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Jun 20, 2010
Drews Tweet : I Will Get ICS out shortly

Edit: Nvm... @_@ already posted

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Jun 28, 2010
What's the proper way to flash this? Just wanna make sure incase its different from gingerbread roms.

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Jun 16, 2009
What's the proper way to flash this? Just wanna make sure incase its different from gingerbread roms.

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The proper way to flash this is to first and foremost have a Nexus S, then wipe data, wipe cache, dalvik cache, then install zip via ClockworkMod recovery


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Aug 24, 2006
Seattle, WA
Drew was the first to build a working ICS for us, an excellent preview.
A full stable ICS will soon become boring like all previous versions of Android before it.

Do you remember the date and time that he did this?

He made it work for ns3g and nfc seems working for drew's rom but not for beezy's so I guess he did something additional for his release and not simply copy and paste. Drew clearly stated in his website in all his releases are based on beezy's work which is originally for ns 4G.

Here's a simple way to figure out if Drew is just stealing code:

Run the DIFF command.

I seriously can't believe how ungrateful you people are.. It's disgusting.
This guy didn't sleep and kept releasing betas of ICS for all of you to enjoy. He didn't ask for money like some of you say, and he doesn't say that the build works and ready to be released just to get more money from you. He's just giving you updates about the current state of the build.

Yeah I stayed up with Beezy for 3 days straight watching him get this done. It was really fun watching

He didn't steal anything from those homosexuals at AndroidCentral.

I always found the use of the word -- with the intent of insulting someone -- to be a really odd choice of adjectives. Idiots, fools, morons, and so many more choices that actually, by definition, are truly insulting. Now, if you meant it literally, your plural use of the word is inaccurate. There is only one, and I can only imagine how relieved I'd be knowing your not one after seeing a photo of you.

You should try to address everything I said instead of criticizing this one word

If you'd left out the word it would have been a lot easier to do that.

still we cannot deny drew is responsible for made it flashable on NS3G and he did some improvements over beezy's original ROM intended for NS 4G.

Yes, he had a phone to flash it on and modified the APN setting via a text editor. Kudo's to him for that effort. Hopefully he made it to bed by 9 that night.
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    Updated Port of the ICS.
    Please dont ask for ETA'S.


    Working on both i9023 and i9020.

    The latest beta 12 is based on SDK 14(!). So you get every damn feature you saw on unpacked(except Face Unlock, & maybe few others). :)

    Panorama Mode
    Camera will FC for the 1st time

    Can be used as a daily ROM.
    Note: This ROM is a build 14 version.

    Download link updated on 13/11/11

    All the credit goes to- Beezy
    Link to his thread- Here

    -SDK build 14
    -Market Should Not Force Close or Update for Europeans.
    -Email has been fixed
    -Returned to Previous DeskClock as Requested (if you like the old pull it from beta 11)
    -Updated Bluetooth, may work on some devices.
    -Launcher2 updated
    -Updated PhaseBeam, better tap to beam.
    -Updated Superuser, fixed!
    -GPS is now more accurate, I never said it’s fixed and I know there is a problem. There is a kernel problem with GPS.
    -more bug fixes and stability fixes

    Just came to know that Drew Garen didn't build this ROM. He copied the work of Beezy and took all the credit. More info here.
    Thread closed and infractions and bans handed out.
    Hey guys, I met a guy from Google, during the Metallica concert in Bangalore ,India :p who had the ICS on his Nexus S, Google had given that for beta testing and I got to use it for some time...

    The GUI is almost the same, obviously the one he had was much more stable and smooth...
    The Google search widget looked different.
    Version, was on Android 4.0.1

    Turns out they had completed making ICS in September itself , excluding bugs of course...

    I asked him about release date and he said "They're going to release ICS for Nexus S when they release Galaxy Nexus"

    ICS is really worth the wait guys...

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    The next update will sport FACE UNLOCK! Show me your happiness! :D

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    Like I said in my previous post: an updated list with info on ICS for Nexus S 3G (NOT 4G)

    Latest Build beta has the number 4, 5 is being developed

    as far as I know there are 4 mirrors for the beta 4 zip package.




    What's working (for most people)



    What's not working (for most people)

    (CAMERA Panorama function)


    Known bugs

    - problems with gmail, sending mail (select contact first and then choose email)
    - missing settings button scrolldown menu
    - scrolldown menu doesn't go back up after swiping notification (use back button)
    - panorama photo doesn't work
    - 3G stops working when trying to use GPS
    * menu button does not work on homescreen is not a bug!
    - USB Transfer speed low (USB 1 speed?)
    - Whatsapp can't read contacts
    - Icons wifi/gsm/3g overlap on notificationbar
    - Sound effect in Google music stop working when you switch between apps.
    - flash player doesn't work
    - Data Usage doesn't show application usage
    - Google Calendar: guest options don't work
    - the Battery option is using the same icon as storage which is a micro sd image



    If you have a previous Beta version running, you don't need to wipe data/factory reset/cache/dalvik

    1. copy downloaded zip to memory
    2. Reboot Into Clockwork Recovery
    3. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
    4. Wipe Cache
    5. Wipe Dalvik
    6. Install From Zip, Chose From Zip, Chose "WE SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM" file.

    HOW TO GET 3G DATA WORKING: (If default apn isn't working for you)
    1. Skip Through Setup When Phone Starts
    2. Settings
    3. More
    4. Mobile Networks
    5. Access Point Names
    6. Hit your menu key, select new APN
    7. Type in your carrier’s APN settings
    8. Hit the menu button again...


    (please copy and update info)

    MANY THANKS to Beezy for the Beta 1, We couldn't have done it without you ;-)
    And of course the rest of the credits go to Drew Garen for Beta 2, 3 and 4!
    (Garen was not banned by any reason, it was a glitch in the system)

    (I put all versions of the rom on my FTP ftp://down.kwakkel.me public available)