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Apr 22, 2011
Wilmington DE
I'm on this ROM as daily driver now. No issues. Sometimes sound is a little low, but other than that, Profit! Great work!

Is this ROM your main focus now, Shaun?

I'm taking requests by BitCoin


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Sep 28, 2014
OxygenLP App Packages [COMING SOON!]:
  • Digital TV (Only for XT1069)

Waiting patiently.

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Steve Kraemer

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Jul 31, 2014
Orlando, Florida
Xiaomi Poco F1
Want the Cyanogenmod 11 blue swirl boot animation? ;)

You guys wanna change your boot animation to the CM11 boot animation?
I figured out how...

Download the zip (below) to your computer. DO NOT EXTRACT IT.
Move the zip to the root of your external sd (sdcard1).
Make sure you have ES File Explorer.
1. Go to sdcard1
2. Highlight the zip file you moved from your computer
3. Click on "More" in lower right corner
4. Click on "Move to"
5. Click on arrow in upper left screen
6. Click on the device icon<system<media<OK
7. Click on "Paste" (lower left corner)
8. Rename existing bootanimation to your liking, and move it to the root of sdcard1

Now... Go back to Device<System<Media
Highlight the new boot animation zip file(should be renamed "")
Click on "More" in lower right corner... then... <Properties<Permissions
Owner / Group / Other should be fully checked (Read/Write/Execute) < OK
Go back out... And then reboot.

Sit back, relax, crack open a beer and watch the show! :good:

If the boot animation doesn't work, then your boot logo will simply appear until you see your homescreen. :eek:


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Steve Kraemer

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Jul 31, 2014
Orlando, Florida
Xiaomi Poco F1
Quantum boot animation...

@Shawn5162 or anyone else who wants to mess with this...

First, I converted the original GIF into a boot animation, and then successfully tested it on my XT1064.

It works very well, except there is an annoying white line at the very bottom, which I cannot seem to remove.

This seems like it's Sci-Fi and would be perfect for Quantum ROM, since it reminds me of "Dr.Who" and "Stargate Universe".

Have fun! :good:


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Nov 16, 2014
New England

"Quantum OS now booting Android 5.0.2 via QuantumLP"


Updates for this ROM will be daily. Updates for this ROM will be categorized into one of the following groups:
  • Patcher Update: This update is usually a minor update...This .zip WON'T include the whole ROM but includes only the components necessary to be updated. This updates MUST be flashed over the latest full update.
  • Full Update: This update is usually a major update...This .zip WILL include the whole ROM. This can be flashed at any time and device state...There are no prerequisites to flashing a full ROM.

Any update on the next update? It's been since the 16th since the last daily update... Would love to try that version you have that fixed the memory management issue!


Feb 21, 2015
Hey guys,

installed the ROM today - works like a charm.

I deleted the Google Plus app with "Root App Delete" and after that the pop-up with the notification that the g+ app crashed came again and again.
After i rebooted everything is displayed bigger than before, like a zoomed view, what really annoyes me.

I can't find a solution - i hope anybody can help me!


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Nov 15, 2014
I hate to say this,I really do but I have a few bugs

Bug1:when I plug my headphones in to listen to some music,the top speaker of the phone produces sound

Bug2:when I switch fast charge on,it turns of as soon as I close settings

Bug3:when I try to play a video from a browser it stutters but plays normal when I restart the video

This is not really a bug but the ROM is getting a little laggy

Does anyone have these problems?

Reply A.S.A.P


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Feb 22, 2012
when i call some one i can bearly hear what the person is saying the volume of the speaker is really low even when the volume is at max
im using the latest version did a clean install
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Nov 15, 2014
I hate to say this,I really do but I have a few bugs

Bug1:when I plug my headphones in to listen to some music,the top speaker of the phone produces sound

Bug2:when I switch fast charge on,it turns of as soon as I close settings

Bug3:when I try to play a video from a browser it stutters but plays normal when I restart the video

This is not really a bug but the ROM is getting a little laggy

Does anyone have these problems?

