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Jan 30, 2018
Thanx @adryyy for supporting the custom rom for sm-t111... It works well in my sm-t111 ...just some UI glitches ... Hope you keep updating it.


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May 15, 2021


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Nov 3, 2012
Ok, I've updated it.
The error is inside the antique envsetup.sh.
It works with mka and make though.
Now it should almost build with Colab. There are some missing packages and fixes probably, but minor things.


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Nov 3, 2012
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May 15, 2021
So did you manage to unbrick the tab?
Yeah! It's got CM11 working by @adryyy now.

Steps on how to unbrick a dead tablet:
Wait for the battery to run out. This will ensure that the tablet has shut down.
2: Use the download mode combo to get the tablet screen to show nothing but light up.
3: Spam the Volume Up until the Download Mode screen shows up.
4: Flash stock ROM.

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    I've remember I've tried it a while ago, got CM11 booting in KitKat, 4.4, but it was laggy due to the incompatibility of graphic driver with 4.4.

    Some useful info:
    Here's TWRP 3.0 for T110 / T111:
    L.E: You find it in the links bellow.

    I've used @gr8nole TWRP for T210 to port it to T110 / T210, so thanks to his work.

    Flash it with Odin, remember to uncheck Auto Reboot. After flash, first time boot in Android, and then try to boot in recovery using vol up + home + power.
    It will take about 10 seconds to boot (black screen)
    Files I've still got from then:

    Here's backup of the SD Card I've used to flash the ROM and so on. It contains multiple boot image, which from what I've remember contains a combinations of modules from T210 boot images with the T110 boot images, also TWRP backup for CM11:

    I remember I've been trying to copy the libs from the KitKat build of the T210 in order to get the ROM to boot, copy, test, copy, test, using the ADB Debugger to read the logcat while booting, search errors, copy, test, rebuild from source, copy, test, and so on.

    Don't know if I've archived the source which I've used to build Android from source, but what I think I've used an modified the files that are provided from some users for T210:
    I'm sure you can find compatible ones with these search:
    Can't remember which git, exactly.

    I would like to get some new version of Android, even now, on this tab just to use it as casually split screen / same screen multiplayer gaming device.

    Also, ramdisk, can't remember what exactly I've done to it.

    You can find all tools you need to extract the boot image on the XDA, but probably on some old threads, can't remember what I've used. Or probably there are new and better tools to do so, like https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...y-of-ota-images-from-various-vendors.4078159/ don't remember if I've used it or not.

    Links expires at end of year. If you want them again, ask via PM or replay. Also if the download is too slow for you.
    Update: I've put all the info and files you need in that folder (Tutorial Install 4.4 T110).
    You need to flash boot4.zip in order to get the 4.4 TWRP backup to boot.

    Also, it will take like 2-5 minutes to boot up.

    It have adb debugging enabled during the boot-up, so you can connect USB cable and read adb logcat at boot if you want to resolve some errors, like wifi mediaserver, audio and so on.
    Use adb logcat. It works well on my tablet. May be your USB cable.
    Also, would be nice to merge all these posts in one on the forums.
    I've uploaded a file with output of adb logcat if you can't get it properly. You can see various errors.

    Also, don't really know if the slow interface is due to some errors in grafic configurations or other errors that interfere and create lag.

    If you got stuck in recovery and have runStockRec on your SD Card, you can go to TWRP -> Advanced -> Terminal and type /external_sd/runStockRec then chose reboot system now . This should get you out from recovery bootloop.
    Here is a boot image with a newly build kernel, with GCC4.7 and the same initramfs for CM11. Also include the new compiled modules.

    The kernel configs can be seen in the attached files.
    I've managed to boot pmOS with these configs, and it works also for stock ROM, so it should be better to have as much options active as possible.
    I've tested it and it still boot CM11.

    Seems to be a bit more stable with this.

    Source used.