[DEC23][ROM][KERNEL] SkyDragon | M8 GPE - Marshmallow | v6.1.0 | 5.07.1700.8

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Nov 23, 2014

how can i enable hotspot without using verizon sim ? my phone is verizon but im not living in the USA..also is there a way to remove the notification everytime i turn on and off my data ?


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Sep 14, 2008
This rom doesn't support any cdma carriers. GSM only.


Also, development stopped in December, I no longer have the device nor time to dedicate to it since I can't even test anything. Sorry all :crying:
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Jun 16, 2016
4G lte not working Verizon

The rom itself has bee workin great. However, I'm stuck on 3G. I can't get my 4g lte to work. I've updated apn settings, tried super CID trick and toggled data, Bluetooth, wifi, airplane mode settings. Nothing has worked. I want to continue using this rom. Any help would be appreciated.
Verizon Htc One m8, latest rom version and TWRP


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Sep 14, 2012


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Jul 5, 2014
photos default storage switch to SD card?

Been using this ROM for a while, I think it's super dope.
Living in CHina, with the "refridge" app to hibernate some fat Chinese apps and NOVA prime launcher, I think this ROM is super fast.

Could anybody tell me how to switch the camera storage to SD card? the default app automaticallys saves to internal ... :rolleyes:


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Sep 14, 2012
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May 15, 2011
GPS inaccurate or unable to find location

My GPS is not working or inaccurate, i had this rom for a while everything works fine, but I my gps not working like it use to, I got lost driving to a friend house i never been to before..
Anyone way I can fix it?
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    SkyDragon Google Play Edition Version 6.1.0♦
    ♦Best Performance & Battery Life♦
    (Any Bootloader-Unlocked M8)



    ♦Android Version: M - 6.0 Official♦
    ♦Firmware base: 5.07.1700.8♦
    ♦Rom Version: SD GPE v6.1.0♦
    ♦Built from my own %100 stock and clean base♦
    ♦Init.d Built-in♦
    ♦Busybox Built-in♦
    ♦Rooted with SuperSU♦
    ♦Zip-aligned on boot♦
    ♦SQLite optimization on boot♦
    ♦Build.prop tweaks♦
    ♦System R/W♦
    ♦Stock Kernel Rooted♦
    ♦Aroma Installer♦

    - Optional Apps
    - DPI Selection
    - Font Selection


    Thanks & Credits to Calvo1 for the review!


