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[DEV ONLY] CyanogenMod 12.0 Bringup for Condor

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    Good news lollipop by motorola never comes alone

    Hi all,

    I decided to give cm12 a try for the moto. Based on @percy_g2

    So here is the first screen shot of this build. It's very early stage, but it's still a good news.

    Unexpected reboots, no wifi, no data...

    Some of the changes are already on my github but not all of them.

    I need to get a little bit more of information regardings the partitions.

    Can some of you paste the result of cat /proc/partitions please. From KK and from lollipop.

    Thanks in advance, and I hope I can fix most of the issues first before releasing this version.
    A couple of people were starting to work on CyanogenMod 12. Hopefully they are still interested in working on these projects. I am posting this as a place to share branches and collaborate if there is still interest in helping.My trees build perfectly.And the recovery baked from the cm-12 tree has display,touch working.But while installing zip I get a weird status-7 'failed to execute update binary.but since the Display,touch is working,it will be a pretty easy for working LP build.Please noobs stay away from asking weird questions.

    At this point,I need support from any dev willing to work for this project.My trees are here.


    Btw,no hard feelings for anyone out there including @#buzz
    I hope we can port LP very easily soon.
    Well, that's really great! Thanks for your efforts. But may I ask you how you got it booting and what recovery did you use? Because on your github you haven't done any changes in kernel although I thought that we had conflicts in kernel.

    For the recovery I'm using openrecovery-twrp- . I got the cyanogen recovery booting, but it doesn't allow backup/restore so for now on I'm using this recovery I found on the XDA Moto E forum

    Ok so regarding the kernel, you can check in the branch new-cm-12.0 branch which is percy's branch + git am from falcon kernel. THis was the first kernel that I used to build the rom.

    I had to patch a little the build/core/Makefile so that instead of building new lollipop flashable zip, it uses the KK zip. But I think that setting correctly the partition values, will allow flashing with the new lollipop style, this is why I asked for the /proc/partitions, in order to be sure that I updated correctly the partitions values in the android_device_motorola_condor.

    This was kind of fast, I actually got a build booting pretty easily, but no display. I tried ashwin's kernel, but same issue, I just figured it out last night what was the problem with the display, and I cherry picked a few new commits to fix this. So this morning I had a booting build with display.

    Since the reboot is caused when the phone isn't used and tries to do something before normally turning off the screen and so on , I didn't push this new branch. I got to fix some minor (let's hope so) changes in the init/ramdisk and test that before, to fix audio and RIL and I hope wifi too.

    Only problem is that I don't have that much time, and my laptop is not very fast to create nice full builds. My current is mostly some patches hand made for now, with some adb push :) and small zip updater.

    I'll try to provide a flashable zip tomorrow, for those who want to give it a try, let's hope it will be more usable then it's current state.

    Here's preview of PAC MAN 5.0.2 made by myself! :)

    Thank you scritch007 for the awesome work on kernel!
    Well, as I'm not an advanced user, I barely can help you in fixing bugs. But when you fix "all"(let's say almost all) bugs, I'll try to build some ROMs so we get more ROMs than this "lame" CM12. Also, @#buzz if you have problems finding a build server, contact me, I have a PC which builds fast, so you just have to tell me what patches you did and I'll apply them. Just leave the rest to me. :) This goes to everyone. So if anyone here got a slow PC or slow internet connection, I'll be here to provide you a free service. :p :good: