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[Dev] New "NavRadio+" ported to MTC devices

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Nov 17, 2012
Verze 2.11 přichází na Playstore, seznam změn:

- Přidána možnost svislého seznamu pro levou/pravou stranu
- Přidána podpora pro 1280x720 a 1920x1080
- Aktualizovaný francouzský překlad Opravené slučovací frekvence v zobrazení FAV
- Opravená změna velikosti těchto stanic
- Další různé opravy ...
[ATTACH = plný] 5393627 [/ATTACH]
[ATTACH = plný] 5393629 [/ATTACH]
Ahoj, přešel jsem na zelené 2.11 a nastaly problémy. Rozhlasové stanice se přepínají z ovládání na volantu, ale frekvence se na obrazovce NavRadia nemění. První frekvence zůstává zobrazena, a přesto se stanicí na obrazovce přepnou, nic se nezmění. V předchozí verzi vše fungovalo perfektně.
PX 5c
Malysk plná rom
Hi, I switched to version 2.11 and there were problems. The radio stations switch from the steering wheel control, but the frequency does not change on the NavRadia screen. The first frequency remains displayed, and even though the stations switch on the screen, nothing changes. In the previous version, everything worked perfectly.
Px 5c
Malysk full rom
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Jul 10, 2010
Realme GT
I haven't changed anything for s32f0 this time, specially for steering wheels commands.
SWC on your unit are controlled by MCU and they control the stations memorized in MCU or somewhere in the radio chip.
So you cannot control the stations in the order memorized by NavRadio but only the ones memorized after an autoscan or the ones that you see in the original radio app.
I know it's sound weird but there isn't much that I can do about it.


Nov 17, 2012
Přidám video, snad to bude přehlednější. Po přepnutí stanic zůstane obrazovka rádia mrtvá. V předchozí verzi tomu tak nebylo.
I'll add a video, maybe it'll be clearer. After switching stations, the radio screen remains dead. This was not the case in the previous version.
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Feb 10, 2020
Is it possible to implement the "passive mode" option in the paid version, so that the application behaves like a regular player, so that it does not try to start itself, does not try to close other players.
Since in the combination Navradio + AgamaLauncher + Hal9kMod, it is not possible to set up the correct interaction. Specifically, I want to implement switching by the "Mode" button on the steering wheel, but I get NavRadio opening and immediately closing.
So that with the "passive mode" option enabled, automatic start and closing of NavRadio was implemented by means of Hal9k Mod.


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Jul 10, 2010
Realme GT
Is it possible to implement the "passive mode" option in the paid version, so that the application behaves like a regular player, so that it does not try to start itself, does not try to close other players.
Since in the combination Navradio + AgamaLauncher + Hal9kMod, it is not possible to set up the correct interaction. Specifically, I want to implement switching by the "Mode" button on the steering wheel, but I get NavRadio opening and immediately closing.
So that with the "passive mode" option enabled, automatic start and closing of NavRadio was implemented by means of Hal9k Mod.
Sorry but i'm a bit confused...
Why do you say that NavRadio try to start itself? if autostart is disabled it shouldn't start at all...
If you start NavRadio it gain audiofocus then i beleive close themselves because they loose the focus (?)
If you need the Mode button to work in that way, you need to start the NavRadio service and not its activity.
I can explain you a tricky way to achieve it withoutneeding any modification to the code just to be sure that is what you need:
1. go to NavRadio settings->about Navradio
2. double click a couple of times on the NR icon until it show somw details about DEVICE,BRAND, Manufacturer...
3. go back to your launcher and look for a new app/icon "NR_service"
With NR service you can start NavRadio in background soyou only have to assign it to the "Mode" button app list.

Try it and let me know if it work ;)
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Jan 5, 2010
Given the myriad of adjustments one can make in Nav Radio, can we have the option to make a backup to GD or SD please KoTiX2? Fine tuning, no pun intended is great but doing it again and again if the cache has been cleared is not ideal. Thanks
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    Version 2.14 is coming out today:

    - Fixed all resolutions and displays density (i hope for last time)
    - Fixed "only logos" view for USA

    I now use many different folders (sw***dp) for each resolution.
    The formula used to determine the DP value of the folder is:
    "Smallest width in px" *160/DPI density
    For example for a 1024*600 240dpi display we apply the formula 600*160/240=400
    So the dimensions folder for this display will be sw400dp.
    The problems start if somebody use non standard density values. Malaysk in his roms for example force set a 220dpi density value,
    some other guy set 242dpi...
    I tried to preset the correct dimensions for these special cases too but I cannot know all of them, so please report me the correct display sizes and DPI values if you still have problems.
    @KoTiX2 Got some video for you. Like an idiot I mess up with uninstalling and installing the same app version in my video at the end, so forgive that please. Can you PM a copy of an earlier NavRadio+ version for comparison as I have done with the free version in the video?