    ~*Made from scratch by HolyAngel*~
    *Rebased to MRA58K.H8
    -- Clean nand provided by Scozzar (Thanks!)
    *Fixed up ramdisk kernel script
    *Debloated a bit more
    -- Removed Android Pay since it doesnt work
    -- Removed Photos
    *Replaced stock kernel with SkyDragon Kernel
    --System rw/sound control,2.45ghz.. you know how i roll ^^
    *Removed Aroma App selection as it was buggy
    [strike]*Added APM thanks to lyapota[/strike] - Removed APM
    *Fixed Dragon Fi Audio Installation
    *Fixed init.d scripts! Now su.d scripts - Whole rom should be *much* snappier now
    *Rebased to MRA58K.H6
    -- Built from clean nand from CKPV5 ^^
    -- BIG Thanks to Imotep95 and enewman17 for fixing the base!
    *Removed outdated font selection
    *SuperSU 2.52
    *Updated scripts and tweaks for Marshmallow
    *Rebased to latest .H10 OTA
    *Rebased to Android 5.1 - LMY47O.H4
    *Removed Project Era for now
    *Added more Gapp removal
    *Removed GPS Selection
    *Removed Kernel selection until source is released
    *Removed some Gapps to free up space on system partition
    *Updated Sense Camera/Gallery *again* (Ufocus enabled thanks to DigitalHigh)
    *Tweaked installer script some more
    *Removed Lyapota modpack due to compatibility issues during full wiping
    *Made rom multicarrier compatible (Thanks to DigitalHigh)
    *Added Project Era option (Thanks to ZeroInfinity)
    *Cleaned up some misc apk's
    *Updated SkyDragon kernel to v3.0.7
    *Further optimized all init.d scripts for better performance
    *Added lyapota's S2S module for stock kernel only!
    *Integrated Adobe Flash Player
    *Added optional AOSP Browser V2 w/Material Design
    *Updated HTC Gallery to latest - Works!
    *Updated skydragon kernel to 3.0.4
    -- Update High Performance Sound
    *Added Lyapota's Modpack v006 (Thanks @Lyapota!)
    *Fixed SDCard write permission
    *Updated aroma for all the things!
    *Added fixed up Housekeeping script
    *Tweaked 96Tweaks script for screen mirroring
    *Rebased to Official Lollipop LRX22C.H5
    *APM courtesy of DigitalHigh
    *Added Sense camera/gallery option in aroma
    *Added SkyDragon Kernel by me(HolyAngel)
    *Framework files fixup
    *Moved GAPPS back to system partition to fix constant update issue
    *Fixed Init.d
    *Fixed and updated busybox
    *Removed Google Wallet due to FC
    *Rebased to LRX22C.H2
    *Added APM courtesy of Lyapota & DigitalHigh
    *Tweaked Ramdisk for better performance
    *Tweaked Init.d Scripts for better performance
    *Updated Aroma
    -- Latest removal
    -- New apps
    -- Updated some of the fonts courtesy of ckpv5
    *Rebased to LRX21P Release-keys
    *SELinux set to permissive by default - Finally!
    *Optimized init.d Scripts - Thanks again to PwnCakes193
    *Updated Busybox to 1.23
    *Updated Aroma
    -- Added hacked exchange mail - No pin/pass required
    -- Added Ad-blocking script
    *Added tweaks from PwnCakes193 and lagfix zip
    *Disabled ZRAM Completely
    *Added stock MMS app option in aroma(Android L Messenger)
    *Fixed IR issue
    *Updated HTC Service Pack
    *Selinux set permissive
    *Rebased on Android L 5.0 LRX21M
    *Rooted with SuperSU 2.19
    *Unsecured and rooted stock kernel
    *Added init.d and busybox
    *Tweaked up build.prop for added speed and battery life
    *Remade and Cleaned up Aroma for L
    -- Remade install process
    -- Removed xposed and modules
    -- Removed Themes
    -- Removed a couple apps
    -- Fixed up Gapp removal
    -- Removed kernel selection
    *Replaced google keyboard with Android L keyboard
    *Replaced boot animation with Android L bootanimation
    *Replaced default background with Android L background
    *Added Clear-all Recents key for recent apps screen
    *Disabled Signature Verification
    *Updated SkyDragon kernel to 2.0.1
    - Sweep2wake/sleep, doubletap2wake, tons of enhancements
    *Tweaked Build.prop
    *Rebased to Android 4.4.4
    *Init.d Support
    *Rooted with SuperSU
    *SkyDragon Kernel 1.0.5 or Elemental x 1.0.0
    *System Read/Write
    *Disabled SDCard write protection
    *Ported Aroma
    *Added Advanced Reboot Menu
    *5 column quick settings
    *Tweaked framework/settings/systemui
    *Applied camera and audio tweaks for best quality
    *Added Torch App for flashlight
    *Removed aroma audio selection for compatibility
    *Fully Disabled Signature Verification for System and User apps
    *Added Clear-All Recents button in recent apps screen 
    *Added App-Ops to settings/security menu 
    *Maxed Audio/Camera settings for best quality 
    *Added Torch app for flashlight 
    *Added kernel tweaker option in aroma
    *Removed Xposed App Ops as no longer needed
