 mA.

i also want to give a solution for those whose phone doesnt vibrate while receiving sms: go to sms, press menu, settings, scroll down to "notifications" and there you will see that vibrate is off. there lays the problem :)

did you manage to fix the 1 issue?
Have the same problem


Apr 3, 2010

Are you using the windows version the phone came with? Might be worth updating your radio to one of the 2.15 versions (which one will depend on your locality)

If you're on a WWE HD2 and still using the.original build there is a rom update on the HTC website which will do radio upgrade as part of the rom update. You should find that helps with your battery usage also :)

Currently Running Tytung's NAND Nexus V1.9a.
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How do you upgrade the radio?

I have the same baseband
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    [Jan. 1, 2011]: NexusHD2-Froyo V1.9a NAND version (RMNET) is out!
    Please visit here. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=895059

    If you would like to use a SD version, please read and download V1.8 below.
    V1.8 is the final SD version.

    If you would like to boot this SD version with magldr, you can replace with a new rootfs.img which is patched by nzxtneo.

    NexusHD2-FRG83D V1.8 SD version (PPP + RMNET)

    This is the latest, fastest, stable and clean *stock* Android build for HTC HD2.
    This build includes Google Nexus One's OTA update (FRG83D - Android/Froyo 2.2.1). (released on Nov. 18, 2010)
    Quadrent score is about 1866 when using a sync file system. :)

    Complete backup website (Find the older versions in the link below):
    Mod edit: Link removed

    The default kernel is hastarin r8.5.3_oldcam, please visit his post below for more information:

    Release Notes:
    • "Stock" build except blocking ads (hosts file is replaced) and adding "H" (HSDPA) icon and battery % icon
    • By default it is hastarin's EVO based kernel (support for PPP), but you can switch to N1 based kernel (support for RMNET) easily.
      Switch to RMNET by executing "conn_RMNET_with_michyprima_R11_AXI.sh" or "conn_RMNET_with_huanyu_HAVS-BFQ-OC-UV-AXI_925mv-0.1.d-n1.sh" in the GScript folder and then reboot.

      Switch to PPP by executing "conn_PPP_with_hastarin_r8.5.3_oldcam.sh" or "conn_PPP_with_hastarin_r8.5.3_eb_oldcam.sh" in the GScript folder and then reboot.

      oldcam means the old camera driver for Nexus One build.
      eb means the older battery driver with extended battery support.

      Install "GScript Lite" from Android Market to execute these .sh files.
      E.g.: You will see the text below if executing "conn_RMNET_with_michyprima_R11_AXI.sh" successfully.
          RMNET is ready.
          michyprima_R11_AXI is ready.
          Reboot required.
    • Create 512 MB data.img (You can specify the different data image size in startup.txt)
    • Rooted: superuser privileges (su and busybox) included
    • Some apps included (Delete any apk files in the AndroidApps folder before first boot if you don't like any of them.)

    What is working:
    • WiFi
    • GPS (works great. I got a location within 15 seconds.)
    • 3G/HSDPA
    • 5MP Camera with flash, auto focus and zoom
    • Camcorder with flash
    • LED status notification
    • Keypad LED control
    • Auto Backlight
    • Bluetooth (BT headset is fully supported in calls, music streaming/A2DP, and files transfer.)
    • Compass
    • G-Sensor
    • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
    • WiFi Tethering/Hotspot (works with RMNET. For PPP, please install android-wifi-tether on Google Code)
    • USB Tethering (Please install android-wired-tether on Google Code)
    • USB Mass Storage (You can copy files from PC to PC. But Android apps cannot see the copied files in the phone before rebooting.)