    My Radio Logos to check

    Video v2.0.4 vs v2.0.7

    Latest v2.1.3 paid version. Resolution request in this video

    Thank you
    Thank you very much for the videos and for your explanations. They were very useful and I see well now the problems :)

    First thing you should try is to rename your logo images without spaces in the name, like "BBC_radio2.png" and not "BBC Radio.png"
    (Android, like Linux, don't like the spaces in the file names. This should fix the logo assignment.)

    May I ask you why don't you download the logos provided with the app?

    Regarding the resolution problem, I'm trying to find a way to have all resolutions supported but when I fix one i mess another one so I can only ask you to have some patience until next release when I hope I'll have all sorted out.

    I also have to explain something about the double click on the icon in the "about NavRadio" section.
    Doing that you enable a kind of "service mode" where the app:
    - show the infos that you see on the left side (device, detected model, etc)
    - enable the NR_service icon in the apps drawer that let you run NavRadio in background mode
    - show some additional toast notifications that i use for debugging
    This service mode can be disabled simply double click again on the icon in "about NavRadio" section.
    @KoTiX2 I used a different font to make them easier to see. I also wanted the same shape and a larger icon within the set size you quoted. My logo naming worked before but I shall indeed remove the spaces as you suggest. I will let you know if that changes anything. Thank you.
    Just testing 2.1.4. The buttons are still the same, too narrow and I still cannot use the logos I did before. I have renamed the logos as you instructed with _ instead of spaces and saved them as .png. No joy. Is there anything else I can try or send you to help?
    Well i need a new picture of how it look now. I have no other idea to make it match your resolution.
    It does look ok in all my emulators and in my 800*480 PX3 MTC unit.
    I will try to load on my unit your logos to check them out..
    Edit: i just tried on my phone and your logos are loaded without problems, even with original names with spaces.
    Please try using a file manager like total commander to select the PNG file instead of the gallery. Google gallery need to be refreshed sometimes to update its cache and it could show files that aren't really there.
    @KoTiX2 sorry i know what you are saying but not how to act. When I click on Add Logo is the system using a default file manager. I have nothing on the HU apart from Hal9k v10 and your app. I put the logo files onto ex FAT formatted USB stick with Windows 11pro as I have always done since owning a HU.
    Ok. You could simply download total commander from PlayStore and when you press the "choose logo" button click on the top left button to select total commander as file browser.( I'll make you a video when I have some time)

    Anyway, i was able to reproduce the problem and i can say that it occurs if the files are on USB and you use the default file chooser.
    I'm working on the solution and I'm pretty close to release it but you have to consider that if you remove the USB stick the logos will not show up because it cannot find the files.
    Best way would be that you copy these files on internalSD and you select them from there, otherwise i will have to add a function to copy each logo from USB to internalSD when assigning them.
    Right now i cannot thing on other alternatives..

    Regarding the resolution problem, i've added some code to increase the buttons height just for the 1280*480 displays so you should be fine for that too ;)
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    After releasing my NavRadio+ for Allwinner and IntelSc9853 devices in december, i finally ported it successfully to MTC/HCT based devices (PX3, PX5. PX6 and PX30).
    I paste here the first post of my other thread as a presentation of my work:

    I have been working since July 2019 this radio FM application originally created by Omega2008 (dipcore) from 4pda and I published it on playstore (with his permission of course) after some beta testing on allwinner and intel sc9853 units.


    If you are sure that your unit is compatible with the app you can get it on playstore, here:

    Here you can see a sample video of my working progresses:
    Sample Video
    Here a demonstration video of the automatic assignment of Logos, station name and alternative frequencies:
    and here a review from a friend:

    It's widely customizable in the graphics and layouts:
    - Wallpapers: Presets (about 30), system wallpaper, solid color, from personal images
    - Color themes (20 predefined or personal adjustments)
    - Night mode on / off, timed or automatic with car lights (MTC only)
    - Resizable text elements and Font choice
    - 3 view modes:
    Vertical List (Left/Right and5,6 or 6 buttons)
    Horizontal Grid (1x5, 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5)
    Fullscreen (double tap or timed)
    - Selectable inactivity timer for fullscreen activation
    - Toggable StatusBar in fullscreen mode
    - Toggable Clock and GPS speed in fullscreen
    - Toggable Frequency slider
    - Automatic and manual assignement of Logo images to the stored radio stations based on RDS id and station name scraping.
    - Logos can be downloaded from internet DIRECTLY IN THE APP or sideloaded.
    - Station lists can be sorted by name or frequency and saved/restored in a Json format
    - Improved RDS AF function with automatic storing and merging of alternative frequencies found
    - Notifications Toasts
    - Selectable Radio Region
    - Station editable elements : Position, Frequency, Name, Logo, Favorites
    - 2 Homepage Widgets, horizontal and vertical design
    - Floating widget
    - Autostart on boot option
    - Support 800x480, 1024x600, 1280x720 and 1920x1080 display resolutions
    - Resizable Texts elements
    - App full settings backup/restore function

    List of available Logos by nationality, in Bold the ones with automatic Logos assignement functionality (by RDS id):

    EUROPE: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Cyprus,Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom

    SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Perù

    USA: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Canada, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachussets, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Virgin Island, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Winsconsin, Wyoming


    Some pictures:


    NavRadio+ is now available on playstore here:
    With full support for all MTC devices.
    - Double Click on the station information toggle fullscreen on/off.