    *Fixed build.prop from 2.0.2 ota
    *Added Advanced Reboot menu (ART Compatible)
    *Added Volume wake (ART Compatible)
    *Added Sweep2sleep module
    *Updated Kernel selection in Aroma - Skydragon/Elementalx/Stock
    *Added Theme option to go back to stock GPE look.
    *Fixed 'Ok, Google'
    *Fixed Boot animation
    *Rebased rom to Android 4.4.3
    *Removed extra kernels for now until we get updated ones
    *Removed APM Menu until I can get some time to remake it
    *Fixed hacked email and Ad-blocking not installing
    *Added APM by default that works in ART mode!
    *Removed AOSP keyboard option for the time being
    *Updated Ad-blocking to latest 5/20
    *Updated all Xposed apps
    *Updated all gapps
    *Updated project era to v16.3 (Thanks to ZeroInfinity)
    *Updated Elementalx to v16 (Thanks to Flar2)
    *Replaced stock kernel with my own SkyDragon kernel
    - Based on stock GPE Kernel source
    - Built with Linaro 4.9.1 toolchain
    - Full -Ofast optimization throughout the kernel
    - Extra schedulers (Fiops/Fifo/Sio/Tripndroid/VR/Zen)
    - Extra governors (DanceDance/Wheatley/Adaptive)
    - All TCP profiles enabled (Westwood/veno/reno/bic/highspeed/hybla/htcp/vegas/scalable/lp/yeah/illinois)
    - Undervolting capable (Thanks to Flar2)
    - General memory and performance enhancements
    - HD Audio enhancements (Thanks to Flar2)
    *This feels waaay better/smoother/faster/responsive than stock kernel but you can still expect same or better battery life and stability*
    [B][U][size=3]Version 1.5.2[/U][/b][/size]
    *Fixed OTA Script so future OTA's will be easier to manage for me
    *Updated OTA Center
    *Added OTA Center to settings app
    *Removed stock 'System Update' from settings app
    *Fixed Remount RW script to properly remount system partitions for M8
    *Fixed the missing power menu issue from 1.5.1 full rom
    [b][U][size=3]Version 1.5.1[/U][/b][/size]
    *OTA support included from here on out!*
    *Updated all Xposed Apps
    *Updated all Google Apps
    *Added multi-user support (3 users)
    *Tweaked Framework
    *Tweaked Settings
    *Tweaked SystemUI
    *APN list redone based on CM11 for better carrier support
    *Tweaked system icons
    [U][b][size=3]Version 1.5.0[/U][/b][/size]
    *Deodex Rom - ART Still Works!
    *Added Project Era V15.2 Option in Aroma
    *Disabled Signature Verification
    *Added APM Option in Aroma - Breaks ART 
    *Updated ElementalX to 0.10 (Thanks Flar2)
    *Tweaked init.d scripts
    *Tweaked build.prop
    *Changed settings and framework icons to z2 icons for a better look
    *Enhanced performance and battery life
    *Updated Xposed
    *Updated Gravity Box
    *Plus more I know I'm forgetting..
    [B][U][size=3]Version 1.4.0[/U][/b][/size]
    *Updated ElementalX kernel to 0.9
    *Updated stock MMS app to have quick-reply
    *Updated Inverted MMS app to fix MMS issues
    *Added LMT
    *Added Apollo
    *Added SD Tetherhack
    *Added a ton of APN'S
    *Tweaked data speed in build.prop
    [B][U][size=3]Version 1.3.0[/U][/b][/size]
    *Updated ElementalX kernel to 0.8
    *Tweaked Aroma wipe options
    *Temporarily Removed Xperia Keyboard due to compatibity issues
    *Added Google Gallery
    [b][U][size=3]Version 1.2.0[/U][/b][/size]
    *Fixed System Read/Write Support!
    *Added Flar2's Elemental X Kernel in Aroma (Thanks flar2!)
    [b][U][size=3]Version 1.1.0[/U][/b][/size]
    *Fixed Root!
    *Updated Apex launcher
    *Updated Nova Launcher
    *Updated Xperia Launcher to Z2 version with widgets
    *GPS Selection in Aroma
    *Sound Explosion mod option in aroma
    *Removed minminguard from xposed selection as its discontinued
    *Added Xposed AppOps
    *Added 'Mother of all ad-blocking" hosts file optional
    *Choice of Hangouts/MMS/Inverted MMS in aroma
    *Choice of no-pin-security email/exchange app in aroma
    *Better Gapp removal
    *Couple apps edited/added/removed in aroma
    *Tweaked Framework
    *Tweaked Build prop
    *Updated Xposed Installer
    *Updated GravityBox
    *Updated AppOpps
    *Updated Youtube Adaway
    [B][U][size=3]Version 1.0.0[/U][/b][/size]
    *Based on Stock NAND released by Graffixnyc
    *Init.d Built-in
    *Rooted w/ SuperSU 1.94
    *BusyBox Built-in
    *System Read/Write Support - Not working yet
    *External SDCard Write Support
    *Build.prop Tweaks
    - Speed optimizations
    - Battery Optimizations
    *Init.d Tweaks
    *Unsecured Stock Kernel
    *Aroma moved from M7 version
    - Gapp removal
    - Xposed framework and apps
    - Launcher Selection (Google Home, Apex, Nova, Xperia, Launcher2)
    - Extra Apps added
    *Bionic Libs from KVT49L(4.4.2_R2)
    *More I know i'm missing..

