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May 2, 2008
This project is now stopped because I'm moving to Android.
If you want to know more, please check this post.

If you're interested in source code, pointers, anything to continue a project similar to this, by all means feel free to PM me :)

This is the official development thread for Touch The Music.
All information is going to be posted here.

The project consists of a music game, similar to Guitar Hero and Tap Tap Revenge, for Windows Mobile 6 onwards.

Development Team


Previously: Jakob Dam (jakobdam)



- Version 0.31 out :)
- The OPTIONS Menu doesn't work yet.

Latest Version (0.31)

Squared QVGA (discontinued)
Squared VGA (discontinued)

How to play
You can tap the fret buttons on the lower part of the screen or you can use LEFT UP RIGHT hardware keys to play.
If you want to quit the level, just press the RED (end call) key. Alternatively, you can click the top right corner (where the framerate counter is located).
Please note that with the hardware buttons you won't be able to net those multitouch points. A singletouch easier mode is planned for future versions.


Version 0.31
Debug information added.
DirectShow error checking added.

Version 0.3
Major graphic overhaul
New scoring method
Vibration Feedback
FIX: Experimental bugfix for when receiving messages and calls, etc. The program should now behave fine when losing focus.

Version 0.2
Multitouch working.
New menu system, with placeholder graphics.
New level (incomplete).
New resolutions.

Version 0.1
The first playable level is released on a simplistic game engine.
The Options Menu doesn't work yet.

Planned features for next version

Planned features for FUTURE versions
There is going to be a music editor for PC (at least) so you can create levels. The process won't be automatic, though, because we cannot make a program that guesses where the guitar is in the music by itself. So you are going to place the notes where you feel is right.
Note animations when you tap them.
Options menu.

Known Issues

I can't access the Options menu!
It's not working yet!

If the application below the game updates the screen, Touch The Music no longer recognizes touches or keystrokes
To be honest, I don't know why this happens but it will have to be fixed. Starting the game from the programs menu or the manilla programs tab minimizes this, as long as the messaging tab is not visible. (experimental fix in version 0.3)

The game does nothing!
This is a problem with some hidden GAPI calls I may be using... Try this fix: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=532200

I have no Sound
If possible, change your ROM. If not, try the latest version and tell me all the eventual error messages.

Multitouch isn't working, my device has got no multitouch support!
Multitouch for Touch the Music is entirely software-based. It should work on any phone without hardware multitouch (yeah I know, mixed roles here).
If it doesn't on yours, try the latest version out and send me your log.txt ;)

How can I make my own track levels?
I recommend using a program like audacity to open the mp3 file. Then, check the timing of the notes and write them in a text file as such:

<note type> <time>

Time can be absolute (i.e. 3000 = 3 seconds since beginning of the song) or relative (i.e. +1000 = 1 second since PREVIOUS NOTE). Please put in an absolute note for reference once in a while.

Note types can be:

L - left
M - middle
R - right
< - L + M
> - M + R
v - L + R

So for example, a simple music could be:

# This is a comment
# Intro of simple music
L 2000
R +200
M +300
R +200
< 5000
> +500

# Chorus. Note the absolute timing for reference
R 7000
L +200
R +200
M +300


Always remember, higher pitch (acute) notes should be on the right. I can't tell you enough to look at the track1.txt in the tracks folder of the game, to understand what I just said.
When you want to test it, convert your mp3 to aac and save it in the tracks folder as well as the txt with the notes script. Rename them both to track1.aac and track1.txt.

Thank you all for your time and especially the users who are contributing with testing, ideas or just kind words, you are all that makes this project possible.


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Jan 30, 2008
any update on progress? I just tested the beta you PMd me and it worked very well. I am excited!!


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May 2, 2008
any update on progress? I just tested the beta you PMd me and it worked very well. I am excited!!

Indeed, the testing was a success! I noticed we have showstopper problems with the HTC Scroll version on some ROMs, but everything else seems to work fine for everyone.
There's also a touchscreen problem on two devices that seem to be the same Scroll problem I had, but they're not confirmed yet!

I'm quite proud of the outcome, we had a very serious issue with htc Diamond that got fixed the hard way :)

By the way, to the people that go to my visitor profile page, the testing is closed for now and I never asked for visitor messages! :p
Please read the post carefully again. I'll release a cab in some days time. Probably the same the testers had access to, ok?

Also, excuse Shoddy_me's lack of activity, but he is not here at the moment. I assure you, tough, that he continues to make "neat neat graphics" ^^
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Jan 21, 2009
Also, excuse Shoddy_me's lack of activity, but he is not here at the moment. I assure you, tough, that he continues to make "neat neat graphics" ^^

Yes, please excuse my lack of activity. :) Still, I can tell you that I work with the graphics (more or less) even though I'm on vacation. Right now I've got my sketchbook full of new ideas and they're kinda "neat". So, you've got the right to expect some nice graphics in the future.. until then, have patience.. and don't try to steal my position as a graphics designer for this project, it won't work. :D


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May 2, 2008
Hey everyone,

This is just a keepalive post, so everybody knows we're still alive and developing :)

The game now reacts well to input, meaning that if you press/touch the left button, the first left note will pop. The scoring method is awkward right now, so, if anyone has ideas on how the score should behave, do tell :)

I also finished the score display, but due to Shoddy's absence there's no beautiful score yet (arial written numbers for the win!) :( I expect to have gorgeous numbers by Thursday.

Until then, I'll be working on the animations. That means a flow-y background that lights up in the colors you press and notes that slowly disappear when clicked :)

As soon as that's done with Shoddy's pics, it'll be a day or two until I release a test cab to the testers! I will now update the first post with the first testcabs that were sent.

Also, WVGA and SquaredVGA are still unsupported, unfortunately... I'll have to redo most of the program to make those resolutions work.
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May 2, 2008
Cab sent for testers and no replies yet :S

Right now, considering the option of just sticking the cabs on the main thread :(


Dec 16, 2008
The app starts up and a bunch of keys go down the screen..then it just stays like this..is there a menu that pops up or what..i am using both a tmobile wing/herald and a wizard.


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May 2, 2008
This takes a while to do, and we have our studies to pursue, so you'll have to understand we can't exactly push a release in a month or two.

I'll try to give a more detailed progress report soon, wait for it and new cabs.

Progress is a little stalled due to a DirectDraw issue on Diamond (and probably other devices). It seems the Diamond implementation of it doesn't know how to use system memory, even when forced, or I'm doing something wrong. So, in the meantime it seems we'll just have to use less images.

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