Reply A.S.A.P

Another thing I really hate to say is that the WiFi sometimes doesn't work but the signal still shows and I have to turn it off and on again for it to work

I hope this 2.2 has more bug fixes that features
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    Changelog and Downloads


    Note: All downloads links in the OP post are via AFH. I do allow other users to post mirrors in the comments below
    5.0.x - LINK
    5.1.x - LINK


    Version 1.x

    [B]Version:[/B] v1.0
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Jan 17
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150117
    - Initial Release
    [B]Version:[/B] v1.0.1
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Jan 18
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150118
    - Fixed Google Play Services issue
    - Disabled CyanogenMod OTA updates
    - Added Commander widget from Droid Turbo
    - Added Nexus 6 UI sounds
    - Fixed memory bug
    - Added fast charging script
    [B]Version:[/B] v1.0.2 
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Jan 19
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150118
    - Merged GApps in ROM
    - Updated OTA app 
    - Added OTA support (now users can receive OTA updates)
    - Added Dev Tools
    - Fixed DT2S issue 
    - Added new Boot Logo
    - Stability Improvements
    - Added universal tethering script
    - Improved Cellular reception
     - Minor bug fixes
    [B]Version:[/B] v1.0.3
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Jan 20
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150118
    - Added face unlock
    - Fixed call issue
    - Replaced previous GApps package found in v1.0.2 with the PA GApps Pico package
    - Minor bug fixes
    - Significant battery life improvements
    - Replaced stock CM 12 kernel with the "Unnamed Kernel" (Made by [user=5778309]@luca020400[/user])
    [B]Version:[/B] v1.0.4
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Jan 23
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150123
    - Updated CM Source
    - Fixed keyboard issue
    - Fixed GPS issues
    - Fixed Security issue
    - Stability Improvements
    - Fixed fast-charging script (optimized for CM 12)
    - FM Radio working
    - Replaced logo.bin
    [B]Version:[/B] v1.0.5
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Jan 24
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150124
    - Fully merged "Unnamed Kernel" in ROM
    - Fixed video issues
    - Updated CM Source
    - Modified "About phone" tab in Settings
    - Stability improvements
    - Minor Bug fixes
    - NEW CM12 Bootanimation 
    [B]Version:[/B] v1.1
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Jan 27
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150126
    - Multiple bug fixes
    - Stability improvements
    - Battery life improvements
    - Removed AudioFX 
    - Added Animation controls 
    - Added "App Circle bar" (ported from PAC-ROM)
    - Added Gesture anywhere (ported from Bliss Pop)
    - Added more quick settings tiles
    - Added multiple status bar tweaks
    - Added "Wakelock blocker" (ported from SlimLP)
    - Added Ambient Display (ported from Titan Prime)
    - Changed layout of "About phone"
    - Added ROM specific details to "About phone
    - Fixed battery info issue
    - Updated SuperSU binary to 2.45
    - Added more GPS libraries (improves GPS)

    Version 2.x

    [B]Version:[/B] v2.0
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Feb 7
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150207
    - A lot of things
    [B]Version:[/B] v2.0.1
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Feb 8
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150207
    - Updated music app
    - Updated CM Messenger
    - Added "Share Quantum-OS" in "about phone"
    - Added OnePlus One camera
    - Added Dev Tools
    - Minor bug fixes 
    - Performance/Battery improvements
    [B]Version:[/B] v2.0.2 
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Feb 9 
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150207
    - Added new boot logo
    - Pre-rooted ROM
    - Tweaked Updater-Script
    - Added new Gallery icon
    - Improved battery life
    - Improved fast-charging script
    - New icon for 'Quantum Extras"
    - Modded OnePlus One camera to have more options
    - Fixed DPI issue (Restored back to 320)
    [B]Version:[/B] v2.1 
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Feb 13
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150213
    - CM Source updates
    - Added Heads up notifications in "Quantum Extras"
    - Stability improvements
    - Bug fixes (A lot of them :))
    - Fixed video playback in H/W mode
    - Fixed SystemUI.apk FC
    - Fixed random reboot issue
    - Added FM Radio
    - Added Google app
    - Rearranged tabs in Settings.apk
    - Updated Quantum Launcher
    - Added multiple more options in "Buttons" (Ported from Dirty Unicorns)
    - Better multitasking (updated IMK)
    - SuperSU now in Settings
    - Rearranged tabs in Settings
    - ROM fully compatible with the Xposed framework
    - Xposed Installer now a built in app
    - Updated Calender app 
    - Removed "Devices and Maintainers"
    [B]Version:[/B] v2.1.1
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Feb 15
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150214
    - Removed crDroid logo from "About phone"
    - Fast charge now working
    - Made a new tab in Settings called "Theme Engines"
    - Removed Add  Blocker from "Quantum-OS Extras" in Settings
    - Stability improvements
    - Minor bug fixes
    - Improved ROM speed
    - Improved WiFi stability
    [B]Version:[/B] v2.1.2
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Feb 16
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150216
    - Fixed phone FC issue 
    - Added "Layers theme engine"
    - Fixed OTA issue
    - Updated Camera
    - Added 'LiquidSmooth Stats" under "About phone" (Ported from Liquid Smooth"
    - Added Omni Performance (Ported from OmniROM)
    - Added PA Pie Controls
    [B]Version:[/B] v2.2
    [B]Build Date:[/B] Feb 24
    [B]ROM Type:[/B] FULL
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150224
    - A lot of new features
    - A lot of bug fixes
    - A lot of RAM improvements
    - A lot of Stability/Performance improvements
    - A lot of battery life inprovments

