Question December update, battery drain.

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Feb 11, 2014
Google Pixel 6
Signal in my home has never been great, but now my phone spends the majority of the time with no signal (emergency calls only). This will be hitting the battery hard.


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Nov 14, 2011
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
OnePlus 3
I had battery drain after the update but it appears to be network/signal related. Always get 4G in my home but now only get H. Turning off WiFi left my phone with no mobile signal but seems to fixed with a couple of reboots. Signal is definitely no where as good.

Noticed the same last after the update. I hate it when there's no stable signal. I'm gonna do a factory reset just in case. Hope these things will be fixed soon enough. Don't want my first pixel experience to be ruined by these. I had such high hopes.


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Mar 13, 2006
Today, my phone seems more stable.

2 Changes made only between yesterday and today.

1st thing I did was switch from 5g recommended to 4g. I dont have 5g in my area so no loss.

2nd thing I did was charge the phone over night.

Nothing else changed.


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May 22, 2019
Battery been ridiculously good for me. Stress tested yesterday evening and couldn't get it to a concerning percentage before bed time. 9% drain overnight though.


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Aug 13, 2012
Same issue with me. Never had problems with signal until yesterday. Thought it was o2 problem but clearly not. Literally no signal at home and when driving back from work got disconnected every 2 miles.

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    I did mine OTA, would factory reset do it? I think the fault is mobile network standby, used 27%
    When I first got the phone I had an issue like that. Try turning the phone off (not reboot) and then powering on after a minute or so. When I did that last build it built cache or did something different and the issue went away.

    I'd try that before factory resetting.
    Since the December update, I've got massive battery drain. The latest session for accubattery has only 11% deep sleep while the screen is off. 35% battery usage over 6 hours with 46m SOT. Has the adaptive battery reset? Any ideas please?
    Ok think I have found the culprit, mobile network standby, 27% from the pixel battery app. Any ideas what I can do please?
    There have been some reports on Reddit of decreased reception in areas it was good before. Might be switching often between 5G and LTE or lower .
    I still don't have the update and now I am worried. Does anyone not have a battery issue?
    I don't. Accubattery reports 5.4%/h with screen on and 1.0%/h with screen off, pretty much the same as before the update.