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[DEPRECATED][ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Redmi Note 8/8T

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Jun 19, 2019
I am not sure if this is an issue with a few custom roms or the phone. Randomly my phone locks up, and either just reboots after some time, or I have to hard reboot to get it to come back to life. It's not overheating, it happens even after factory reset/wipe/etc on a few different roms. It didn't do it on LineageOS for my phone, but I couldn't get the MIUI cam working, and when I installed this rom (evolutionx) the camera works great with all of the lenses (albeit less quality, but I also installed gcam and it works great so I use them appropriate one when needed).

Is anyone else experiencing this on the Redmi Note 8/8T (Specifically willow/8t). I know it has a small amount of ram, but it just sh**s the bed out of nowhere and I am unsure of how to troubleshoot it. I am an engineer (full stack/network/linux), but know very little about android rom engineering or troubleshooting (much to my chagrin). Any help would be rad. I really, really love this rom, but I just need the damn thing to stop locking up/rebooting. Lol


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May 15, 2020
Hi, I have problem with geolocation. every time i lock the screen the gps locks. I use it mostly for working with apps, so it becomes a problem. Do you know how to fix?


Mar 10, 2018
Clean install on Redmi note 8T. Everything works fine, except for the phone app. With incoming and outgoing calls, it hangs for 3-5 seconds and when the screen is on, I can not accept the call, the button is not pressed. I am from Belarus. Can anyone help?

go vegan

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Aug 22, 2017
Redmi Note 8

Clean install: Format & wipe

After adopting SD and migrating data I'm having some problems. Tested with 2x 128GB cards and 1x 64GB cards, same problems every time. Also tried a fresh re-install with format & wipe, same problems.

When copying files to "/sdcard" (aka "/mnt/runtime/full/emulated", aka "/storage/emulated/0/") I keep getting corrupted directories; directories that I can't write to, I can't delete, I can't move/rename, I can't change permissions, I can't change owner/group.

Problem happens when copying via "adb push", "tar", and "MTP".

This is a major problem.

May be related: Settings → Storage → SD Card. This shows almost 100% of used space on the SD card allocated to "Apps", at the moment it's showing 12GB of "Apps" on the SD Card; tapping on "Apps" says "No apps".

This is making it impossible to load up the SD card with the files I need. I'll be trying a different ROM now. I hope this gets fixed.

Edit: Update:
Similar problems with crDroid. "adb push" was failing. MTP was working, but only at dial-up speeds. As of now I'm trying this, which seems to working ar reasonably fast speeds:
tar cf - . | adb -s xxxxxx shell -e 'none' -T 'cd /sdcard ; tar -xvf - '
That copies from a directory structure on the computer. It also seems to work between two androids:
adb -s zzzzzz shell -e 'none' -T 'cd /sdcard ; tar -cf - . ' | adb -s xxxxxx shell -e 'none' -T 'cd /sdcard ; tar -xvf - '

It's past bedtime, but I'll probably try it again with Evolution X.

Edit #2: Nope. Still having the same problems :(

Edit #3: Even unzipping a ZIP file on the phone is consistently causing corrupt directories that can't be removed :(

Edit #4: N/A

Edit #5: Right now I'm just trying to "adb push" a TitaniumBackup directory to the new phone, and it gets to about 70-80% and then dies: "adb: error: failed to copy 'TitaniumBackup/com.android.theme.font.xxxx-xxxxxx.apk.gz' to '/sdcard/test/com.android.theme.font.xxxx-xxxxxx.apk.gz': remote couldn't create file: Invalid argument". It keeps dying at slightly different points, but every time it dies it corrupts the directory that I'm copying into; I can't delete it, I can't move/rename it, I can't add anything to it, etc. "df" shows that space is being consumed, but there's no files. The sdcard just keeps getting corrupted.
rm -rfv test*                                                                                                                                                                  
rm: test: Directory not empty
rm: test2: Directory not empty
rm: test3: Directory not empty

find test*                                                                                                                                                                   

mv test xxx                                                                                                                                                                    
mv: bad 'test': No such file or directory

stat test
  File: test
  Size: 516096	 Blocks: 864	 IO Blocks: 512	directory
Device: 1fh/31d	 Inode: 11108	 Links: 2
Access: (0771/drwxrwx--x)	Uid: (    0/    root)	Gid: ( 1015/sdcard_rw)
Access: 2020-09-03 20:45:01.248588627 +1200
Modify: 2020-09-03 20:50:58.918624257 +1200
Change: 2020-09-03 20:50:58.918624257 +1200

