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Question Delivery dates!

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I'm supposed to get my phone tomorrow but it is still in California and I'm in North Carolina so I don't have a lot of faith right now. I mean I guess they could fly it from Cali straight to NC but that isn't usually how things are done. Hoping maybe the tracking just isn't getting updated and it shows up anyways like what happened to a few others. I think I will probably end up having to wait until next week though.


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Dec 9, 2012
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Well, mine was due today but when it left Carol Stream they put it on the wrong truck and it went in the wrong direction. Now saying tomorrow but it is marked as "Potentially delayed" which is usually very bad. While I am certainly sad, it isn't the end of the world.
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Apr 7, 2011
Just ordered mine from T-Mobile. Why not? It's $900 off, and I can finally get rid of this OnePlus 8 Pro....
Looking like mid-November for me. Hopefully, all the rooting issues will be figured out by then!


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Mar 13, 2009
Peekskill, NY
Well, mine was due today but when it left Carol Stream they put it on the wrong truck and it went in the wrong direction. Now saying tomorrow but it is marked as "Potentially delayed" which is usually very bad. While I am certainly sad, it isn't the end of the world.
Fed ex screwed me too, Then when I called they blatantly lied to me. I was not receiving any updates So, when I called their automated service told me only a label has been created and nothing else. I knew that was wrong so I finally was able to speak to a person and he told me the phone was out on a truck but that service center had delays due to the storms in New York and they would deliver last night. I told him the phone was being delivered to my job and we have two fed ex deliveries everyday and both were made. He then said don't worry the phone is in new York and they will try again today. So last night around 6: 30 I got an update from fed ex saying the phone arrived in Jersey. the phone was never in new York it just took extra time from carol stream. Sorry for the long post I just want my damn phone /End rant
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Aug 15, 2010
Notasulga, AL
Ordered mine Oct 19 around 3:30CT from Best Buy.

They said they MAY ship it between now and Monday. If they haven't by Nov 10, they'll cancel my order.

Meanwhile, I JUST bought one for the wife from Visible. Says it'll be here tomorrow.

Pretty ticked off.


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Dec 9, 2012
Google Pixel 6 Pro
as I wrote earlier, mine went from Carol Stream, IL - down to Ocala, Florida, instead of going directly to Boston.
Now it's in Orlando, hopefully that's where the fed ex plane is to get it up here!

Lol, they went right past Louisville KY, which is the main air hub for FedEx. All planes go there, then unload, sort them reload and fly back. Amazing operation, when it works.


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Apr 16, 2007
Google Pixel 6 Pro
My order says
Your shipment was delayed. We're working to get it to you soon and will email you when it's on its way.
which sucks. It previously said Oct 29-30. So MAYBE it ships today? I already received my Pixel Buds back on Oct 22. They shipped quickly.

I ordered 128GB Sorta Sunny.


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Apr 16, 2007
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Anyone else order their device from Amazon? Or am I the only one.
I have an order for Amazon, and it says

I have no idea if this means this Tuesday, Nov 2nd or Tuesday Nov 23rd lol


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Feb 17, 2011
New York
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Anyone have their purchase total changed on their card? I bought the buds and phone at the same time. Now my card is just showing the buds being purchased. I checked the order status and the phone is still there.

Dave Lister

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Feb 16, 2010
Finally was able to order an unlocked 512GB P6P today after trying since the 19th (of course I missed out on the free earbuds), estimated delivery date is January 19-20. Definitely disappointed in the pre-order experience.


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Jan 17, 2011
Been a long time since I've been here but just a general PSA if you haven't gotten one of the 256 / 512s and are trying, it looks like they're doling out a few units every XX minutes based on my painful attempts to get one. So just keep reloading the page. Based on today's stock showing up and disappearing it seems like every 30 minutes to an hour but not on the hour they release a few more to the mobs at the gates with 256's far rarer than 128's and 512's practically made of unobtanium.

But finally after the last few days of seeing 3 times 512's show up as in stock and then error out before I could click order I was able to successfully get through the entire order process and get a 512. Of course no free buds but whatever. I even added my CC to my account so I wouldn't be slowed down by that. :)

Delivery date is "By Jan 21-22" for an order placed at 1:00 p.m. CST 10/28/21.

If you're not dying for one and you want free stuff I'd say wait for Black Friday / Cyber Monday, I would suspect the free buds offer may come back. I doubt the price will drop that soon even for the season.

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    Mine just updated again. It went from Dec 10th-11th to Nov 19th-20th and i received a shipping email this morning :)
    Well, FedEx screwed us over on the wife's phone. We're in Massachusetts, the phone originated in Rancho Cucamonga and was supposedly in transit to Flagstaff AZ. Got an email from Google last night that it had been returned to them as undeliverable. If they were trying to deliver it in Flagstaff, they were only about 2500 miles off. Now I have to cancel that order and place another one. Who knows when that will get here.
    Sorry about the mishap but at least you got yours. Lmao
    I just got notification that mine is out for delivery (in Long Island, NY where I live. Lol) and UPS usually gets to me between 11am and 1pm so I've got a few hours to work and then my day will be shot (in a good way).
    I'm sure you'll get your wife's phone squared away. I know it's not your first rodeo.
    I finally got it!

    Maybe Google should switch to UPS instead of FedEx.

    I can't really play with it right now though, my 6 month old is taking priority :)
    Hi, I tried to order a P6 Pro stormy 512GB about two weeks ago. USA Google Store only allowed to subscribe on a wait list. Today still the same. Only the 128GB looks orderable.

    Any ideas how long it could take until I can order?
    Hey DavidFlint,

    the wait list is pointless from what I've seen. It doesn't hold anything, it only sends you an email, days after there was a stock for brief period of time.

    What worked for me the first few days post release was checking the availability a few times a day. The 512's last minutes at best when one comes in stock and it seemed to show up once an hour when I really started paying attention to it. 3 times I caught one in stock after I started checking more frequently and stopped waiting on the waitlist to have any value and it was gone in the few seconds it took to try to check out. 4th time was the charm and I made it all the way through.

    FWIW my expected ship date is December 29th currently for an order placed on the 28th.
    Let's try this again. Scumbag Illinois is probably where they stole my first phone lmao
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    P6P black 128 from at&t. Shipped 10/22 and FedEx is showing it 20 miles away scheduled for delivery 10/23.
    Just arrived
    Mine is here. Doorbell rang about 6 mins ago. I ran to the door like kid waiting on Santa.🎅

    I'm charging it now.
    Had mine arrive whilst I was at work. Came home to this. Hope everyone gets theirs soon. Loving it so far.

    Ladies and gents, I wish you well and hope that your wait is as short and trouble free as possible.

    Thankfully in my case, my wait is over 😌
    UK 256GB Pro, ordered 19 Oct.

    I am impressed considering every Pixel phone has been a disaster disappointment.
    Not the same experience here. Pixel has been my favorite experience.