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Question Delivery dates!

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Sep 15, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Mine says 29 or 30. But last night someone stole my damn credit card I used. So when they try to charge it, not gonna go through. I called Google they won't let me change payment info. I think credit card fraud should be death penalty
Google would have gotten pending charge approval and those go thru even after card is reported stolen.
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Dec 29, 2009
South Miami, FL
Google Pixel 6 Pro
I do have a few concerns with this phone. Tensor is still a big question mark. Display brightness seems to be of concern too. With that being said through, if this phone is a huge bust, I have no problem shipping it back to Google. It's still fun though to be excited about getting a new phone.
Even though Tensor is still brand new, it is dominating exynos 2100 and snapdragon 888 in real world gpu benchmarks. Let's just hope for the best. Display brightness comes down to preferences. I dont think why that should be a problem.
Oddly, yes. I'm expecting a notice tonight. I usually see them between 10-11pm. Tho I'm sure that's just some delay by the time I actually see them. At least I better get a notice tonight lol.
For the pixel 2 and 3, I got my shipping notice Sunday evening too. Left the warehouse Monday, delivered Tuesday. I'm expecting to either see the notice tonight, I r when I wake up tomorrow morning.
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Sep 15, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
You think it will still go through. They did some kind of hold. But I wasn't so sure. I used PayPal so I loaded it with a different card hoping they would try that one of if the original one didn't work
you should be able to go into your cancelled credit card and see if it is still showing under "pending". I have both a Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 under 2 different orders...and both show pending... but now that you mention Paypal that could be a whole other ball of wax.
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Nov 22, 2009
London calling. Got the delivery text this morning saying it's today. I think it's bullshit though, because there's no email yet and tracking is saying "We've received your order details, and we're expecting your parcel shortly". So I'm thinking it should be tomorrow.
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    Mine just updated again. It went from Dec 10th-11th to Nov 19th-20th and i received a shipping email this morning :)
    Hi, I tried to order a P6 Pro stormy 512GB about two weeks ago. USA Google Store only allowed to subscribe on a wait list. Today still the same. Only the 128GB looks orderable.

    Any ideas how long it could take until I can order?
    Hey DavidFlint,

    the wait list is pointless from what I've seen. It doesn't hold anything, it only sends you an email, days after there was a stock for brief period of time.

    What worked for me the first few days post release was checking the availability a few times a day. The 512's last minutes at best when one comes in stock and it seemed to show up once an hour when I really started paying attention to it. 3 times I caught one in stock after I started checking more frequently and stopped waiting on the waitlist to have any value and it was gone in the few seconds it took to try to check out. 4th time was the charm and I made it all the way through.

    FWIW my expected ship date is December 29th currently for an order placed on the 28th.
    Hmmm, no issues w/ TMo? 5G working? MMWave? wondering if i should cop the Fi version if it works no problem w/ TMo SIM instead of waiting 🤔

    Absolutely 0 issues. 5G MMWave, all working. It's the same identical version. Only difference is it comes with a Fi SIM preinstalled.
    Much like many others, as of today, my Black 512GB P6P is delayed until mid-December now. The original delivery date was in a couple of days.
    Anyone order from Best Buy? According to their website, all of my local stores can have all models of the Pixel 6 Pro delivered within the week. 🙂 I'm guessing that's BS.
    laugh-out-loud, lol! i call it "misleading". my BestBuy order is 3-weeks past due with no update other than "we're working to get it to you...in a few days". i ordered a 256GB Fi version (for a relative) on Nov 15 that is now scheduled to be delivered Nov 23-24 (originally Nov 16-17).
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    P6P black 128 from at&t. Shipped 10/22 and FedEx is showing it 20 miles away scheduled for delivery 10/23.
    Just arrived
    Mine is here. Doorbell rang about 6 mins ago. I ran to the door like kid waiting on Santa.🎅

    I'm charging it now.
    Had mine arrive whilst I was at work. Came home to this. Hope everyone gets theirs soon. Loving it so far.

    Ladies and gents, I wish you well and hope that your wait is as short and trouble free as possible.

    Thankfully in my case, my wait is over 😌
    UK 256GB Pro, ordered 19 Oct.

    I am impressed considering every Pixel phone has been a disaster disappointment.
    Not the same experience here. Pixel has been my favorite experience.