DeluxeROM v32 [N950F/G955F/G950F] [DUG6] [PIE] [AROMA] [ROMCONTROL] [+KERNEL] [FINAL]

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When will it be
DeluxeROM v30 [N950F/G955F/G950F] [Q] [AROMA] [ROMCONTROL] [+KERNEL]?
Hopefully soon! But Abraham is already doing a great job for our Note 8 devices. Many other leading developers have dropped dev and support for Note 8 ROMs months ago, some even years ago. Let's wait patiently!


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Mar 21, 2008
When will it be
DeluxeROM [10] v1 [N950F/G955F/G950F] [Q] [AROMA] [ROMCONTROL] +[SAMSUNG DEX}]+KERNEL]?
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Jun 19, 2016
Can Samsung pay work on this rom? It appears it installs the Spain version. Can I change csc from aroma without factory reset?


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Nov 9, 2018
Xiaomi Poco F3
Google Pay dosent work anymore here. Using newest Magisk and newest ROM. Can some one help me please?
Have hide Magisk and Google Pay is in hiding list too.

Update: I have fixed that :D

Next question @AbrahamGC Do you have a zip file for disable the Dualspeaker Mod? Dont really want to flash again. Im happy now that iv fixed f... Google Pay ;D
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Mar 14, 2009
I have an issue. I use Android auto. I need to install an apk from internet since it's not available in my country. Every once in a while the play store deploy updates. After these updates when I plug in the cable the whole phone freeze for 2 minutes. In order to get Android auto to work again I must re install the whole rom.


Jan 8, 2012
amazing rom , i just reset paword so i could vote for it !
is there a n option to scroll screens
infinetely either directions ?


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Feb 2, 2021
Hi. I searched the thread and I can't find the solution. Does anyone know how I can use the DRC remapper to long press for Google assistant. I can't find it in tbe menu. Thanks

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    # 1 - Introduction
    # 2 - ROM features
    # 3 - Kernel features
    # 4 - ROM / Kernel links
    # 5 - Sources and thanks

    # 6 - FAQ and Telegram support

    # 1 - Introduction

    Hi! Welcome to Android Pie DeluxeROM® for exynos8895!

    This ROM is compatible with N950F/FD/N, G955F/FD/N and G950F/FD/N.

    At this point you should already know this, but just in case... Installing a custom ROM requires TWRP, and installing a modified binary such as TWRP, will increase our knox timer to 0x1, restricting us to use most of the knox features and without a way to reset it. With this custom ROM, we'll get most of the features back, keep reading ;)


    # 2 - ROM features

    - Based on latest N950FXXSFDUG6
    - Security patch 1 aug 2021
    - AROMA installer to customize what we need
    - Odex (Modded files has ben reodexed to get a better performance)
    - Debloat
    - Deknox
    - Build.prop tweaks
    - Secure folder patch
    - RMM patched
    - OEM toggle always enabled
    - Decrypted CSCs and tweaked (Call recording, LTE only...)
    - Safetynet/Netflix/S-Health fixes
    - Official status on settings
    - Signature checks disabled
    - Native WebView without Chrome dependency
    - Flash available till 1%
    - Endless trials on theme store
    - Modded TouchWiz with custom grid sizes (up to 8x8)
    - Magisk root (optional)
    - Chinese smartmanager (optional)
    - AppLock (optional)
    - Dual speaker (optional)
    - ROM/Kernel/BLCP/DRC auto-updated
    - Ton of mods under DRC (DeluxeROMControl) such as dual bar, remap for all keys, toggle styles, panel colors, advanced reboot menu, wifi/signal/alarm/sound styles, led settings, kernel settings... and much more

    # 3 - Kernel features

    - Based on latest N950FXXSDDTJ1 sources
    - Compiled with stock google gcc 4.9
    - Removed knox/tima/defex and all security restrictions
    - Removed forced /data encryption and dm-verity
    - Added props to help with S-Health, SmartView, Secure Folder, etc...
    - Added all stock governors and schedulers
    - Added WireGuard
    - Added NTFS (R/W) support
    - Added fake knox (0x0) and other small hacks
    - Added DriveDroid support
    - Added gestures (DT2W,S2W,S2S)
    - Added led fading
    - Removed forced selinux enforcing
    - SELinux permissive by default (Switchable on DRC)
    - CRC disabled by default (Switchable on DRC)
    - Low memory killer profiles (Switchable on DRC)
    - Patched sepolicy to avoid lags

    # 4 - ROM / Kernel links

    - First we need TWRP with working /data partition. If you don't know how to, please go to THIS thread.
    - Download the ROM from here :
    - Push to the phone
    - Wipe system/data/cache/dalvik
    - Install the ROM and after the auto-reboot wait about 10mins.
    - Done :cool:

    Kernel is built-in the ROM, but in case you need to reflash it, here are all the releases :


    # 5 - Sources and thanks


    List of developers/testers who contributed to this :

    - @a.raul for all his extensive help on this project (mods, icons, fixs...)
    - @DeluxeTeam®
    - @ISS81
    - @skywalkerr
    - @jotajotavader
    - @Jhonny_The_Raven
    - @pablostriker19
    - @Logel
    - @BudHorn
    - @FD2R_K20A
    - @msubhani
    - @corsicanu
    - @SuperRs
    - @Grouxho
    - @thereassadd
    - @khongloi
    - @yash92duster
    - @daxgirl
    - @topjohnwu
    - @amarullz

    That's all! Don't forget to press the thanks button (y)

    If you want to make a contribution, press Donate button or click HERE

    Enjoy :cool:



    - What's dual statusbar (DSB) ?
    + The mod consists on duplicate the statusbar size and unlock more "positions" on "Statusbar views position" on DRC. This will give us more space to place our views like carrier, network speedmeter, batteries, icons, etc ...