    Philz Recovery 6.25.x is Recommended and what the instructions are for! Don't use 6.41.x+! Latest TWRP seems fine too
    * Make a nandroid backup
    * Make sure your device is ♦BOOTLOADER UNLOCKED♦ S-On is fine
    * Download ROM and put it on external sdcard
    * Put device in bootloader mode
    - - (Power+Volume Down if device off. If on, Power+Volume Up and soon as screen goes black switch from Volume Up to Volume Down)
    * Enter Recovery and click 'Wipe Data/Factory Reset' and choose 'Clean To Install A New Rom'(wipe system/data/cache/dalvik)
    * Find in Recovery "Install Zip" followed by "Choose Rom zip from sdcard or /storage/sdcard1 (Wherever you put the rom at)
    * Select the Rom to install
    * Proceed steps that Aroma installer gives
    * Reboot device after finishing installation
    * Select "No" to install recovery prompt if given
    * Follow setup wizard and enjoy!

    Downloads in Second post!




    If I missed you please pm me!



    Dragonesdenano for all the help and letting me be part of the team <3
    SkyDragon TEAM and Family, love you guys ^^
    XDA Community
    Google and HTC for the firmware
    Imotep95 for all the help and super late night testing, couldn't make this without you!
    Graffixnyc for the NAND backup!
    rovo89 for Xposed Framwork
    Chainfire for SuperSu
    PwnCakes193 for all the help
    Special Thanks to all Testers and Donators!
    Lesscro For Banners!!!
    Stempox For Banners!!!
    Flar2 For his Kernel and modules!
    AshishDubey for Xperia Launcher and widgets
    Doc3000 for his Sound Explosion mod
    ZeroInfinity for his Project ERA Sound mod


    If you like my work and dedication don't forget to press Thanks!!!!
    Any Donations are not expected but always Welcome!!! ^^

    My Kernel Source: https://github.com/holyangel
    HTC Stock GPE Source: http://www.htcdev.com/devcenter/downloads[/U][/B]

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [DEC23][ROM][KERNEL] SkyDragon | M8 GPE - Marshmallow | v6.1.0 | 5.07.1700.8, ROM for the HTC One (M8)

    Source Code: https://github.com/holyangel/HTC_M8_GPE

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.0.0

    Created 2014-04-04
    Last Updated 2016-02-08

    Q: If I'm on latest Sense firmware(4.4.4) can I flash this rom without flashing GPE firmware?
    Yes you shouldn't have any problems and don't need to flash the firmware or convert your phone to GPE.

    Q: Where can I get your recommened version of Philz Recovery?
    You can find philz' recoveries here I recommend version 6.25 or 6.26 only.

    Q: Why isn't wifi working?
    A: Need to flash either latest GPE L firmware in this post, or Latest Sense firmware 4.16.xxxx.x. If you are S-ON however you will have to wait until you get latest Official OTA for your device as you cannot flash a different firmware unless you are S-OFF. If you still don't have wifi after firmware flash you need to clean your system/data(Not sdcard)/cache and reflash the rom.

    Q: Flashed ROM with twrp and now stuck on HTC Logo
    Twrp recovery sometimes needs the rom flashed twice in a row in order for it stick, Also try first mounting system partition in twrp before flashing.

    Q: Rom is lagging
    There are a few things to try if you experience lag in the rom.
    1. Try enabling 'Developer Options' in the settings app(Tap build number 7 times in settings->About, then back out to main settings page you will see 'Developer Options' just above 'About', click it and scroll down until you see animations, set animations to 1.5x
    2. Get a kernel app like trickstermod or kernel tweaker, set scheduler to deadline, set read ahead buffer size to 1024. Can also try a different governor like Interactive.