    Version 3.x

    [B]Version:[/B] v3.0
    [B]Build Date:[/B] March 13
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150313
    - Initial BETA release
    [B]Version:[/B] v3.0.1
    [B]Build Date:[/B] March 14
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150314
    - Added OTA app
    - Added material design FM Radio app
    - Updated camera
    - Minor bug fixes
    - Minor framework modifications
    - Performance improvements
    - Stability improvements
    - Added CM Wallpapers
    - Fixed wallpaper issue
    - Added turbo charge
    - Added smooth scrolling mod
    - Added HD voice calling
    - Added new audio files (for UI)
    [B]Version:[/B] v3.0.2
    [B]Build Date:[/B] March 16
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150314
    - Added toggle for HD voice calling
    - Added Kernel Toolkit
    - Added new kernel
    - Improved battery life (much better)
    - Added toggle for Turbo charge
    - Removed smart control
    - Minor bug fixes
    - Stability improvements (no random launcher restarts)
    - OTA app now works
    [B]Version:[/B] v3.1.0
    [B]Build Date:[/B] April 10
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150410
    [*]Removed a lot of features ROM 
    [*]Powered by Spirit Kenrel 
    [*]Added DSP Manager (Removed AudioFX) 
    [*]OTA app now works 
    [*]Updated Theme engine 
    [*]New Gallery 
    [*]A lot of new icons 
    [*]Latest CM source changes/improvements/bug fixes 
    [*]Added animation controls 
    [*]Added kernel toolkit 
    [*]New options in notification drawer settings 
    [*]Moved DPI changer to Display 
    [*]Stability improvements
    [*]Bug fixes 
    [*]Performance improvements 
    [*]Added a few minor new features (Under Quantum-OS settings tab) 
    [*]Fixed wake-lock blocker 
    [*]Massive improvement of of battery life
    [*][B]Added PAC-ROM easter egg (Tap multiple times on Quantum-OS version)[/B]
    [B]Version:[/B] v3.1.1
    [B]Build Date:[/B] April 11
    [B]Base:[/B] 20150411
    [*]New icon for file manager
    [*]Removed OTA updater icon from app drawer
    [*] Fixed 1st SIM duplication bug (For XT1068/9)[/STRIKE]
    [*]Bug fixes 
    [*]Stability improvements
    [*]Updated CM sources
    [*]Fixed Play Store issues
    [B]Version:[/B] v3.1.2
    [B]Build Date:[/B] April 11
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150411
    [*]Revert: "Removed OTA updater icon from app drawer"
    [*]Replaced Spirit kenrel with stock CM kernel
    [*]Fixed SIM issues on dual SIM devices (hopefully)
    [B]Version:[/B] v3.1.3
    [B]Build Date:[/B] April 12
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150413
    [*]Fixed Dual SIM duplication issues 
    [*]CM source updates
    [*]Minor bug fixes
    [B]Version:[/B] v3.1.4 
    [B]Build Date:[/B] April 12
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150414
    [*]Fixed OTA updater FCs
    [*]Added DSP manager shortcut in settings
    [*]Removed DSP Manager icon from launcher
    [*]Fixed DSP manager sound issues
    [*]Added new materialized icons for Camera, CM File Manager, and Gallery
    [*]Minor ROM specific bug fixes
    [*]Added Spirit kenrel (r11) as default kernel
    [*]Performance improvements
    [B]Version:[/B] v3.1.5 
    [B]Build Date:[/B] April 13
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150415
    [*]Added Spirit kernel system run script 
    [*]Added 5.0.x Snapdragon 4xx support libraries (better multitasking)
    [*]Minor script tweaks (system/etc/int.d)
    [*]DSP manager fixes (improved audio and various bug fixes)
    [*]Updater-script tweaks (fixed assert issues)
    [B]Version:[/B] v3.2.0
    [B]Build Date:[/B] April 16
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150416
    [*]Replaced CM Music (Eleven) with Apollo Music
    [*]Removed OTA updater app icon from launcher
    [*]Added SuperSU binary v2.46
    [*]Added SuperSU tab in Settings>Advanced
    [*]Debloated unnecessary ROM apps/libraries 
    [*]Updated CM source
    [*]Updated Spirit Kernel to r12
    [*]Performance/battery improvements
    [*]Major Bug fixes
    [*]Added Layer theme engine
    [*]Added "Theme engines" category in Settings
    [*]Moved "system updates" tab to About phone (In Settings)
    [*]Various other minor changes
    [B]Version:[/B] v3.2.1
    [B]Build Date:[/B] April 21
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150421
    [*]Updated CM sources 
    [*]Bug fixes
    [*]Performance improvements
    [*]Kernel improvements 
    [*]Removed Theme Engine (CM) icon from launcher
    [*]Updated MMS, Kenel toolkit, Browser, Camera2, Sound recorder, SuperSU, OTA Updates)
    [*]Fixed Kernel OC/UC issues
    [*]DSP Manager fixes
    [*]Replaced SlimLP Browser with CM Browser
    [*]Battery life improvements
    [*]Fixed QS on secured lockscreen 

