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[DEV][Squadzone-source][CM7][WIP] Nano_Build - Unofficial CyanogenMod-7.2.0-GT-S5360


New member
Mar 10, 2012
Cape Town
Thank You

Hey Guys

I'm sorry for creating another CM7 thread but I feel I needed to as this is neither a fix nor a port but a work in progress and it is a source build. I also needed a place to post all subsequent builds so that it would be easier for people to find and easier for me to update. If the mods feel that this should be closed then so be it, I will still continue my work on CM7.

Ok, with that out of the way I want to say first off that I am posting this in the spirit of WANTING people to contribute!! I cant build this on my own so if you feel that you can build it better and want to post it here then PLEASE DO SO! Just PM me and I will definitely put it up! I really want CM7 badly for this device and I know that others do too so any contributions will be extremely welcome! I need people who are prepared to help out with the bugs and to work with me in reaching a goal for CyanogenMod for our device. We are so close and we have talented people like Squadzone, Vivek and WhiteXp to thank for the tremendous headway we have made in the past few months. At the beginning of this year it was thought to be impossible by some to have a custom kernel for our device yet now we have options! WhiteXp is doing FANTASTIC work on achieving our gaol for a perfect kernel and for that I salute him. Obviously we have the likes of Repencis, Merruk, Savie and Infranbagus to say a BIG thank you to as well! Also a big thanks to all those I have forgot to mention ;)

So now on to what I have so far:

1) Nano_Build 0.3(Beta) (Sound in this build is not working)

2) Nano_Build 0.3b(Beta) (Sound is fixed but patched thanks to one of Vivek's previous builds - still trying to figure out how to build it into source)

3) Nano_build 0.4(beta) (internet working (NOT wifi) - no need for internet_patch.zip)

4) Nano_Build(beta)0.63 (some minor improvements but bluetooth and wifi still not working! Only 3g)

Bugs? Hell yeah!!

What is working so far?

Auto rotation works better (no green screen)

internet (3G, EDGE) works

Colour is still swapped (screenshots below are deceiving) but it looks very good

Sound works

SD card is working nicely (although your pics wont show up in gallery but if you delete the Gallery3D.apk and install it as an app after installation it shows all of them, beats the crap out of me but that's how it is) All pics saved after installation shows.

Similar bugs as MadTeams build because they are both source builds but I am working on it and doing a lot of research into it. This is my first time devin with Android

Guys I am doing my best but this thing is really hard to get right. So stay tuned for further updates, and remember, I am not promising to give you CM7 but I am trying my best.

To install, use MadTeams method: (I use this method but might work another way)

-install merruk pre-2.0 kernel (Or WhiteXP's Kernel, your choice)
- go into recovery mode ...
-format system
-mount system
-install CM7
-wipe data

Thanks goes to:
Squadzone (for source, A VERY BIG THANKS TO YOU SIR!)
MadTeam (Motafoca)
And all of you for support and hacking the builds to get it working!

Screen Shots:

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New member
Feb 29, 2012
now this is the real one:)
youre the man nanosurfer!

we are always at ur back:)

but have to wait for wifi issue, i know u can make it soon jyst keep the fighting pose alive. cheers!

sent using my 6 string Guitar
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New member
Feb 1, 2012
Sorry to say that
You also comes under same path
I have tested your version 0.3b beta with sound fix
May be you have taken some sound related files from vivekkalady's patch
In your version there is serious problem of PHONE FREEZING and RESTART

Sent from my GT-S5360 using xda premium
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New member
Feb 1, 2012
Go to
-> Settings
-> Sound
-> mark the options SCREEN SELECTION SOUND, etc
and then phone freezes and restart continuously
We can't able to play 3d games in general mode with sound options enabled
So we must close the
Vibration options in game settings
I have test it in TURBOFLY 3D GAME
Sent from my GT-S5360 using xda premium
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