    • The battery power consumption on standby is about 5~7mA (less than 1% per hour) without SetCPU installed.
      • To my knowledge, the battery life is related to the WM ROM, radio version, and all the apps running in the background.
    • The default CPU clock rate is set to 245MHz ~ 998MHz, but you can install SetCPU to overclock.
    • Turn off the live wallpaper for better performance and battery life.
    • Install LauncherPro for a smoother home screen.
    • I have included the following apps in the AndroidApps folder, they will be installed at first boot:
      • DSPManager 1.0.apk
      • ES File Explorer
      • Fancy Widget 1.3.0.apk (Time & Weather)
      • Superuser
      • TeslaLED 2.0.4 Gala.apk
    • About 3G/HSDPA:
      • The stock Nexus One ROM only shows 3G icon in the status bar no matter if you are in HSDPA or not.
      • You can check under "Settings > About phone > Status > Mobile network type". If it says HSDPA, you are on the 3.5G network ("H" Network).
      • With v1.8, I have included FRG83D_stockbar_add-on_H_icon_and_battery%_icon.zip in the "Android/root" folder.
        • If you don't like this add-on, please delete the folder named "root" located in the "Android" folder before first boot.
          Mod edit: Link removed
    • Please install MoreLocale 2 from Android Market to enable more languages if needed.
    • Please visit Nexus One Help website and try to find the answer when you encounter any software issues on NexusHD2-FRG83(D). Thanks.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Extract the Android folder (with all files in in) to root of your SD Card. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
    2. If you already have an Android folder on your SD Card DELETE IT OR RENAME IT, because this version MAY BE INCOMPATIBILE with older releases !!!
    3. After copyng everything to your SD Card ensure you have at least 600 Mb free space for data store
    4. After you have done all steps go into Android folder and tap CLRCAD (for working sound), and after that just tap HaRET.
    5. On first run when there is "Creating a new datastore" just give it time to complete, and on first boot be patient and give it time to load everything.
    6. If you get some strange errors, or Android does not work, try to reformat SD card and try everything from the start.
    7. HD2 needs radio 2.08 or above to run Android. If you never upgrade your radio, you may not be able to run Android on HD2.
    >>>> All apps will now function and install correctly. If you have an issue installing an app from the Android Market or another source, then go through the following steps:
    >>>> - Go to Settings > SD & phone storage > Unmount SD card
    >>>> - Now install your app, it will now install correctly and function fine
    >>>> - Go to Settings > SD & phone storage > Mount SD card

    My HD2 WinMo Info:
    ROM: Stock 1.66.709.3 (76641) CHT


    Mod edit: Link removed

    • Please install the latest 7-Zip 9.20 or WinRAR for uncompressing.
    • If upgrading from the previous versions, please copy the original "data.img" to your new extracted Android folder.

    Special thanks:

    - Cotulla - for making all this possible
    - dan1j3l - for rootfs and liblights
    - Markinus - for the "official" EVO kernel
    - hastarin - for the EVO kernel
    - huanyu - for the N1 kernel
    - michyprima - for the N1 kernel
    - Rajko - for the Compass fix
    - mdebeljuh - for the G-Sensor workaround
    - jdivic - for the G-Sensor workaround
    - Letama - for the libhtc_ril_wrapper.so used by PPP
    - aussiebum - for the suggested PPP options
    - bangsters - for setting the size of data.img in startup.txt
    - Cass67 - for the Bluetooth fix with EVO based kernel
    - darkstone - for the readme and his build for reference
    - gauner1986 - for the lights.htcleo.so
    - Geo411m - for the FRG83D Stock, Deodexed, rooted, busybox ROM and add-ons (11/24)
    - mattc - for the tweaks in rootfs
    - memin1857 - for the tips that fix the auto backlight issue
    - NetRipper - for the latest haret.exe (9/14)
    - shu8i - for the readme
    - Bluetooth headsets testers
    - Everyone on #htc-linux & #htc-linux-chat, devs at xda-forums

    If I missed anyone please let me know. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

    If you appreciate my work and want to buy me a drink, please consider making a donation.

    Thank you.

    Thanks for your generous donations:
    and other anonymous donators

    P.S.: Screenshots below have some apps not included in downloaded 7-zip file.
    FAQ and Changelog


    If you would like to help others with your experiences, please feel free to share your info below. Thanks.