    Q: If I flash the GPE Firmware how do I go back to Sense roms?
    You need to get Sense firmware and flash it, that should cover it. If you still can't flash a sense rom try formatting system and data partitions in recovery, and if that doesn't fix it then flash a Sense RUU.

    Q: Mobile data isn't working
    Check your APN settings, sometimes not all the available options get automatically put in like mmsc for tmobile. SuperCID can help here.

    Q: Titanium Backup isn't working, says I don't have root
    Use the latest Titanium backup provided in this post or the beta that you can get from PlayStore.

    Q: I don't have root
    You more than likely *do* have root, just whatever app you have is not compatible. If you need to flash SuperSU then flash SuperSU-2.19 which can be found here.

    Q: Can't access SDCard

    1.If you were on sense firmware originally and flashed the GPE L firmware you either need to format data partition in recovery or you can instead try to flash the latest sense 4.4.4 firmware from here and try installing the rom again.
    2. You will need a terminal emulator from the PlayStore, rom toolbox should work as well, type the following into terminal emulator
    restorecon -FR /data/media/0
    3. Install and boot to twrp, Enable MTP, Backup your storage content to your pc, go to wipe option in twrp, format your storage and wipe your data, Reboot, setup your phone again and copy your stuff back.

    Q: Says my storage(data partition) is encrypted and can't go any farther
    Likely data partition corruption, can try multiple fixes here
    1. Flash the 4.4.4 GPE RUU provided by Graffixnyc(You *will* lose Internal storage contents)
    2. Go into twrp and do a factory reset, make sure you can format data(You *will* lose Internal storage contents)
    3. Flash a stock recovery and do a factory reset
    4. Go back to sense 4.4.4 firmware from here
    Note: You will have to start over with flashing this firmware & rom if you RUU. If you factory reset you will need to just reflash this rom.



    Note: Absolutely NO part of this ROM zip may be used without my express permission, This rom is ONLY for GSM M8's!
    NOTICE: I know longer own the M8, so future updates may or may-not be a thing. Still will help as much as I can and try to push updates assuming I have testers, but just fyi for my absence and lack of updates lately.

    SkyDragon Version 6.1.0 Full Rom

    Dirty wipe should be fine if you're already on my rom!

    MD5: 72f2a3bc8e54d73f06b194a3b6d5e4e9

    AFH Mirror

    If you flash the rom and do not have working WiFi then see the FAQ!

    ♦Other Stuff♦


    SkyDragon Custom Kernel Based on latest stock GPE 5.0.1 source from HTC:
    Recommended Settings:
    Scheduler: FIOPS
    Read Ahead: 3072
    TCP Congestion Control: Westwood
    Governor: OnDemandPlus

    SkyDragon Kernel v3.0.7

    * Kernel Built with latest SaberMod 4.9.3 Toolchain
    [STRIKE]* Ofast Optimization throughout kernel[/STRIKE]
    * Universal Kernel for all m8's running GPE 5.0.1
    * Flar2 Wake gestures
    * Kexec Hardboot for Multirom support
    * Graphite Optimization on GPU
    * Added schedulers: BFQ/FIFO/FIOPS(default)/SIO/TRIPNDROID/VR/ZEN
    * Added Governors: DanceDance/Interactive/Wheatley/Adaptive/SmartassV2/Lionheart/Lagfree/IntelliDemand/IntelliActive
    * Arm CPU Topology
    * Linaro enhancements (Power Effecient Workqueue's, flags, etc)
    * Overclocked slimbus for better audio
    * All TCP profiles enabled (Westwood/veno/reno/bic/highspeed/hybla/htcp/vegas/scalable/lp/yeah/illinois)
    * Undervolting capable (Thanks to Flar2)
    * Added 2-way Stereo call recording support
    * Latest Optimized LZ4 Compression/Decompression
    * FastCharge Support
    * LCD KCAL Support
    * Sound Control Support
    * HD Audio enabled
    * Franco's High Performance Sound
    * Battery Life Extender
    * Idle-Stats Reporting (faux clock app)
    * Dev/Frandom
    * Arch Random
    * Tons of background fixes to give better battery and performance

    Kernel Source code

    Old Releases

    SkyDragon Kernel 2.0.5 for 4.4.4 - FIXED BOOTLOOP ISSUE!