    - Long press on the station information popup the "ADD Station" dialog window if the station is not in your station list. If it's already in your list, it will focus the relative station button.
    - Long press on a station button bring up the "EDIT Station" dialog window
    - Single press on screen arrows <> does a small frequency step fwd/back
    - Long Press on screen arrows does a quick search fwd/back

    - A Single press of the arrows <> switch to next/previous station
    -A Long press on station information(center of the screen) bring up the "EDIT Station" dialog window.
    - In interface settings you can remove the big frequency in background if a logo is available.
    - In settings you can hide status bar, activate the clock and a speed gauge

    - The steering wheels commands act exactly in the same way as the fullscreen arrows, they just need to be setup in the correct way in carsettings application.

    - The FAV list is the result of merging FM and AM favorites, so you can have both frequencies in the same list.
    - FAV stations can be edited within the fav list but cannot be added. You need to be on fm or am list to add a station and set it to favs.
    - Deleting the FAV list will just remove the fav flag from the fm/am stations but will not delete them.
    - Deleting AM/FM list it will delete the FAV list too.

    - you can use your own station logos, you just need to know where you have them stored and browse for them when editing a station.
    - To get the stations Logos from the app you have to set the nationality of the logos in the interface menu, download and extract them.
    Once they are extracted you have to edit each saved station to assign the logo image to it.
    - The automatic assignment of the Logos is based on the RDS id of the radio stations (pi code) and the search of the logo by RDS name.
    The first method (by id) is faster and more precise but it needs that the name of the logo contain the picode of the station and for this purpose i renamed them for some of the available countries. Of course i cannot make them all and the functionality of this method depend of the availability of correctly named logo images for your country.
    The second method (by name) is less accurate and it work comparing the RDS name with all available logos. If the rsult of the comparison is 100% correct the logo is autoamatically assigned. If the result are more then one logo, a dialog window popup asking you to choose it.

    AF (Alternative Frequencies) handling: (Doubleclick to switch between stored AF)
    AF service allows the radio tuner to tune in to an alternative frequency when the signal becomes too weak. The minimum level signal can be set in factory settings (Auto Search Stop) and has been found
    that around 30 db is the best choice.
    To improve even more this service I added an automatic storing of the alternative frequencies so that every time a new frequency is received, it's added in a list.
    After an autoscan some radio stations can be found on different frequencies, NavRadio+ have an option (in Settings/radio) to automatically merge the frequencies in just one button populating the AF list
    The frequencies available in this list can be selected using the station editor or switched one by one DOUBLECLICKING on the station button.

    I'm the only developer of the app and I work on it every single day for some hours a day.
    I try my best to develope the app at best of my possibilities and I wish at evey release that it is bug and crash free.
    This is very hard to achieve, even if I have some very good friends that help me testing it.
    I'm really thankful to them for their help and support.

    Thank everybody who beleive in my work and thanks for understanding. :)
    Some more news for this week (the image should be self explanatory):

    Then there some more countries with automatic logos:
    Belgium, Czech rep., France (tnx @Timpuli), Hungary, Croatia
    Italian logos are still worked out and I'm waiting for friends to prepare the German and Spanish logos (they are really too many).
    I'm fixing again Agama metadata for no RDS users and liveRDS.
    Other minor bugs are fixed too.
    Next week i'll concentrate on after sleep resuming and AF alternative frequencies.
    Then please go ahead and write such app for yourself, if you think that it's so easy and cheap to do.

    There's nothing wrong with asking some money for a good software. Things don't have to be for free and I'm pretty sure that @KoTiX2 so far put more hours of work into this project than it payd back, if you look at it at a monitary basis. There surely also is a lot of enthusiasm in this project.
    Ok guys, most of the requested fixes are coming out with v1.56 release:

    Fixed AudioFocus when using mic in navi app (this was a very old request)
    Fixed for MTC the problem that app wasn't killed after source change and with AF or TA enabled it was starting back on itslef (tnx @emre33 for report)
    Fixed widget controls unusable after 40sec (tnx @ Al Ferro)
    Added double click to switch between alternative frequencies of a station
    Changed statusbar Notifications with new icon and better layout (tnx @the-unknown)

    FCC integration will come probably next week or later, sorry ;)