    - How can I activate dual statusbar ?
    + Once you flashed the ROM, you have a zip on the internal memory called DUAL_SB. This zip will detect which statusbar you have and change it. So it's valid too to revert dual to single.

    - Why the statusbar custom background takes some time to be shown after a reboot ?
    + This happens only with images (not colors nor gradient), and it have a reason, when the device is booting, the UI can't access to your internal memory (for security reasons), so, when the mod tries to load the image, it fails. On the past this give us a headache with force-closes and not showing images. Now it simply will load it when the system sends the flag BOOT_COMPLETED. How much time it takes ? Not much really, from 10 seconds up to 1:30min.

    - Where I can find backgrounds that fits with dual statusbar ?
    + We added a folder on your internal memory called DLX_BGS with more than 50 designs. If is not enough, you can always use any other image...

    - Why I can't enter to the sub-screens on DRC ?
    + The statusbar views have a "master" preference called "Icons hidden", ALL the icons picked here won't be visible on the statusbar and the sub-screens will be disabled (why would we edit preferences without show the view ?). Don't forget to un-hide before edit them.

    - DRC needs root and busybox to work ?
    + No. ONLY the kernel configurations needs root and busybox (both).

    - I need mTweaks to configure DeluxeKernel ?
    + NO. You have a screen on DRC to configure it, so, don't use other apps while you're on this kernel.

    - I switched to permissive but it doesn't change.
    + First of all check root and busybox, if they are ok wait few minutes. Sometimes magisk is slow to grant the root. This applies to all kernel configurations.

    - I rebooted and I'm again on enforcing SELinux.
    + The boot is always with the default values, and as the statusbar, when the flag BOOT_COMPLETED is sent, kernel configurations are applied.

    - If I flash another kernel, will DRC override kernel configurations ?
    + No, if is not the kernel provided, DRC won't show you the preferences related and won't apply them, so you can still using the app provided (usually) with the kernel.

    - Double tap to wake doesn't works as expected with AOD.
    + Known issue, but no solution for now. (AOD have already a double tap to wake with the home button without press it, maybe is enough with it ;) )

    - What's the "Fingerprint wake-on" exactly ?
    + I made it thinking on the S7 where the user needs to press the button to wake-up the screen, but is good for us if we don't want to wast battery with the sensor. If it's disabled, fingerprint stills working, but won't wake up the device.

    More questions when I get free...

    Telegram support

    English group HERE
    Spanish group HERE


    Links updated on main post.
    NO wipes required over v18.x


    - Rebased over N950FXXU7DSJ1
    - Security patch 01/10/2019
    - Updated TWRP to 3.3.1-1
    - Updated TouchWiz to
    - Updated Magisk to v20
    - Fixed weather settings force-closing
    - Fixed duplicated power menu entries
    - General code cleanup for less resources usage
    - DRC Improvements
    - Removed MTP warning
    - Added bluetooth battery indicator
    - Added per item position on quickpanel statusbar
    - Added custom batteries (minit/circle) to quickpanel statusbar
    - Added option to block notif. panel usage on lockscreen
    - Added double tap settings on virtual buttons
    - Added battery bar on status bar
    - Added 1 more icon style on reboot menu
    - Added custom text colors on reboot menu (Action/Confirm/Status) (Light/Dark)
    - Added custom background on reboot menu
    - Added matrix effect on reboot menu
    - Added custom color on white background on network speedmeter
    - Added progressive custom background on notif. panel
    - Added progressive matrix effect on notif. panel
    - Added option to force or not the change to manual brightness (Applies for statusbar, virtual buttons and remapped keys)

    Links updated on main post.
    NO wipes required over v16.

    Changelog :

    - Rebased over N950FXXS7DSH1
    - August 2019 security patch
    - Updated DeluxeKernel®_v9.1
    - Fixed some non-working keys (panel colors, 180 rotation)
    - Fixed installer issues
    - Fixed HW tests / USSD codes
    - Fixed battery capacity on S8+ / S8
    - Added option to force night mode while using themes (DRC > Others and DRC toggle)
    - Added option to enable/disable fast charge (DRC > Others and DRC toggle)
    - Added MultiSIM panel customization (visibility, colors, font)
    - Added custom paddings (top/bottom/left/right) to more views (Custom batteries, clock, date, etc)
    - Added navigation bar custom icons
    - Added panel handler custom color
    - Added launch Google voice search as custom action (Remap, virtual buttons…)

    Note : AppLock is removed from the ROM. Tested here and on other bases, we confirm it is causing issues with some apps notifications (for ex. Facebook or Maps).
    DeluxeROM_v30 [FINAL]

    Links updated on main post.
    NO wipes required over v29.x.

    Changelog :

    - Rebased over N950FXXSFDUD1
    - Updated DeluxeKernel_v16.9
    - Updated Magisk v22
    - Updated BusyBox
    - Updated DRC 2.2.2
    - Updated S8+/S8 files [DUD1]
    - Updated optional apps
    - Added CSC KTC
    - Added CSC LUC
    - Added CSC OPS
    - Added CSC SKC
    - Added CSC TEL
    - Added CSC TNZ
    - Added CSC VAU
    - Added CSC VNZ
    - Added CSC XNX
    - Added CSC XSA

    PS: You will probably need to manually install Magisk apk after install the ROM, you can download it from HERE.

    PS2: This is the final version, there won't be more updates for this ROM. BL/CP will still getting updates through DRC, but development for this device stops here. I've switched to S20 FE, but I won't be developing for now due to lack of time. Has been a pleasure to support this project for the last 4 years and I hope to see you all in the future on other devices ;). Also I have to say a big thanks for all the support, from devs, from testers, from donors and from all the users :)