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Oct 22, 2020
Yeah my experience with TForce is that they are the worst.

Edit: they were the ones who delivered my Pixel Buds last week. Box was in horrible condition, thankfully the buds package was not damaged in any way. Top of the box was held down by just the shipping label 🤦🏻‍♂️

lololol... now I'm going to be nervous and lose sleep tonight worrying about this. It's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

I just got my shipping notification a couple of hours ago and it's being delivered by T-Force, which I had never heard of until today.

Fingers crossed.

Ordered 11:29am PST on the 19th. Silver 256GB Pro. Original delivery dates Oct 26th-27th. Confirmed delivery for tomorrow.

It's the only phone I can go with for two years and be satisfied. I'll grab a phone here and there but I'll just end up back at the pixel. My secondary is an iPhone mini. What have you been up to? Message me. I owe you lunch man.

Samesies with ending back up with a Pixel. Over the last year it's been Sage Pixel 5 > iPhone 12 Pro Max > S21 Ultra > Black Pixel 5.

Don't worry about lunch unless you plan on driving 1500 miles to Pasadena, CA. I moved here a few years ago. Can't wear my Astros shirts here. 😁
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Apr 4, 2012
Boston Mass
Lmao so yea...just got an email from AT&T.... So much for that 10/25 ship/deliver date 😂 I went and played around with it at ATT and its a very sexy device. No way I can Wai til December. Facccckkkk
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Jan 30, 2007
Google Pixel 6
Ordered just a few hours after the release. Shipped today and delivery it scheduled for tomorrow for the 128GB Pro stormy black. It's coming from Carol Stream which is about 2 1/2 hours from me. I did get the Buds on Saturday.

Scheduled delivery:
Tuesday, 10/26/2021
Estimated between: 8:50 am - 12:25 pm
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Feb 25, 2012
I ordered a 128gb pro in yellow shortly after release. It would have been delivered tomorrow but I canceled it later that day because I didn't order the buds and also had second thoughts on my color choice. I liked the back colors but the gold frame scared me. I ordered the stormy black pro in 128gb. It had a delivery date of 11/4-5 but moved to 10/30-11/2. The buds arrived and I like them. I'm happy with the color choice I made too. A few years ago I'd be waiting for some ROMs to start showing up. Kinda miss that.
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Oct 19, 2007
I've never bought a phone warranty but am considering doing the month to month option just for maybe 5 or 6 months. Not sure if it makes sense. I've never destroyed a phone but there's always a chance I guess.

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