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Question Delivery dates!

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Sep 1, 2008
Got my shipping notice from Best Buy today and it says delivery tomorrow. Now just waiting to see if they do actually send it out today.


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Apr 4, 2012
Boston Mass
Okay, so I'm thoroughly confused. I canceled this order bc it said it won't ship until December. I even tried to look up the order number and it said it was unavailable. I'm not seeing any money taken out of the bank. I ordered through AT&T on launch day. Anyone else just get an update? Saying it will be here tomorrow
I've been hunting one down all day and almost pulled the trigger on swappa. Let's see if this thing shows up 🤷‍♂️
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Same here but TMobile never put any hold on my card. I chatted with them and they said they will charge my card when the phone ships. Says ships tomorrow with an expected delivery tomorrow. Who knows. I've ordered like 3 phones from them in the past and waited days after the expected ship date and ended up cancelling and going to the store to get them. Not once have I ordered a phone online from em and get it. I'm hoping this time is different.
Must be getting ready to ship, T-Mobile has charged my CC again. Still no tracking info, but, I've seen this exact behavior before. I'll post when tracking info is available.
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May 7, 2010
Roll Tide!
My delivery date was 27-28, now Your shipment was delayed. We're working to get it to you soon and will email you when it's on its way. no estimate and the pending payment is gone. I ordered a few hours after they went on sale.


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Jan 10, 2012
North Carolina
Google Pixel 6 Pro
My delivery date was 27-28, now Your shipment was delayed. We're working to get it to you soon and will email you when it's on its way. no estimate and the pending payment is gone. I ordered a few hours after they went on sale.
Sorry, that sucks. I ordered 3 hours after. I could have walked into Best Buy tomorrow and bought one instead of getting it Friday. At least I'm getting it.


Jun 11, 2012
Mine originally said estimated Oct 29-31, then once it shipped (Monday of this week), it said est Nov 1-4, THEN once fedex actually picked it up, it said estimated Thurs 10/28, THEN like 2 hours later it said "Delayed: 10/31".

It has sat in the same place in Illinois since Monday without moving. Feels so silly to check so often because I know a few days makes no difference and it's not like my life significantly changes when it gets here, I just am excited and want it soon xD


Aug 1, 2007
I ordered mine through the Google Fi Store, 128Gb, Black. It arrived today, I've wasted 3-hours trying to get it setup. Details in this thread, I've just submitted a return request.

Even if I slave away and get it setup, even though it's supposed to be unlocked, Fi have added an app and settings that can't be uninstalled and there will be an outstanding notification until I activate with Fi. Until I'm convinced this is the phone, I'm not interested in switching from my Pixel 2 which is on Fi. #teampixel out.


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    Mine just updated again. It went from Dec 10th-11th to Nov 19th-20th and i received a shipping email this morning :)
    Well, FedEx screwed us over on the wife's phone. We're in Massachusetts, the phone originated in Rancho Cucamonga and was supposedly in transit to Flagstaff AZ. Got an email from Google last night that it had been returned to them as undeliverable. If they were trying to deliver it in Flagstaff, they were only about 2500 miles off. Now I have to cancel that order and place another one. Who knows when that will get here.
    Sorry about the mishap but at least you got yours. Lmao
    I just got notification that mine is out for delivery (in Long Island, NY where I live. Lol) and UPS usually gets to me between 11am and 1pm so I've got a few hours to work and then my day will be shot (in a good way).
    I'm sure you'll get your wife's phone squared away. I know it's not your first rodeo.
    Hi, I tried to order a P6 Pro stormy 512GB about two weeks ago. USA Google Store only allowed to subscribe on a wait list. Today still the same. Only the 128GB looks orderable.

    Any ideas how long it could take until I can order?
    Hey DavidFlint,

    the wait list is pointless from what I've seen. It doesn't hold anything, it only sends you an email, days after there was a stock for brief period of time.

    What worked for me the first few days post release was checking the availability a few times a day. The 512's last minutes at best when one comes in stock and it seemed to show up once an hour when I really started paying attention to it. 3 times I caught one in stock after I started checking more frequently and stopped waiting on the waitlist to have any value and it was gone in the few seconds it took to try to check out. 4th time was the charm and I made it all the way through.

    FWIW my expected ship date is December 29th currently for an order placed on the 28th.
    I finally got it!

    Maybe Google should switch to UPS instead of FedEx.

    I can't really play with it right now though, my 6 month old is taking priority :)
    Much like many others, as of today, my Black 512GB P6P is delayed until mid-December now. The original delivery date was in a couple of days.
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    P6P black 128 from at&t. Shipped 10/22 and FedEx is showing it 20 miles away scheduled for delivery 10/23.
    Just arrived
    Mine is here. Doorbell rang about 6 mins ago. I ran to the door like kid waiting on Santa.🎅

    I'm charging it now.
    Had mine arrive whilst I was at work. Came home to this. Hope everyone gets theirs soon. Loving it so far.

    Ladies and gents, I wish you well and hope that your wait is as short and trouble free as possible.

    Thankfully in my case, my wait is over 😌
    UK 256GB Pro, ordered 19 Oct.

    I am impressed considering every Pixel phone has been a disaster disappointment.
    Not the same experience here. Pixel has been my favorite experience.