Default & Poco Launcher constantly rebooting

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This issue has been going on for quite some time with both the default MIUI launcher and the POCO launcher.

Often, when going back to home, the screen only displays the wallpaper. Icons follow about 5 seconds later and only then is the phone usable.

The only similar issue I've been able to find is on a Reddit thread for Redmi Note 7 and the only solution then was to use Nova. (

Anyone facing similar issues? Can't change to other launchers since i'm using dual apps and haven't found a launcher that allows ease of use on that aspect.


Apr 4, 2012
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
I'm suffering from this issue since flashing the global rom on my 11 ultra 2 weeks ago. But today i was trying new theme. I never changed the default theme before by the way. I don't know how or why the issue is gone with the new theme. Maybe it's related to the screen backup i did on my Chinese Rom and when I have returned to the global rom and did the screen layout restore the issue came out like different themes not compatible with different roms