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Jan 8, 2013
My mistake
  • Theme related
  1. Information on Official TWRP Theming.
  2. Extended TWRP gives you the ability to choose between many themes.
    When booting, it checks for a theme zip file on your card:
    /sdcard/TWRP/theme is the location where you must create a folder named after the theme you will use and place the ui.zip inside it (i.e. /sdcard/TWRP/theme/Holo_Dark/ui.zip).
    If none found then it will use the built-in theme.
  3. For those who prefer the blue-ish TWRP default theme, I will be attaching it to this post every time something changes, so that you can use it as any external theme.
  4. Since version, the theming engine of the Extended TWRP differs from the official.
    Instead of one ui.xml file, the new theme requires two files portrait.xml and landscape.xml with the appropriate images.


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Jan 14, 2013
It is enabled but not working. There is something missing in /fs/yaffs2 . I used 2.6.35 for cwm recovery but no luck with yaffs2 and xattr. But works well with 3.x.

If something is missing can we use yaffs2 fs files from another kernel? I was diffing tytungs kernel with bricked kernel for hammerhead, I see there are a lot of added lines, specially in yaffs_guts.c

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Robbie P

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Feb 8, 2011
May i know if this recovery has a feature like flashing directly on nativesd , for example if i want to flash some tweeks like i can do on nand
No it doesn't, that is tricky to do from recovery alone. For a start you would need to specify which NativeSD rom you wish to update, there may be a few, then there are permissions issues. The easiest way to do it is to put the files into their respective folders in the original rom.zip, and flash that with no wipe.
Edit; HypoTurtle is working on a universal installer which amongst other things can flash updates to existing NativeSD roms, http://forum.xda-developers.com/hd2-android/nand-dev/dev-hd2-multi-script-t2826603
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Aug 28, 2014
yeah i see , i checked that script before but seems like i didn't see when it said that it can flash things to nativesd , ill go there and try the script anyways thnx for your help and the this recovery rocks


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Aug 28, 2014
Also i want to report that it seems like this recovery is not working with some roms for me , it get me stuck at GO GO GO screen at MAGLDR , ive tried the roms with other recovery like cwm and it works with that


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Aug 28, 2014
Ive tried more than 10 different partitions , task29 , flashed stock 6.5 ,the problem is that after the ROM install the phone gets stuck at GO GO GO MAGLDR for nexus ROMS and for typhoon it gets stuck at animation boot , , hyperdroid cm7 seems fine and i can install it without probs , also i was able to install the nexus ROMS with the standard TWRP

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    Extended TWRP is based on official Team Win Recovery Project, but modified** to address some special methods & features found on The HD2,
    a device which has 3 different android loaders (cLK, MAGLDR and Haret) and various Android Rom configurations (DataOnExt, NativeSD, SD, Nand).
    ** If you are just looking for an unmodified TWRP for the HD2, check here.

    I take no credit for this. All the creative hard work was already done!
    Credits to:

    • agrabren, Dees_Troy, ViViDboarder, and AssassinsLament - core twrp 2 development team.
    • Toastcfh – for his underappreciated dedication to the community.
    • s0up and kevank - for their hard work on the web side of things.
    • shift, onicrom, netarchy, kevank, myndwire, bigbiff, dkelle4, shinzul, spiicytuna, and eyeballer - the rest of Team Win.
    • Amon_RA - for his great Recovery.
    • Koush - for his dedication to the community and ClockworkMod.
    • Akmzero, arif-ali, Evil_DevNull, gus6464, Jesusice, _jmz_, NxtGenCowboy, ohshaith55, Pyrostic, [R], and Rootzwiki - for all the help with devices and testing.
    • Team's supporters and the Android Community.

    However, if you think that this extended version is full of unnecessary cr*p or that something is not working as expected anymore,
    Credits to:

    For me, this thread is about learning while having fun. It would be ideal if it leads to something that is really useful.
    So, as you may have already understood, This Is Not a release thread. If you have the time and interest to help in any way, please do. Cause together we can make sure that this project will benefit all of us.
    The attached recovery image is provided for people who can't compile it from source, but want to either help in debugging or just experiment.