    V1.8 (PPP + RMNET)
    • Use hastarin r8.5.3_oldcam kernel in default
    • Letama's libhtc_ril_wrapper.so v0.7 included
    • The PPP options and kernel memory tweaks included
    • Small tweaks for rootfs
    • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync fixed since FRG83D

    V1.7 (PPP + RMNET)
    • Upgrade to the latest Google Nexus One's OTA update - FRG83D (released on Nov. 18, 2010)
    • Use hastarin r8.2 kernel with G-Sensor fix by (mdebeljuh and jdivic) in default
    • Letama's libhtc_ril_wrapper.so v0.4 updated
    • Auto Backlight issue fixed for RMNET kernels
    • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync fixed since FRG83D

    V1.6 (PPP + RMNET)
    • Use hastarin r8.1 kernel in default.
    • Specify the WiFi MAC address in startup.txt
    • Auto Backlight issue fixed. (lights.htcleo.so updated)
    • PPP disconnection issue fixed. (libhtc_ril_wrapper.so v0.3 updated)
    • Background noise / mic gain fixed. (htcleo.acdb added)

    V1.5 (PPP + RMNET)
    • Bluetooth works with N1 based kernel and EVO based kernel now.
    • LED status notification (e.g.: missing calls) is working properly now.

    V1.4 (PPP + RMNET)
    • Support both PPP and RMNET data connections, default is PPP (Execute different sh files located in the GScript folder to switch between them quickly and conveniently.)
    • Use hastarin's r7.6 kernel in default (N1 based Bluetooth can't work with Evo based kernel so far. If you need Bluetooth, please switch back to michyprima's R11 kernel)
    • Compass is working now due to the new kernel
    • Touchscreen freeze has greatly reduced due to the new kernel
    • Replace prior media folder with Nexus One's build-in media (There is default ringtone at first boot now.)
    • Small tweaks

    V1.3 (RMNET)
    • Add DSPManager app and the related lib
    • Add some tweaks for Bluetooth headsets and replace some Bluetooth related libs
    • Bluetooth headset is fully supported in calls, music streaming/A2DP, and files transfer now. (But some BT headsets may not be compatible with this build.)

    V1.2 (RMNET)
    • Data upload problem in 3G/HSDPA network has been fixed
    • Some tweaks from mattc's NexusLeo v1.1 build has been included

    V1.1 (RMNET)
    • No green line in HQ YouTube now
    • Restore to the stock libOmx libraries (I replaced some of them in order to fix the broken camcorder when converting into HD2 format from the stock Nexus One ROM. But it causes the green line in YouTube. So restored.)
    • Fancy Widget 1.3.0.apk (Time & Weather) included

    V1.0 (RMNET)
    • Initial release
    How to upgrade the kernel to hastarin's r8.6_oldcam or r8.6_eb_oldcam

    oldcam means the old camera driver for Nexus One build.
    eb means the older battery driver with extended battery support.
    Please download one of them and extract it to your SD card.

    These kernels are based on hastarin's r8.6_oldcam and r8.6_eb_oldcam branch kernel source code
    and are compiled by tytung with the modified config. (e.g.: CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE=y, CONFIG_NLS_UTF8=y, etc.)
    Use them at your own risk.

    Installation (takes hastarin_r8.6_oldcam as an example):
    1. Install GScript Lite from Android Market and run it.
    2. Press Menu (Windows button) and select Add script.
    3. Click Load file and select conn_PPP_with_hastarin_r8.6_oldcam_compiled_by_tytung.sh, and then Save it.
    4. You'll see conn_PPP_with_hastarin_r8.6_oldcam_compiled_by_tytung (Needs su: true) and click it to run and finish the replacement of the kernel and modules.
    5. You'll see the text below if running this .sh file successfully.
    6. Reboot to take effect.

    PPP is ready.
    hastarin_r8.6_oldcam_compiled_by_tytung is ready.
    Reboot required.

    The zImage and .ko files are for all builds that use old camera libs.
    The .sh file is for NexusHD2 build only.
    hi! when I click Haret the loader starts; it displays a few minute lines and then the display just goes blank. any reason for this? i have formatted the SD card already. please suggest.

    HTC HD2
    Can I use Fm radio (to install app.... ) with this build? not online internet radio :)

    Thank for a stable build!
    When you use a stock Nexus One phone, you don't have this function too.
    And NexusHD2 is a clean build that been ported from Nexus One.
    I won't add any functions on it.