[DEV] Dos Matrix Watch Face for android wear 2.0

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This is a standalone watch face for all android wear 2.0 devices.

How to install via mobile?
1. Install this application in your mobile phone
2. Open the application once
3. Visit play store in your watch
4. Click -apps on phone- section
5. Find this watch face in the list and click to install

Feature List:
- Dos type interface
- Displays time, date and day always. If needed, you can display battery too
- Comes with a random matrix animation background
- Comes with a dos like blinking cursor which can be turned off as well
- Font size, matrix size and density is fully customisable
- Working on more features.

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vishnu.doswatchfacefree

Guys, am very new to this. Requesting your support :)
Inform me in case of any bugs here. Also give in your suggestions for new features. Will try to bake in some more.