Question Desktop mode - Ideas to try to get it working

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Apr 1, 2009
Miami, FL
As we all know, there is nothing in the stock ROMs for any of these Nubia RedMagic phones that makes desktop mode fully supported like many other manufacturers.

I'm sure most of us also realize too well that this is a niche handset and future support for getting a full featured desktop mode implemented by Nubia/ZTE is unlikely.

Before I give up on my original plan for this device, which was simply to use it as a portable/dockable gaming and emulation device, I figured I'd hop on here to see if anyone has any ideas.

Current status with NX709J_UNCommon_v3.12 - Official link
  • No official support for desktop mode
  • Kernel version shows 5.10.66-android12-9-00005-gf6e6376090be-ab8060604
  • Developer options has a few relevant desktop mode options that can be enabled:
    • Force activities to be resizeable
    • Enable freeform windows
    • Force desktop mode
    • Enable non-resizeable in multi window
  • With "Force desktop mode" enabled I get the following behavior:
    • Seems to be locked to a default of 1920x1080 resolution
    • No way to set anything through keyboard/mouse/other settings once in Desktop mode
    • No taskbar, just the usual 3 navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen
    • Apps that support window mode seem to properly resize and I can get some of them to go fullscreen but the window control buttons in the top right behave strangely
    • There is a persistant window full of your installed app shortcuts that stays up whether you try to close it out or not. Without "force activities to be resizeable" enabled, you can't resize it. With that enabled; If you do resize it, it's still locked to a vertical display aspect ratio.
    • Unplugging the phone from desktop mode leaves the home screen stuck in a static state. Widgets won't update, shortcuts won't open the app they are for, but oddly the manual fan controls for the integrated fan in the redmagic 7 pro will turn on if you have that widget on your home screen. I also routinely experienced the icon spacing and font size for everything getting all messed up. My only solution was to reboot the phone after disconnecting it from a dock/display when in forced desktop mode.
  • I attempted to use the following apps to see if they could make things any better:
    • Taskbar - Doesn't show up on external display. No improvements even with full access given to app via adb
    • Secondscreen - Doesn't allow me to change the resolution for the external display even with full access
    • Lawnchair 2 - Doesn't show up on external display or help in any way

Seems like someone had some luck with the RedMagic 5G/5S here:
but that was 2 years ago and a different phone.. although I'm positive there are some vague similarities with the ROMs and how they are put together since they are talking about a stock Nubia/ZTE ROM.

If anyone has any ideas to contribute, whether for the RedMagic 6, 6S, 7, or 7 Pro please let us know what you've tried or had success with below