    • Have in mind that before attaching it here, it was only tested on one HTC-HD2(Eu) powered by (black) cLK bootloader.
      The performance on devices powered by MAGLDR bootloader or running the good-old WM6.X should be considered untested.
      In order to exploit the full potentials of this software, Black cLK bootloader is strongly recommended!
    • As usual, use at your own risk. TeamWin or kokotas is not responsible for anything bad that may occur from using Extended TWRP.
    • ReadMe

    • **************Mainline**************
      * Ability to save custom recovery settings
      * Touchscreen driven with real buttons and drag-to-scroll
      * XML-based GUI that allows full customization of the layout – true theming!
      * Settings are saved to the sdcard and persist through reboots
      * Ability to choose which partitions to back up and which to restore
      * Ability to choose to compress backups – now with pigz (multi-core processor support for faster compression times)
      * Ability to backup large partitions (size>1.5GB) by splitting the backup archive.
      * Basic file manager (copy, move, delete, and chmod any file)
      * OpenRecoveryScript scripting engine
      * On-screen keyboard in recovery! -- supports long press, backspace repeat, and swipe left deletes everything left of the cursor
      * ADB sideload functionality from AOSP
      * Pseudo-terminal emulator
      * Decryption support
      * Ability to set a timeout for auto-turning off the screen
      * exFAT support for sdcard's 1st partition
      * Manual screen rotation
    • **************Extended**************
      * Proper detection of bootloader(cLK/MAGLDR/haret)
      * Support for cLK's extra boot partitions
      * Tweaked off-mode charging for cLK (device can wake up by pressing any key)
      * Direct rebooting to selected boot partition for cLK bootloader
      * Direct rebooting with selected kernel from NativeSD folder for MAGLDR bootloader
      * Ability to communicate with cLK in order to change partitions' size if needed
      * Built-in NativeSD manager(Backup - Restore - Delete - Fix Permissions - Wipe Data - Wipe Dalvik-Cache - [cLK]Kernel-Restore)
      * Option to skip any NativeSD Rom during sd-ext's partition backup
      * Option to adjust backup/restore process for DataOnExt method
      * Nilfs2 support for sdcard's ext(2nd/3rd primary) partition
      * NTFS support for sdcard's 1st primary partition
      * Option for converting file system [ext2 - ext3 - ext4 - nilfs2] of sdcard's ext partition (without losing any data if there is enough space on the /sdcard)
      * Option for adding a 3rd primary partition(mmcblk0p3 as /sdext2)
      * Option to skip dalvik-cache during backup
      * Ability to restore backups that were made using a CWM Recovery
      * Ability to check SD Card's filesystem(s)
      * Ability to run shell scripts from your SD Card (script location: /sdcard/TWRP/scripts)
      * Ability to "run" recovery (AROMA based) apps with one click (app location: /sdcard/TWRP/app)
      * Ability to select current theme (example of theme file location /sdcard/TWRP/theme/MyTheme/ui.zip)
      * Ability to check the size of the backup to be restored
      * Ability to take screenshot (screenshots location: /sdcard/TWRP/screenshots)
      * Configurable haptic feedback
      * Configurable system tweaks (cpu gov, cpu freq, i/o sched, drop_caches)




    Frequent issues:
    1. If you report an issue without a log and/or without details, that's not very helpful in tracking down that issue, so, eventually, don't expect any assistance cause I am not a medium.
    2. If you get a "status 2" error when installing a recovery-update-package(zip) that used to work with your old recovery, change the update-binary inside the zip file with a newer one (API 3).
      DON'T FORGET to check the syntax in the updater-script and verify that format() and mount() commands have the correct amount of arguments, otherwise you'll end up having other errors like "status 7".
      i.e. if you use the update-binary included in the attached file below, format takes 2: format("MTD", "boot").
    3. If you occasionally can't boot into recovery, try increasing the size of its partition >= 10MB.


