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Sep 29, 2010
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    Kernel: http://www.derkernel.com
    Source: http://bitbucket.org/morfic/trinity_five

    This thread benefits from "OT posts" as it fosters a healthy community in which "users helping users" is strong. Which in turn helps me to focus on development.
    Thank You for understanding this.


    • Build optimizations
    • Removed wasteful debugging
    • Scheduler, Governor tweaks
    • Up to 2726MHz (higher clocks will vary from device to device) and boots up @ 2.26GHz, stock clock
    • Performance through research
    • Buzzword Free (Not pushing buzzwords to drop them later like others)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Trinity for Nexus 5, Kernel for the Google Nexus 5

    morfic, simms22
    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2014-10-12
    Last Updated 2014-10-12
    ok, enough of this, we have a new kernel to test. yes its a 443 kernel. yes it runs on 442. yes its a trinity kernel :) http://goo.gl/38Uxte
    It's rare I read 8+ pages in one thread in its entirety, but didn't want to miss out on the warm welcome.

    Thanks everyone.
    looks like home, smells like home, feels like home.. yup, it must be my home :)
    Dude hope you won't misunderstand my words. I'm fine with people posting their own builds here, in my threads, everywhere. I'm fine, that's what open source is all about. I have and had no problems with people kanging my work and just change the build name and few things here and there and then taking off with their own threads. I'm fine because this is a free world and if doing so makes you happy, who the **** am I to stop you? I'm fine but if I may, I have a suggestion: if you like building android, keep it like that, something fun. Building from source is way different than cherry-picking and kanging. There is not much fun nor karma in copying and changing things, but there is a lot of fun and greatness in learning. Keep your project yours and try to be humble. None of us is doing anything special. I won't tell you the details but I have seen so much **** and so many disgraceful people that I got sick of it. This is why I love quite threads, goal of rastakat is to be quite and smooth on your nexus without the use of fancy ot, mouthful words and features to attract more users. rastakat is body and soul because she still is what she was born for: fun.
    More peace and more weed for all!
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