    Version 4.x

    [B]Version:[/B] v4.0.0
    [B]Build Date:[/B] April 25
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150425
    [*]Android OS update to 5.1.1_r1
    [*]Faster OS/Batter RAM management
    [*]Updated Spirit kernel to r13
    [*]CM Source updates
    [*]Bug fixes
    [*]Performance improvements 
    [*]Major battery life improvements
    [*]Fixed CM Theme Engine bugs
    [*]Added Hexo theme from CM 12S
    [*]Updated FM Radio and AOSP Email
    [*]Updated Camera2 and support libraries (better image qualities)
    [*]Removed Kernel toolkit
    [*]Added Quantum toolkit (New app by me based on the Open-Source app Kernel Auditor)
    [*]Added Omni switch (Not user available yet but in OS)
    [*]Fixed Messaging app bugs
    [*]Rearranged tabs in Settings
    [*]Layers theme engine bug fixes
    [*]New bootanimation
    [*]Added cache compression of system during installation (faster system....Less cache consumption)
    [*]Added hyperdrive toolchain mode during installation(less RAM consumption by OS)
    [*]Many other under-the-hood OS changes/improvements :)
    [B]Version:[/B] v4.0.1
    [B]Build Date:[/B] April 26
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150426
    [*]Modified framework to support no wakelocks by Google Play Services 
    [*]Battery life improvements
    [*]Changed Messaging/Calendar icon
    [*]Bug fixes
    [*]Fixed FM Radio issues
    [*]Performance improvements
    [*]Moved "Lock screen" tab in Settings from Quantum Extras to the main settings page
    [*]Added back "Quantum-OS is upgrading..."
    [*]Omniswitch now accessible 
    [*]Quickboot added back
    [B]Version:[/B] v4.0.2
    [B]Build Date:[/B] April 27
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150427
    [*]Updated OTA app
    [*]Fixed Omniswitch FC in settings
    [*]Moved "Lock screen" tab to "Device" category in settings
    [*]Bug fixes 
    [*]New browser icon
    [B]Version:[/B] v4.1.0
    [B]Build Date:[/B] May 1
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150501
    [*]Moved lock screen options back to "Quantum extras" in settings
    [*]Changed DSP manager tab icon in settings
    [*]Updated Quantum toolkit
    [*]Added DPI changer
    [*]Fixed GPS issues
    [*]Fixed rotation issues
    [*]Fixed telephony/phone FC issue
    [*]Fixed miscellaneous SystemUI FC issues
    [*]Bug fixes 
    [*]CM source updates
    [*]Performance improvements
    [*]Removed "Reboot into recovery" from advanced reboot menu
    [*]Changed default ROM default wallpaper
    [*]Restored original  CM browser icon
    [*]Layers bug fixes
    [*]New camera app
    [*]New camera API/Library
    [*]Better cache compression
    [*]build.prop tweaks
    [*]Updater script fixes
    [*]Other minor changes
    [*]Fixed ringtone/notification sound issues
    [*]Added Xcel as default ROM launcher
    [B]Version:[/B] v4.1.1
    [B]Build Date:[/B] May 2
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150502
    [*]Added back Omniswitch
    [*]Added Quickboot (userdebug edition)
    [*]Added DocumentsUI app (New file manager)
    [*]Updated Xcel launcher (landscape support)
    [*]Removed CM File Explorer
    [*]Minor bug fixes
    [*]FM Radio updates
    [B]Version:[/B] v4.2.0
    [B]Build Date:[/B] May 16
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150510
    [*]Bug fixes
    [*]Updated messaging app
    [*]Fixed MMS issue
    [*]Moved DSP Manager shortcut to sound tab in settings
    [*]Updated DSP Manager
    [*]Spirit Kernel support script updates
    [*]Audio config file tweaks
    [*]Updated "Quantum Files" (default file manager)
    [*]CM source update
    [*]Performance improvements
    [*]Quantum toolkit updates
    [*]MASSIVE battery life improvements
    [*]Updated fast charging sources
    [*]Device can now charge when shut down
    [*]Reagranged tabs in Settings
    [*]Cleaned up Settings app
    [*]Framework changes
    [*]New icons for various apps
    [*]Updated OTA Updater
    [*]Calling issue fixed
    [*]Touchscreen issues fixed
    [*]Various other changes I forgot about [emoji14]
    [B]Version:[/B] v4.3.0
    [B]Build Date:[/B] May 25
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150525
    [*]Added CM File Explorer
    [*]Replaced DSP Manager with AudioFX
    [*]CM source updates