This does nothing:
find . -inum 11108 -delete

Any ideas?
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Dec 20, 2012
I did a clean flash but I have this issue with Bluetooth. Sometime the mic stop working on phone calls and just start to work when I turn Bluetooth off. Only My Mi band 5 is conected do the phone. It was working fine on MIUI. (willow)
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    Evolution X 4.6 for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8/8T [Ginkgo/Willow]


    Living, Breaking, Keep Evolving.

    Evolution X is a flashable custom ROM to bring a true Pixel feel to your Android Device at first glance, with many additional configurations at your disposal. We aim to provide frequent builds with monthly security patches from the latest aosp sources!

    - Team Evolution X -
    Joey Huab (Founder & Lead Developer)
    Mizukito Akito (Project Manager)
    Anierin Bliss (Project Specialist)

    - Design -
    ecnivtwelve (Lead Designer)
    MartonDev (Website Designer)
    Hugwalk (Founding Designer)


    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


    - RGB Accent Picker
    - Dark Theme Styles (color Bucket)
    - 17 System Fonts
    - 6 System Icon Shapes
    - 4 Statusbar Icon Styles
    - 2019 Pixel Live Wallpapers
    - Custom QS Header Images
    - New Tint Style Toggle
    - QS Opacity & Color Configs
    - QS Backround Image Blur
    - Clock Options
    - Battery Bar
    - Carrier Label Settings
    - Network Traffic Activity
    - Rounded Corners Config
    - System UI Tuner
    - 7 Battery Icon Style
    - Battery Percent Show/Hide Config
    - Old Mobile Style Network Icons
    - 4G/LTE Icon Toggle
    - 7 Custom VoLTE Icons & Toggle
    - Heads Up
    - R Style Notification Headers
    - Alert Slider Notification Toggle
    - Notification light Config
    - Pulse Edge Lighting
    - Force Close Notifications
    - Force Expanded Notification
    - Kill App Button
    - Notification Vibration Toggle
    - Blink Flashlight On Call
    Quick Settings
    - Disable When Locked
    - Vibrate On Touch
    - Quick Pulldown (Right/Left)
    - Smart Pulldown
    - Hide Battery Icon
    - Notification Header Battery Precent Configs
    - Brightness Slider Configs
    - Quick Settings Layout Configs
    - QS Footer Text Toggle & Customizations
    - Settings Icon Toggle
    - Running Services Toggle
    - User Switcher Icon Toggle
    - QS Edit Icon Toggle
    Power Menu
    - Restart
    - Advanced Restart
    - Screenshot
    - Flashlight
    - Airplane
    - Settings
    - Lock Down
    - Users
    - Logout
    - Visibility On Lockscreen Configs
    - AOSP Gestures
    - Swipe To Screenshot
    - Status Bar Brightness Control
    - Screen Off Power Button Torch
    - Double Tap To Sleep Status Bar
    - Double Tap to Sleep Lockscreen
    - Toggle To Hide Navbar Pill
    - Back Gesture Height Config
    - Back Gesture Vibration Toggle
    - Screen Off Gestures
    - Pocket Detection
    - Fingerprint Authentication Vibration Toggle
    - Charging Info
    - Lock Screen Shortcuts
    - Status bar Visibility Toggle
    - Lock Icon Toggle
    - Custom Clock & Date Fonts/Widgets
    - Owner Info Configs
    - FOD Icon Picker
    - FOD Pressed State Icon's
    - FOD Recognizing Animations
    - Lock Screen Media Artwork/Notification Configs
    - Lock Screen Music Visualizer
    - Nav Bar Disable/Enable Toggle
    - Nav Bar Tuner
    - Invert Layout
    - Volume Key Answer
    - Volume Rocker Wake
    - Volume Rocker Playback Control
    - Volume Rocker Cursor Control
    - Disable Transition Animations Toggle
    - Screen Off Animations
    - Scrolling Cache Configs
    - QS Tile Animations (Flip/Rotate)
    - QS Tile Animation Duration & Interpolator configs
    - ListView Animations
    - System Animation Configs
    - Gaming Mode
    - Launch Music App On Headset Connection
    - Wake On Charge
    - Charging Animation
    - Screenshot Type (Full/Drag)
    - Dashboard Condition/Suggestion Toggle
    - Doze Brightness Configs
    - Default USB Config
    - Disable Device Identifier Restrictions
    - Accidental Wake Up Prevention
    - Sensor Block Per Package
    - Signature Spoofing Support
    - Time In State Monitor
    - Doze Settings
    - Legacy App Scalling
    - Alarm Blocker
    - Wakelock Blocker