    • [Basic stuff before installing]
      • Make sure you have adb and fastboot working (required files here). Please don't ask here questions about this - a simple web search will be enough to help you.
      • Make sure that the size of the 'recovery' partition is enough for the image to fit.
      • Make sure the name of the recovery *.img file is the one you use in the commands or in flash.cfg
    • [Flashing occasions]
      • [cLK/MAGLDR]
        Flashing the zip file from existing Recovery
        1. Download zip file to your computer and copy to /sdcard.
        2. Reboot phone into recovery.
        3. Select to install the zip file from your /sdcard.
        4. Reboot Phone into recovery as normal.
      • [cLK/MAGLDR]
        Flashing the *.img file while booted in Android or in Recovery
        1. Download the recovery file to your computer.
          If it is a zip file, extract the *.img.
        2. (Win) Open the folder you have the recovery, do a [Shift+RightClick] and select "Open command window here".
          (Lnx) Open the folder you have the recovery, RigthClick and select "Open in Terminal".
        3. Execute the commands:
          adb push recovery.img /sdcard/recovery.img
          adb shell erase_image recovery
          adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img
        4. Reboot Phone into recovery as normal.
      • [cLK]
        Flashing the *.img file while in fastboot mode(cLK menu)
        1. Download the recovery file to your computer.
          If it is a zip file, extract the *.img.
        2. (Win) Open the folder you have the recovery, do a [Shift+RightClick] and select "Open command window here".
          (Lnx) Open the folder you have the recovery, RigthClick and select "Open in Terminal".
        3. Reboot phone into cLK menu (fastboot mode).
        4. If needed, change the size of the 'recovery' partition on the fly (under SETTINGS/RESIZE PARTITIONS).
        5. Execute the commands:
          fastboot erase recovery
          fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
          fastboot oem boot-recovery
      • [MAGLDR]
        Flashing the *.img file while in USB Flasher mode(using DAF.exe)
        [B][COLOR="Red"]WARNING!!![/COLOR] This way of flashing will erase your current Rom on NAND too!
        You will probably want to do this
        [COLOR="Red"]ONLY IF[/COLOR] you need to increase the size of the 'recovery' partition![/B]
        1. Download the recovery file to your computer.
          If it is a zip file, extract the *.img.
        2. Open the folder you have the recovery and place DAF.exe and flash.cfg in that same folder.
        3. Edit flash.cfg according to required recovery partition size:
          Make sure the .img file has the name that flash.cfg specifies!!
          i.e. If the *.img file is named recovery.img and min-required-size = 8MB then the flash.cfg could be:
          misc ya 1M
          [U]recovery rrecov|ro|nospr 8M recovery.img[/U]
          boot yboot|ro 5M
          system ya 150M
          cache ya 2M
          userdata ya|asize|hr allsize
          Check out the info about flash.cfg.
        4. Connect the device to the computer via usb, enter MAGLDR and select USB Flasher option.
        5. Right click on DAF.exe and select Run as Administrator.
        6. Click [NEXT] when asked and wait to finish.

    1. Make sure you delete /sdcard/TWRP/.twrps.
    2. If you're using a theme, update your theme file or temporarily switch to the default theme.

    A big Thank-You for supporting/testing the ExtendedTWRP to:

    • Dark_Avenger
    • NYLimited
    • DarrenNewsgroup
    • Nixda99
    • MarkAtHome
    • Robbie P

