Decrypt/Decode Note 8 OMC/CSC files

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Apr 20, 2011
To tweak and/or modify csc features that may or may not be enabled on your phone/variant or by carrier. Since Samsung now encrypts the csc.xml files you can't edit them to work. For users that aren't rooted, this has no benefit to them.

Thanks.. But could you tell me what do you meam by csc features by giving me an example or two?


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Feb 17, 2013
Thanks.. But could you tell me what do you meam by csc features by giving me an example or two?

Two common ones on the Note 8 is to enable smart calling (aka spam caller id) & native call recording. There are so many, you can enable/disable various system ui functions, app features, network settings, even change certain icons, too many to list really. If you search CSC tweaks you'll have a better idea. It's what carriers use to help configure their phones. CSC tweaks have been around since pretty much the beginning of rooting Android but now Samsung is encrypting the csc xml files. Why I don't know, maybe to try & make it harder for us to mess with them. Not sure if it's just Samsung or if it's other OEMs as well or if it's a Google/Android thing.


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Apr 4, 2007
May I know why would one want to do this? What benefits or extra functionality does it provide?

Helps me change my calendar's Holidays setting. Because my phone is from UAE, it displays Ramadan holidays and there's no setting to change it. But by tweaking the region in the CSC, I can get my calendar to show Japanese holidays instead of Islamic. A really small thing, but very useful to me.


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Dec 14, 2013
Google Pixel 6
Works great.

Found my CSC was XEF and copied the XEF folder to my SD Card using Root Explorer and then from SD Card to my PC.

Installed Java on my PC.

Ran the command and it created the new decoded file.

Added my :-


line to the middle of the xml file and saved it.

Did NOT encrypt.

Copied back to SD Card, and then from SD to internal using Root Explorer.

Rebooted phone and there it was working.

Very happy.:laugh:



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Apr 9, 2014
Does anybody have an at&t csc file i take a look at it? I have s10+ exynos with BRI csc. I just decoded the csc file. I just want to compare it with


Jul 4, 2012
I tried to insert this <CscFeature_Contact_SetLinkCountMaxAs> 99 </ CscFeature_Contact_SetLinkCountMaxAs> code but it does not work, is the csc code different now?
can someone help me


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Jan 31, 2008

Would it be possible do find how to decode the new json file format ?

Thank you!


  • customer_carrier_feature.json
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    I found the csc files in Oreo is encrypted/encoded.

    So I decompile the csc.apk and get a class to decode the encoded file.

    Then I made a tool to decode/encode the csc file.

    Download: can't post a link yet :(, just search OmcTextDecoder in github and get the download link


    java -jar omc-decoder.jar -i cscfeature.xml -o cscfeature_decoded.xml

    or try to decode all .xml files under a directory

    java -jar omc-decoder.jar -i omc -o omc_decoded


    java -jar omc-decoder.jar -e -i cscfeature_decoded.xml -o cscfeature.xml

    or try to encode all .xml files under a directory

    java -jar omc-decoder.jar -e -i omc_decoded -o omc_encoded

    Source: can't post a link yet :( , just search OmcTextDecoder in github
    What you need:
    File explorer with root (Root Explorer, ES Explorer, etc)
    /System/omc/[CSC]/cscfeature.xml file OR the whole /System/omc folder copied in another folder on the PC, for example in C:\Decoder
    Download the jar file here
    Make a backup of the original files

    Put the jar file in C:\Decoder
    Open CMD.exe and navigate to C:\Decoder. The command for this would be
    cd C:\Decoder

    If you want to decode only one cscfeature.xml use this
    java -jar omc-decoder.jar -i cscfeature.xml -o cscfeature_decoded.xml

    If you want to decode the whole omc folder use this
    java -jar omc-decoder.jar -i omc -o omc_decoded

    The result is xxx_decoded folder/file. Rename the file to cscfeature.xml. Make the desired changes in the xml file and than put it back to the phone. There is no need to encrypt it back.
    If you read the first post you'll find why there is no link & where to find the download.

    hi jeannot.
    here is the link github. OmcTextDecoder
    thank you so much - you are a star!!!

    not being a java expert i could only use the decode/encode all option

    the single *.xml encoding gave me:

    java -jar omc-decoder.jar -i cscfeature.xml -o cscfeature_decoded.xml
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    	at Entrance.decodeFile(
    	at Entrance.decode(
    	at Entrance.main(

    but no worries - the whole 'omc' folder worked brilliantly

    My bad, Has fixed this bug. Please redownload the jar file and try it.
    it worked for me... i was able to decrypt the files.... unfortunately, i was unable to find a setting that allows me to change the voicemail number dialed when using my T-Mobile sim card.
    To edit voicemail number, use bk package manager or titanium backup manager to disable VVM....the settings for VVM will disappear and the editable settings will be there,

    Alternatively, in the cscfeature.xml you can remove the line that has config VVM....



    One of these should do it

    You could just edit to FALSE