    - Tell me



    First Time Install / Clean Flash
    - Make sure you're running the latest TWRP/PBRP
    - Boot into recovery
    - Wipe System/Data/Vendor/Cache
    - Flash correct fw for you device: 20.7.30 or newer for Ginkgo & for Willow (check carefully what device you has)
    - Flash BUILD.zip
    - Wipe Cache
    - Format data
    - Reboot to recovery (optional)
    - Flash Magisk.zip (optional)
    - Reboot to system & #KeepEvolving

    Update / Dirty Flash
    - Boot into recovery
    - Flash BUILD.zip
    - Flash Magisk.zip (optional)
    - Wipe Cache
    - Reboot to system & #KeepEvolving

    Light Screenshots / Dark Screenshots / Download
    Donate me! / Official Chat / Device Support


    XDA:DevDB Information
    Evolution-X for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8/8T, ROM for the Redmi Note 8

    DqrKn3Zz, Trinket-Devs
    Source Code: https://github.com/Evolution-X

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 20.07.30 China
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2020-08-19

    Created 2020-06-08
    Last Updated 2020-09-03
    Gonna built and release a new update soon, just addressing with some few issues under the testing phase.
    First official build is up!

    • Merged August 2020 security patch.
    • Fixed some potential crashes on Settings.
    • Fixed WiFi Hotspot.
    • Fixed BT media.
    • Fixed WFD.
    • Fixed some bugs on camera (need more test tho).
    • Updated to Coral's August fingerprint.
    • Fixed LiveDisplay.
    • Kernel upstreamed to 4.14.193.
    • Updated Proton Clang to V12.0.
    • Fixed Battery Health support.
    • Fixed FM Radio.
    • Improved Xiaomi Parts.
    • Disabled autobrightness at first boot.
    • Updated blobs from MIUI 20.7.30.
    • Updated graphics stack from LA.UM.8.11.r1-03800.
    • Updated configs from LA.UM.8.11.r1-03800-NICOBAR.0.
    • Increase zram size to 2GB.
    • Fixed Willow units with hwversion 19.39.0.
    • Improved performance without affecting battery life.
    • Improved vibration response.
    • Improved WiFi.
    • Improved audio.
    • Other fixes and improvements that i cant remember.
    • Synced with latest Evolution X sources.

    • Merged July 2020 security patch
    • Upstreamed kernel to 4.14.188
    • Update fingerprint to Coral's july patch
    • Fixed WiFi slowness & random disconnections
    • Replaced ANX Camera with MIUI Camera
    • Improved KCAL (should help more for tianma users)
    • Removed Lift-to-Check gesture
    • Synced with latest Evolution X source

    • Fixed offline charging
    • Removed FM Radio (for the moment)
    • Minor improvements

    • Fixed AUX cam & HDR+ (thanks Adithya and Dyneteve)
    • Change kernel to QuicksilveR
    • Upstreamed kernel to 4.14.184
    • Updated thermal configs
    • Added back Mi Sound
    • Improved performance and battery life
    • Other improvements & fixes

    • Initial official build.
    • Added Artemis kernel as default one.
    • Updated Coral's fingerprint to June.
    • Improved RAM management.
    • Synced with latest Evolution X sources.
    New update is up
    Kindly read the changelog, also i recommend a clean flash