    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.6.3.4 @ 2013.11.24
      1. Compiled tytung's jellybean kernel with CONFIG_YAFFS_XATTR=y
        and replaced existing recovery kernel.
      2. Attempt to fix curtain.jpg loading bug.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.6.3.3 @ 2013.11.20
      1. Reverted to 2.x kernel (more stable and smaller size).
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.6.3.2 @ 2013.11.20
      1. Ported latest mainline commits.
      2. Compiled without ntfs and exFat support (since no existing HD2 Rom really requires any of them).
      3. Switched to 3.x kernel (github.com/TeamNightmare/android_kernel_htc_leo).
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.6.3.0 @ 2013.09.19
      1. Ported latest mainline commits (update to v2.6.3.0).
      2. Disabled the ability to encrypt the backup of the data partition. Rolled back to old twrpTar code in an attempt to temporarily fix some backup/restore errors.
        (The backups made by previous versions might not be good).
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.6.1.2 @ 2013.09.09
      1. Fix crashing when installing a recovery-package.
      2. Added "bootloader=haret" to startup.txt for haret's case.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.6.1.1 @ 2013.09.06
      1. Reverted a commit that messed up the rotation feature.
      2. Attempt to improve bootloader detection.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.6.1.0 @ 2013.08.31
      1. Ported latest mainline commits (update to v2.6.1.0).
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.6.0.0 @ 2013.07.16
      1. Ported (most of the) latest mainline commits (update to v2.6).
      2. Ported Vojtech Bocek's screen rotation.
        Old themes are not compatible!
        Instead of one ui.xml file, the new theme requires two files portrait.xml and landscape.xml and the appropriate images.
      3. Misc code cleanups/fixes.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.5.0.5 @ 2013.05.10
      1. Try to fix libtar bug (present when creating sd-ext's backup).
      2. Reboot options for "recovery" and "bootloader" will be available for cLK only.
      3. Revised nativeSD manager.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.5.0.4 @ 2013.05.08
      1. Made partitionlist's selection persist.
      2. Added ability to load selected theme's curtain.jpg.
      3. Fixed slider-touch.png, changed list's header separator color to red and reordered header info in built-in theme.
      4. Revised how twrp handles 'userdata' partition when DataOnExt mode is.
        Cause there is a chance 'DalvikOnNand' method is used.
      5. Cleaned up unused code and added a flag for HD2-specific stuff so if anyone would try to build Extended TWRP for another device it would be easier.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.5.0.3 @ 2013.05.06
      1. Added "View file" under filemanager options (it's more or less like 'cat /file').
      2. Small fix to off-mode charging.
      3. Attempt to fix progress bar issue.
      4. Changed built-in theme. The new one is based on Dark_Avenger's Holo Dark.
      5. Changed some log messages.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.5.0.2 @ 2013.04.22
      1. Changed behavior of "Reset Defaults". Device will reboot after that.
      2. Changed handling of extra boot partitions for cLK.
        Now you can backup/restore/wipe any of those partitions just like the default ones!
        (In the end this means that you can backup/restore EVERYTHING at once)
      3. Changed versioning way (last digit will be used for the extended revision).
      4. Changed screenshot function:
        If the system is busy (perhaps doing something (?) to the sdcard) no screenshot will be taken if you press the top logo.
        Otherwise, in order to notify the user that a screenshot was successfully taken the keys backlight will blink.
      5. Reorganized/rewrote some of the code (backup/restore/wipe) around "partitionlist".
      6. Removed sfdisk.
      7. Recompiled tytung_jellybean_r2 kernel with increased MSM_MAX_PARTITIONS to 20 (this will fix the detection of cLK's extra boot partitions).
      8. Misc fixes that I don't remember now...
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.5.0.0_r1 @ 2013.04.17
      1. Ported latest mainline commits (update to v2.5).
      2. Fixed battery_thread().
      3. Added ability to auto delete logs from cache to free up some space when needed (see Dark_Avenger's post).
      4. Switched kernel to tytung_jellybean_r2.
      5. Misc fixes.
      6. Compiled img with TW_INCLUDE_CRYPTO = true & TW_INCLUDE_JB_CRYPTO = true.
      7. Increased required min size to 9MB.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.4.0_r7 @ 2013.04.05
