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Question Delayed notifications with BlueMail

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Senior Member
I have an issue with push delay, when I have new emails on BlueMail.

Notifications about it could take 1 or 2 hours to come...
When I open BlueMail, new messages are not received yet, and I can see that last update is a few hours before.

Of course, I've disabled battery optimisation for this app, and I've tried to keep the app opened (lock it).

Everything worked well on my OnePlus 8 pro.
What to do?


Sep 19, 2014
I've got the same issue on Lineage OS running Android 11 on Google Pixel 3. Turned off battery optimizations and even added the app to the whitelist via su dumpsys deviceidle whitelist +me.bluemail.mail in terminal. It shows up on the whitelist but does the same behavior you're describing here. Wonder if this is an app thing since we are on different phones and presumably Android versions.

Did you ever resolve this? What was your fix?

Sorry for necro but no other responses lol