    [*]OS upgrade to 5.1.1_r3
    [*]Added Swype support on AOSP keyboard 
    [*]Bug fixes
    [*]Added Ambient display, pocket mode, etc.
    [*]Performance improvements
    [*]Wakelock blocker fixes
    [*]Added CameraNext
    [*]Brought back Eleven instead of Apollo
    [*]Fixed call UI bugs
    [*]Fixed FM Radio bugs
    [B]Version:[/B] v4.3.1
    [B]Build Date:[/B] May 26
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150526
    [*]CM Source updates
    [*]Bug fixes
    [*]Performance improvements
    [*]Stability improvements
    [*]Added Swype support for AOSP keyboard
    [*]Removed OTA updater
    [*]Added Cache compression script during flashing
    [*]Added smooth scrolling
    [*]System RAM consumption improvements
    [*]Changed default kernel to Optimus Kernel R2
    [*]Added Optimus  support libraries
    [*]Minor ART runtime changes
    [*]Added SaberMod 6.0
    [*]Compiled with Linaro toolchain
    [*]Battery improvements
    [*]Reverted camera to AOSP 5.1.1 camera
    [*]Updated FM Radio framework
    [*]Changed FM Radio icon
    [*]Added "System updates" tab in "About phone" in Settings (FCs right now)
    [B]Version:[/B] v4.3.2
    [B]Build Date:[/B] June 1
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150601
    [*]Added Wakelock blocker tab under Performance tab in Settings
    [*]Reverted to Spirit Kernel r13 as default kernel (Also merged all kernel support libs)
    [*]Minor bug fixes
    [*]Telephony framework updates (Call issue fixes)
    [*]OS upgrade to 5.1.1_r4
    [*]SuperSU binary update to 2.49 
    [*]Updater script updates
    [B]Version:[/B] v4.4.0
    [B]Build Date:[/B] June 14 
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150614
    [*]Added new bootanimation
    [*]Added "Quantum Files" (File manager)
    [*]Added "Qauntum toolkit" 
    [*]Added new system sounds (UI, Alarm, Ringtone, and notification)
    [*]Added "Quantum OTA" (Not fully functional yet)
    [*]Added "Quantum feedback" app (Merged but not visible to users)
    [*]Added 'Quantum center" app (Merged but not visible to users)
    [*]Added Omniswitch (modded with vertical mode)
    [*]Added "Storage location" option in Camera app settings
    [*]Updated Theme Engine framework
    [*]Added Wakelock blocker
    [*]Updated SU binary to 2.49.1 
    [*]Fixed QuickBoot bug
    [*]Bug fixes (50+)
    [*]Stability improvements (mostly in SystemUI and Settings)
    [*]Trebuchet updates
    [*]MMS framework update
    [*]Updated following apps: Browser, Camera, Calendar, DownloadsUI, FM Radio, Gallery, Messaging, Music, & Sound Recorder
    [*]Added DSP Manager
    [*]Telephony improvements
    [*]Merged latest CM kernel source
    [*]Bionic lib updates
    [*]Added ArchiMod for optimizations
    [*]Added PAC-ROM easter egg
    [*]Updated cache compressor 
    [*]Added SQlite optimizations
    [*]Added more animation control
    [*]Major performance improvements
    [*]Updated sensor_config.xml
    [*]Updated media_config.xml
    [*]CM source updates
    [*]Updated default wallpaper resolution
    [*]Added "Quantum hub" tab in settings
    [*]Fixed Network indicator bug 
    [*]Updater script partition config changes (faster installation)
    [*]Merged CM RAM commits for better RAM optimizations 
    [*]And many, many other things
    [*]NOTE: "Quantum hub" tab in Settings FCs in this build
    [B]Version:[/B] v4.4.0.1
    [B]Build Date:[/B] June 14
    [B]Codename:[/B] 201506141
    [*]Fixed SystemUI FC when GApps are installed (1 of 2)
    [B]Version:[/B] v4.4.1
    [B]Build Date:[/B] June 16
    [B]Codename:[/B] 20150616
    [*]Merged latest CM SystemUI commits 
    [*]Fixed SystemUI FC when GApps installed (2 of 2)
    [*]Fixed FC in "Quantum hub" tab
    [*]Quantum toolkit visible to users under "Quantum hub" tab in settings
    [*]Minor miscellaneous bug fixes 
    [*]Updated kernel sources for default kernel
    [*]Removed Omniswitch app icon from launcher
    [*]Fixed FM Radio bug
    [*]Theme engine updates (Foxes theme applying bug)
    [B]Version:[/B] v4.4.2
    [B]Build Date:[/B]
    [*]Quantum OTA visible to users under "Quantum hub" tab in settings
    [*]Quantum center visible to users under "Quantum hub" tab in settings
    [*]Added gesture typing to AOSP keyboard
    OxygenL.P...What is it