      1. Attempt to fix /sdcard mounting issues in case of slow cards(thanks to Darren for helping).
      2. Fixed restoring a tar that was made with a previous version that used busybox tar.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.4.0_r6 @ 2013.04.03
      1. Attempt to fix archive extraction during restore.
      2. Added separate option for excluding dalvik-cache from a NativeSD Rom's backup under NativeSD Manager Settings.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.4.0_r5 @ 2013.04.02
      1. Attempt to fix timezone dst settings.
      2. Revised extractTarFork() function.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.4.0_r4 @ 2013.03.31
      1. 3rd attempt to fix sdcard partitioning.
      2. Added option for magldr users to select which NativeSD Rom to reboot to(jskenderi's idea).
      3. Fixed cpu governor selection not getting applied at boot.
      4. Removed "read_ahead_kb" tweaks from init.rc.
      5. Revised LoadValues() function.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.4.0_r3 @ 2013.03.22
      1. 2nd attempt to fix sdcard partitioning.
      2. Changed "Enable MD5 verification" to "Skip MD5 verification" - The default behavior is to verify md5s.
      3. Fixed a bug regarding backing up with "Exclude NativeSD Roms..." option enabled.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.4.0_r2 @ 2013.03.20
      1. First attempt to fix sdcard partitioning.
      2. Ported latest mainline md5sum fix.
      3. Fixed NativeSD dalvik wipe.
      4. Replaced the option for the preboot scrict with an option to force TWRP to handle boot partition as 'mtd'.
        Only MAGLDR users will be able to see it AND in case your "boot" is raw (rboot was used in flash.cfg), enable it!
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.4.0_r1 @ 2013.03.14
      1. Ported latest mainline commits.
      2. Updated/fixed clkpartmgr (needs cLK v1.5.2.0 to work correctly) - partition size is passed in blocks.
      3. Revised storage partitioning method.
      4. Enabled ntfs and exFat formats for card's 1st primary partition.
      5. Switched to libtar for archive handling.
      6. Switched to libblkid for filesystem detection.
      7. Added more options for haptic feedback.
      8. Added option under "Settings" for the preboot scrict that sets the filesystem for "boot" partition before recovery loads recovery.fstab.
        If your bootloader is MAGLDR and "boot" is raw, disable it. IN ANY OTHER CASE leave it enabled.
        If you don't know what I'm talking about, leave it enabled.
      9. Kernel is compiled with defaults: gov = performance, i/o scheduler = deadline, cpu freq = (245 - 998)MHz
      10. SD Card read_ahead_kb set to 2048, NAND's partitions read_ahead_kb set to 128
      11. Added system tweaks options (cpu gov, i/o scheduler, cpu max/min freq, available memory boost).
      12. If we want to have a theme setting persisted there is a new function <action function="save"> instead of <action function="set">.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.3.0_r3 @ 2013.03.04
      1. Reverted the way TWRP handles 'boot' partition's file-system.
        Backup/restore for MAGLDR should work now.
      2. Ported the dim effect before screen turns off from mainline.
      3. Misc small changes in code.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.3.0_r2 @ 2013.03.02
      1. Reverted fileselector to clear by default the data variable.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.3.0_r1 @ 2013.03.01
      1. Ported mainline commits (update to
        One of them fixes the fileselector bug.
      2. 1st attempt to fix UI's bug (hot-rebooting after theme changing).
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.2.0_r2 @ 2013.02.27
      1. Fixed screen timeout not being loaded at boot (instead it was always 60 sec).
      2. Added haptic feedback and an option to enable it under "Settings".
      3. Fixed screenshot feature.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.2.0_r1 @ 2013.02.25
      1. Added option for the root checking stuff. If you don't want TWRP messing with your system you have the option to disable it under "Settings".
      2. Added option to select the clock-time format.
      3. Cleaned up blanktimer.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.1.0_r3 @ 2013.02.24
      1. Ported latest mainline commits.
        Some of them were already in Extended TWRP(button highlight and 24h clock)
        One of them added a "Screen" button under "Settings" which gives you the option to
        (a)set the timeout for auto-turning-off the screen and
        (b)set the level of screen brightness.
      2. Created separate thread for monitoring battery capacity and usb status.
        Led will work as normal. I've also set it to blink the amber led if battery < 10%.