    * Aroma Installer for easy selection of gesture/wake features
    * Kernel (Re)Built with latest SaberMod 4.9.3 Toolchain
    * Ofast Optimization throughout kernel
    * Graphite Optimization on GPU
    * Added schedulers: BFQ/FIFO/FIOPS(default)/SIO/TRIPNDROID/VR/ZEN
    * Added Governors: DanceDance/Interactive/Wheatley/Adaptive/SmartassV2/Lionheart/Lagfree/IntelliDemand/IntelliActive/OnDemandPlus
    * Tweaked arm and cpu topology for better performance and battery life then stock
    * Tweaked Deadline Scheduler
    * Tweaked On-Demand governor
    * Overclocked slimbus for better audio
    * All TCP profiles enabled (Westwood/veno/reno/bic/highspeed/hybla/htcp/vegas/scalable/lp/yeah/illinois)
    * Undervolting capable (Thanks to Flar2)
    * Sweep2Wake/Sweep2Sleep/DoubleTap2Wake (Thanks to Flar2)
    * Added 2-way Stereo call recording support
    *Latest Optimized LZ4 Compression/Decompression - Enabled!
    * FastCharge Support
    * LCD KCAL Support
    * Sound Control Support
    * HD Audio enabled
    * High Performance Sound
    * Battery Life Extender
    * Full SnapDragon 801 Performance(268MHz - 2.45GHz)
    * Intelli-plug(hotplug) Control
    * Intelli-Thermal Control
    * ZRAM support
    * Idle-Stats Reporting (faux clock app)
    * Tons of background fixes to give better battery and performance
    4.4.2 ONLY!
    SkyDragon Custom Kernel Based on latest stock GPE source from HTC:
    Recommended Settings:
    Scheduler: FIOPS
    Read Ahead: 1024
    TCP Congestion Control: Westwood
    Governor: On-Demand

    SkyDragon Kernel 0.3.2

    - Built with Linaro 4.9.1 Toolchain
    - Ofast optimization throughout kernel
    - Added schedulers: FIFO/FIOPS(default)/SIO/TRIPNDROID/VR/ZEN
    - Added Governors: DanceDance/Interactive/Wheatley/Adaptive
    - Fixed SELinux memory leak
    - Tweaked arm and cpu topology for better performance and battery life then stock
    - Upgraded Built-in audio to HD quality
    - Tweaked Deadline Scheduler for better performance
    - Tweaked On-Demand governor for better performance
    - Overclocked slimbus to give better audio quality at all frequencies
    - All TCP profiles enabled (Westwood/veno/reno/bic/highspeed/hybla/htcp/vegas/scalable/lp/yeah/illinois)
    - Undervolting capable (Thanks to Flar2)

    Source posted at bottom of OP.

    Flashable Zip Additions - *ONLY FOR 4.4.4 KitKat*

    Stock Theme

    3-Column(stock) Quick Settings Flashable zip

    Android L NavBar Icons Flashable Zip

    Battery Percentage Flashable Zip

    Note: If you need an older rom/kernel/something other than what I have posted here, You can always find it at my page on AFH
    Decided to just go ahead and share instead of waiting, enjoy guys!

    Ok, here my tiny modPack for 4.1.x with aroma installer
    in package:
    • longpress backkey kill app
    • advanced power menu
    • menu navbar persist
    • show battery %
    • ambient display
    • change navbar size
    • sweep 2 sleep
    You can change this options any time, just reflash modPack.

    Good luck!
    Alright guys! Day (Hope so!) is finally here!

    Big shout out and thanks to Imotep95 and enewman17 for working to fix the base, couldn't have had this release without you guys ^^

    Init.d is broken at the moment, working on a fix in the meantime but everything else is reported working!

    SkyDragon M8 GPE6 V6.0


    Let me know how it goes ^^