    So guys I wanted to take this time to explain exactly what OxygenLP is and what it's future is.

    So, I am Shawn. A senior developer here at XDA with a lot of experience with Android. I personally love android and more so, LOVE TWEAKING my device to my liking. I also love to share my works with others to enjoy. Also, I am one of the few devs here on XDA (that I have seen) who doesn't get annoyed at people and actually reads EVERY post someone has written. I appreciate thanks, issue reports and feedback in general. But more so, I wanted to let people to understand this work of mine: OxygenLP. Oxygen ROM is a ROM by me that brings together the powers of stock, CM, AOKP, Slim, LiquidSmooth, PAC, PA, BlissPOP, crDroid, etc. I focus on bringing stability, features, performance, battery-life, and overall experience. I also promise high speed updates. These updates will bring new features, along with the latest version of android. Currently this ROM boots 5.0.2 long term support. I would also like to mention at this point that this ROM is in ALPHA PHASE 1. There will be plenty of bugs but I can guarantee all sensors and main functions of the phone will work flawlessly with each update. Also, I test every version I make about 30 times to make sure all works well. I hope to port this ROM to multiple devices in the future. I want to make this ROM similar to CyanogenMod 11S which is on the OnePlus One in the sense that I want this ROM to have all the features of a modern stock software an OEM gives u out of the box. Finally, this ROM has a great potential and I can't thank you all enough for the support you are giving me. MUCH APPRECIATED.


    Add-On Packages:​

    Quantum GApps:
    • Minimal GApps: LINK
    • Nexus GApps: COMING SOON!

    App Packages [COMING SOON!]:
    New build (v2.0) coming late tonight (for me at least)....I will release it within 4 hours....Killed all the bugs people were facing....Battery life is better than stock Android 4.4.4 for me, I added a toggle for fast change, and fixed the WiFi issue some users were complaining about..I fixed the frozen screen issue for 15-20 sec after boot, added pINKman kernel, improved performance, major RAM improvements, updated OTA app, updated CM-Prime Launcher (my launcher), made my own browser for this ROM (Compiled from the AOSP Browser source code)...A lot of more thinks...Hope you guys are ready for a V 2.0 for QUANTUM LP.

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