      3. Tweaked offmode-charging (this is for cLK users that don't use cLK's built-in offmode charging mode).
        Fast charging is enabled in kernel and 'Powersave' settings will be used.
        Also added the ability to wake up the device while offmode-charging by pressing ANY key.
      4. Removed unused/duplicate options from "Settings".
      5. When you skip dalvik-cache during a backup, a file named .nodalvikcache will be created in the backup folder with the size of dalvik-cache stored inside.
        This will be used whenever you restore that backup in order to add that size to the calculations for minimum partition's size.
      6. In case the '.nodalvikcache' file doesn't exist there is an option to set the increment(%) for the size of the partition to which a backup that doesn't contain dalvik-cache will be restored. Default value is 40%.
      7. Changed the way TWRP handles 'boot' partition's file-system. It doesn't depend anymore on which bootloader we have (cause MAGLDR supports both yaffs2 and raw mtd).
        Dropped the logic:
        If cLK => mtd
        else => yaffs2
        Now it really checks the file-system.I think:p
      8. Added the ability to restore a backup made with cLK as bootloader on MAGLDR.
      9. ...
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.1.0_r2 @ 2013.02.11
      1. Moved option for backing up nand's userdata to BACKUP page.
      2. Instead of Data show DataOnExt or DataOnNand accordingly.
      3. Added option under "SETTINGS" page to let TWRP check if a partition's size is enough for its backup to be restored before tar throws an error caused of insufficient space.
        MAGLDR users: if the selected part of your backup is larger than the actual size of the partition, this part will be excluded from the restore process.
        cLK users: Update to v1.5.1.9 and size mismatches will be no problem, since TWRP and cLK will automatically resize any partition that needs resizing.
      4. Show progressbar during NativeSD backup.
      5. Updated clkpartmgr (the args passed to it have changed too).
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.1.0_r1 @ 2013.02.06
      1. Port mainline commit(TWFuncc::Get_Folder_Size and MD5 checking).
      2. Added function for finding a file on storage using the file's name and used it in OpenRecoveryScript.
      3. Add clkpartmgr to TWRP.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.0.0_r8 @ 2013.02.01
      1. When restoring a backup with DataOnExt show 'data' instead of 'sd-ext' under Restore page.
      2. Always reset Use_unyaffs_To_Restore to false.
      3. Fix Recreate_DataOnExt_Folder().
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.0.0_r7 @ 2013.02.01
      1. Created separate thread for updating time clock in order to avoid having it frozen.
      2. Fix for sd-ext button disappearing after wiping.
      3. Recreate folder for DataOnExt after wiping sd-ext.
      4. Port last mailine commits.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.0.0_r6 @ 2013.01.31
      1. Fixed backup part selection when there are split archives.
      2. Corrected free space calculation in FS-converting and NativeSD-backup.
      3. Time format changed to hh:mm:ss. (Sometimes seconds get frozen but it's nothing to worry about)
      4. Misc NativeSD Manager fixes.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.0.0_r5 @ 2013.01.30
      1. Added ability to select theme.
        You must place the theme file(ui.zip) in a folder under /sdcard/TWRP/theme (eg /sdcard/TWRP/theme/Holo_Dark/ui.zip)
      2. Added ability to select and load a recovery package like Aroma-File-Manager or NativeSD-Recovery.
        You must place the files (*.zip) under /sdcard/TWRP/app.
      3. Fixed NativeSD backup(tar arguments error).
      4. Moved Update_Size() from Mount() function to Wipe().
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.0.0_r4 @ 2013.01.29
      1. Fixed a mounting issue:
        Update_Size() function was called inside Mount().
        However inside Update_Size() there was a call for Mount() and UnMount(!?) causing a mess.
        Lets see if this could fix the problem with DataOnExt too.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.0.0_r3 @ 2013.01.29
      1. Ported mainline commits till 29th of Jan.
      2. Fixed boot partition's flag so that it can be wiped
      3. Settings file (.twrps) is now read once at boot.
      4. The TWRP folder structure on /sdcard will be auto-generated.
    • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.4.0.0_r2 @ 2013.01.27
      1. Updated to twrp2.4.
      2. Ported all mainline commits till 26th of Jan.
      3. Rewrote most of the extended functions.
      4. Added option to format all main partitions except for /sdcard.
      5. Added new feature in file manager: the size of the selected file or folder will be shown in the operation page.

      • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.3.3.0_rev12 @ 2013.01.16
        1. One&only purpose: Attempt to fix all issues for MAGLDR users.
        2. Extensive logging is present in this rev.
      • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.3.3.0_rev11 @ 2013.01.15
        1. Second attempt to fix weird sdcard issues.
        2. Added more logging output to help find the problem.
      • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.3.3.0_rev10 @ 2013.01.14
        1. Probably fixed the error during "Fix-Permissions" when DataOnExt is used.
        2. Reverted changes in fstab as an attempt to fix weird sdcard issues.
      • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.3.3.0_rev9 @ 2013.01.13
        1. Another attempt to fix partitions' sizes for the backup process.
        2. Added option (under "Backup" page) for the user to select if the NativeSD roms will be excluded or not from the sd-ext backup.
        3. Added ability to run shell scripts that you might have on your sdcard (/sdcard/TWRP/scripts).
        4. Added back the missing "Reload Theme" button under "Advanced" page.
      • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.3.3.0_rev8 @ 2013.01.06
        1. Changed the path where TWRP will save any taken screenshot to "/sdcard/TWRP/screenshots/".
          The name of the png file will have this format "TWRPScr-001.png". The increment will be done automatically.
          Unfortunately I haven't fixed the quality yet.
        2. Added an option under "Settings" to "Enable path-checking for DataOnExt".
          If enabled the path that will be used for the DataOnExt mode will be checked before any errors occur. Hopefully this will help non-experienced users to use DataOnExt function.
        3. Added ability to automatically skip any NativeSD Rom folder from your sd-ext backup.
          If you want to backup a NativeSD Rom do it from the NativeSD Manager.
        4. Probably fixed the way TWRP calculates the partition sizes according to our extended settings(skip dalvik-cache - dataonext - skip nativesd roms).
          So now the sizes (shown under "Backup" and) used during backup-process should be correct.
      • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.3.3.0_rev7 @ 2013.01.04
        1. Removed the second parsing of recovery.fstab (the one after "postrecoveryboot.sh" run). Instead the script "prerecoveryboot.sh" will run before TWRP parses the recovery.fstab file.
          This should also eliminate any weird errors you've been seeing in the logs.
        2. Attempt to resolve problems relevant to "Fix Permissions" when DataOnExt mode is ON.
        3. Added a second step/check in UnMount() in case it fails the first time. Just like I did for the Mount() in previous rev.
        4. Added option to skip saving "dalvik-cache" during backup (under "Backup" menu) in order to minimize the size of the backup file. After-all dalvik-cache is recreated. It will be like you've wiped it when you restore that backup.
        5. Changed the way Backup & Restore work for DataOnExt:
          • If you have DataOnExt checked and you go ahead and start a backup process then
            a (hidden) file called .dataonext will be created in the backup folder.
            The path for your /data mount point will be stored inside that file.
            Do not delete that file cause you'll have to recreate it manually!
          • Regardless of the settings you might have(DataOnExt checked or unchecked) if you go ahead and start a restore process of a backup with DataOnExt
            (so it has the .dataonext file inside - if not it's easy to manually create it)
            the option for "Setup recovery for DataOnExt" will be checked and
            the path (DataOnExt button) will be reset to the path you had when the backup was done.
          • If you were using the entire /sd-ext for /data (original DataOnExt) when you made your backup then
            when you restore that backup, the sd-ext will be formatted.
            If you were using a subdir of /sd-ext for /data (modified DataOnExt like "/sdext/NexusHD2-JellyBean/data") when you made your backup then
            when you restore that backup, the sd-ext will not be formatted - instead only that subdir will be deleted.
        6. Ported Tasssadar's "clicked" effect to all buttons as feedback.
        7. Been experimenting and added some code to be able to take a screenshot (will be saved as /sdcard/TWRPScr.png).
          It is done by touching the top LOGO. To enable it, there is a relevant checkbox under "Settings".
          It doesn't work as expected yet! The pics taken are crap:( but it's a wip...
      • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.3.3.0_rev6 @ 2013.01.02
        1. Fixed a problem when restoring an sd-ext backup that was made with CWM Recovery.
        2. Added an option to run some filesystem checks on the sd-card under "Partition SD Card" button inside "Advanced".
        3. Enabled power key to lock the screen.
      • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.3.3.0_rev5 @ 2012.12.30
        1. 1st attempt to fix mounting problem(s) related to ext partition.
        2. TWRP is now able to restore backups that were made using a CWM Recovery.
          All you have to do is copy the entire backup folder (i.e. 2012-08- from /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup to /sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS/htcleo
      • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.3.3.0_rev4 @ 2012.12.28
        1. 1st attempt to fix TWRP's failure on file-system check when a partition has a label.
        2. Changed how TWRP handles the ext partition(s) size while parsing recovery.fstab.
      • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.3.3.0_rev3 @ 2012.12.27
        1. 3rd attempt to fix the .android_secure bug.
        2. Added an SD version for testing.
      • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.3.3.0_rev2 @ 2012.12.26
        1. 2nd attempt to fix the .android_secure bug.
        2. 1st attempt to fix the crash of sd card's partitioning when adding 2nd ext partition.
        3. Reverted the logo to the default one.
        4. New settings for fs-check and DataOnExt will be saved and not lost after a reset.
        5. Switched the type of release from just an img-file to a flashable-zip with a script to check recovery's partition size before updating.
      • HD2_Extended_TWRP_2.3.3.0_rev1 @ 2012.12.24
        • Ported commits from mainline
        • Changed how the DataOnExt will be handled.
          Under "Settings" you'll find a checkbox with which you can "tell" recovery that you're using DataOnExt or not.
          In case you're using a modified DataOnExt method you can set the actual path of your /data (i.e. /sd-ext/%RomName%/data) by hitting DataOnExt button.
        • Probably fixed the .android-secure bug.
        • Reverted the backup path(BACKUPS/htcleo/).
          So you have to create an intermediate folder named "htcleo" under BACKUPS and move your backups inside.
        • Reverted the max size for splitting archive to 1.5GB.
        • 1st attempt for saving the contents of your ext partition when you change the fs type (will need enough free space on your sdcard for this to work).
        • Added option to set the number of mounts that will trigger a filesystem check under "Settings".
        • Added option to wipe Data, Boot and (cLK)sBoot under "wipe" Menu.
        • Added necessary code for selecting fs type (vfat / ntfs) for /sdcard but since I can't make it function properly I've disabled it in the UI. (Also in case it will work using the ntfsprogs binaries, the size of the recovery will increase to ~ 8MB)
      • HD2_TWRP_2.3.2.X @ 2012.12.14
        • Detection of bootloader
        • Nilfs2 support for sdcard's ext partition
        • Option for converting file system(formatting) of sdcard's ext partition: [ext2 - ext3 - ext4 - nilfs2]
        • In-built NativeSD manager
        • Option for adding a 2nd ext partition(mmcblk0p3)
        • (cLK)Direct rebooting to selected boot partition
        • Option to adjust the backup process for DataOnExt case
        • 1st attempt for archive splitting(also lowered the max size to 512MB)
        • 1st attempt for MAGLDR boot restoring

