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Question Delivery dates!

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Jan 17, 2008
Nexus 7 (2013)
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Ground tracking is pretty hit or miss. Usually it doesn't update until it is out for delivery.
I called FedEx and they told me it's scheduled to be delivered on the 29th (not the 28th as it says on the FedEx page when I track it). Also, they said the tracking page doesn't show much info. when tracking because Google likely requested it to be that way.


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Apr 21, 2011
Just arrived here 😄 White Pixel 6 Pro 128 GB, ordered 19th, shipped on 25th from the Netherlands and delivered today to Germany. 🎉
Mine is since 4am today stuck in Netherlands. DHL didn't even receive it yet. How long was yours in NL?
I also ordered on 19th. (Pixel6Pro 128 black)


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arrived today (Germany)


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May 3, 2010
Getting anxious been checking the status everyday delivery date changed so much in that time, went from Nov 19-20 to 11-12 to Oct 28-29 to Oct 30-Nov 1 and now it says Nov 1-2 but the plus side I just got the notice it shipped today

yeah I have had the same with my order Nov 11-12 was the original date then changed to Nov 2-3, then to Nov 5-6 then back to Nov 2-3 then to Nov 12-13, and finally right now its at Nov 5-6 so we`ll see


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Does anyone know if FedEx is requiring signatures for delivery? Mine is supposed to be here Friday but because of work I won't be able to be at the house at the time FedEx usually comes by.

EDIT- Ended up just calling FedEx. They said signature was not required for delivery.
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Jun 3, 2010
Doylestown, PA
Phone showed up about an hour ago, very nice in the hand, I would not have been upset if it was a tiny bit thicker. The curved screen reminds me of OnePlus 8 or so. The phone does get warm when setting up! There was a software update waiting for me after I logged into my Google accounts. Occasional stutter in the initial setup but after the phone was done installing apps and the update it seems to have settled in. Still the hint of lag when swiping into the google feed though...All in all, very happy, I typically go naked with my phone but I did just order the Google frost case from B & H, hopefully it will be in stock soon as I think this is a phone that could use a case.

My .02c

Forgot to add the at a glance widget is still broken, cannot access the calendar only weather.
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    Ordered my stormy black 256 GB 6 Pro on Jan 1. Expected delivery is Feb 02-03 :cry:
    Oh well I can admire my new Spigen Rugged Armor case while I wait :p
    Hopefully the delivery gets revised to a more favorable time frame.
    Looks like I'll be replacing my beloved Galaxy Note9 for a P6Pro... Waiting for the 512GB version to be vailable for now though becvause without a microSD slot, I'll need all the storage I can get...
    Aaaand it just became available... Ordered mine with a February 22-24 delivery date.
    Ever since the Pixel 1, I was holding out on buying another for Google to come out with a 256 GB model. By the time they did, I needed a 512 GB model minimum. I'm so happy that the P6P has that although Google should jump ahead a bit and go for 1 TB next time, so I can fit my FLAC music and my Swift app backups on my local storage at the same time. :)
    Or they could, ya know, have a microSD card slot... 🙃🙃🙃

    I think I'll miss that about my Note9 even more than the headphone jack...
    :) As with every other compromise, I assume Samsung holds it over Google's head not to be *too* good, keeps them from adding certain technology so that they're not too competitive with Samsung's own phones, in exchange for Samsung selling Google the parts they're willing to for the Pixels to be built.

    Of course, Samsung is making the MicroSD slot much rarer, too. Really sucks...
    That's why I decided on the pixel over something like the Note20, at this point there's really not much difference and at least the pixel gets regular updates.
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    P6P black 128 from at&t. Shipped 10/22 and FedEx is showing it 20 miles away scheduled for delivery 10/23.
    Just arrived
    Mine is here. Doorbell rang about 6 mins ago. I ran to the door like kid waiting on Santa.🎅

    I'm charging it now.
    Had mine arrive whilst I was at work. Came home to this. Hope everyone gets theirs soon. Loving it so far.

    Ladies and gents, I wish you well and hope that your wait is as short and trouble free as possible.

    Thankfully in my case, my wait is over 😌
    UK 256GB Pro, ordered 19 Oct.

    I am impressed considering every Pixel phone has been a disaster disappointment.
    Not the same experience here. Pixel has been my favorite experience.