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Mar 27, 2012
OnePlus 8 Pro
It is in my opinion very good, feels and looks like a pixel basically, it's snappy and battery life is good.
A few reboots the last 6 months, I can't be sure if it's the phone/ROM or a certain type of jeans that presses the power button when i lean over/squat.
Yeah I had the same few reboots, but never when I used the phone, only when it's in idle.
Apart from that, very solid and battery friendly rom.
Is missing face unlock and fingerprint reader not as snappy as on miui...


May 16, 2010
Unfortunately Derpfest, undeniably the best Rom for cepheus, has been abandoned. To where are you guys switching? Anything that comes close?

I switched to a Pixel 5 ;)
So far extremely satisfied.
Concerning mods, there is only one thing I miss from DerpFest - being able to unlink ringer volume and notification volume.

Thanks to the DerpFest devs for making my previous phone a joy to use!


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Sep 24, 2009
This is the last from 12.9.20
Abandoned? It's too early to say that or do you know more?

It has been announced on official Telegram group, here is the message from Adrin:

I decided to no longer build DerpFest for cepheus/davinci. Since i started school this summer i barely had any time to do anything for android. In the last year i learned so much and made many good friends in the community. I wanted to thank you, the users and all the testers, for this amazing run through android 10.
I planned to release a last build in october but there have been no changes except the security patch string. No actual security patch.

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    Hi to all

    The developers of derpfest ROM don't wanna share the links to Derpfest in xda.
    We have to respect this! Don't post any links to ROM or telegram derpfest groups!
    Here is the closed thread without links but with important infos:

    So, this thread is only for advice, discussions and experiences.

    Future requests

    Please tell me what you want to have changed or implemented, the I would ask the developers if it could be possible.
    My list
    1. adding autocall record
    2. Adding flip display down to mute ringer
    3. Smart charge (charging only to a predefined % value)
    4. Adding display saturation level
    5. All closing button in recent app list
    6. And last to be 100% perfect with 5 stars: a system menu with automatic timebased network disconnect... Like leandroid app
    IBTD, a ROM with GAPPS included can never be 'the best ROM' for any device. YMMV but I'd like to decide by myself which Google bloatware I'd like to install.

    Thank you, can this be used on MIUI or only ASOP roms?

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    You could try it with orange fox recovery (if bootloop you can easily deactivate the mod in recovery)
    it's not possible to accept incoming calls while in a call already

    Ok, I do not have that problem with latest version of Derpfest, yesterday evening I was in a call while driving and could answer a new incoming call via BT-button in my car.
    This does not happen that often so I can't really say if it worked for me or not in previous versions.
    Are you running 20200218-version Laptapper?
    In that case; any problems/new features?

    Yes newest version.
    I've didn't recognized any changes.
    Running quite good as before