    • How to report a problem
    1. Provide the log file.
      In order to get it connect your device to pc via usb and run in terminal:
      adb pull /tmp/recovery.log
      If that fails for some strange reason then you could also try:
      adb pull /cache/recovery/log
      Or you could just use the "Copy Log" button under "Advanced" and have the log copied to the root of your card.
    2. Give a short description of what triggered the problem.
    3. If you don't have your device's setup in your signature, post that info too. For example:
      HD2 ver.: EU
      SDCard: Sandisk 32GB(c4)
      SDCard's Partition Table: mmcblk0p1 [vfat,30GB], mmcblk0p2 [ext4,2GB]
      Bootloader: cLK
      NAND's Partition Table: recovery 8MB, misc 2MB, boot 4MB. userdata auto-size, system 200 MB, cache 2MB
      Rom: HyperDroid 6.1 - NAND
    4. Since this is a WIP, you could also use github to report any issue.

    • Theme related
    1. Information on Official TWRP Theming.
    2. Extended TWRP gives you the ability to choose between many themes.
      When booting, it checks for a theme zip file on your card:
      /sdcard/TWRP/theme is the location where you must create a folder named after the theme you will use and place the ui.zip inside it (i.e. /sdcard/TWRP/theme/Holo_Dark/ui.zip).
      If none found then it will use the built-in theme.
    3. For those who prefer the blue-ish TWRP default theme, I will be attaching it to this post every time something changes, so that you can use it as any external theme.
    4. Since version, the theming engine of the Extended TWRP differs from the official.
      Instead of one ui.xml file, the new theme requires two files portrait.xml and landscape.xml with the appropriate images.
    Holo Dark theme for version (portrait only).
    Hi guys,

    The bug regarding cLK's extra boot partitions was there because I forgot to change a line:
    #define MSM_MAX_PARTITIONS 8
    at nand_partitions.c in tytung's kernel before compiling.
    Also, after thinking about the screenshot issue, I decided to follow this way: If the system is busy, even if you accidentally press the top logo no screenshot will be taken so the running process will not be interrupted and will finish normally.
    Finally, in the previous version I ported the new gui element partitionlist from mainline. That was a bit messy cause it changed a lot of things regarding backup/restore/wipe, so I had to rewrite some of the functions.

    PS:I uploaded a new compiled file at 1st post. Happy testing:D
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