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Sep 25, 2011
no need to move.. just browse for zip in goomanager folder. shoudnt make much difference
for me goo manager finds updates and downloads perfect
only thing is that it can only reboot into recovery, but it wont automatically start installing the latest update/patch you choosed in the app.
i'm using phiex first clockworkmod.. so maybe i should update cwm to make that work (naaaaaah to lazy :p)

Same in cwm :)


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Dec 4, 2011
no-one noticed very low volume?=(
Is this issue caused by the last update or CM7.2 in general? Because when I tried CM9 it was way too quiet... Much more than CM7.2. 7.2 is OK for me.

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I have experienced status bar drawing problems with some themes. Here's a screenshot in which the issues can be clearly seen:


The actual problem is that when something appears in the status bar (be it a status message or an icon), it takes some time for it to disappear completely. It just fades off slowly. If some messages appear, they leave traces and artifacts when appearing. This problem doesn't occur with every theme but with some of them (JAMT White/Black, Zdunex25's latest MIUI theme etc.) Has anyone else come across this issue? Any suggestions on what the reason might be?


Additionally, does anybody use QQ Launcher with CM7.2? I'm wondering because I'm experiencing some issues with it and I'm not sure whether I'm the only one - whenever the phone starts and QQ launcher is set as the default launcher, I don't get the PIN screen and so I cannot register to my mobile network. So whenever I restart, I have to change my launcher to another one, restart the phone again, enter the PIN (and register to the network) and then switch to QQ Launcher which is tedious as f...k.
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Mavi Tuna

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Jul 4, 2011
Dear Phiexz

I got them all installed packages but Wi-Fi error. At this stage set up and use only the last package. I hope you update soon with a wide solves problems.


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Mar 31, 2011
Wifi works fine
Maybe u missed the mac adress fixing patch
Install the latest aroma build and download patch by patch via goomanager (there's 2patches + after the latest build)
Or maybe its your baseband

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Oct 18, 2011
a quick question for Phiezx...

when i uncheck the "surface dithering" setting in performance, does it actually do anything?

some websites that i've checked say that their need to be a line in build.prop that says "persist.sys.use_dithering = 0"

when i uncheck dithering, that line is not in build.prop. does the setting turn it off some other way?


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Dec 8, 2011
Guys.. my battery drain very very very fast.. i mean right now i have 32%.. and about 9H.42M.27S.. from when my phone is on battery, and really i listen about 25 min of music and 25 min of calling, and a few sms.. why is draining so fast?! WHAT SHOULD BE THE PROBLEM ..
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Jan 14, 2012
Guys.. my battery drain very very very fast.. i mean right now i have 32%.. and about 9H.42M.27S.. from when my phone is on battery, and really i listen about 25 min of music and 25 min of calling, and a few sms.. why is draining so fast?! WHAT SHOULD BE THE PROBLEM ..

Dont know, you should try reflash, maybe that works..

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Dec 8, 2011
Neah, just only on this ROM, for ex on Cm 7.1 or any other ROM`s it keeps about 36h, of normal ussage..


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Mar 8, 2012
Neah, just only on this ROM, for ex on Cm 7.1 or any other ROM`s it keeps about 36h, of normal ussage..

i dont know is the first time i flashes this rom.. i can say that today i called, sms, web browsed, twitted, but the most of time it was in sleep mode...
so... 22h 30m
standby: 49%
inactive phone 44%
display 5%
calls 2%

15% battery last (this is the calibration cycle so 15 is enought to maintain the phone on.. for about 3-4 hours with the same use i think!)


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Mar 8, 2012
:eek:this is awesome.. i mean 22h, not 9

maybe it depends on the fact that you're on calibration... in low values the battery lasts always more... for example from 80 to 70 it drains in X time... but from 50 to 40 it drains in 2X time and so on... so from 32 (in your case) to 20 for example it will be 2.5X time slower!

edit: i'm on 15% from 6pm (now is 9 pm)


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Sep 24, 2011
my phone usualy can live ~2days with normal usage
- i often send sms
- sometime calling
- internet always on with 2g network
- swithced to 3g only if i want to use it for browsing.
- sometime play a game (only if i dont have any activity)

it usually 1 day 10++ hours last


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Dec 8, 2011
and this calibration depends off?

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my phone usualy can live ~2days with normal usage
- i often send sms
- sometime calling
- internet always on with 2g network
- swithced to 3g only if i want to use it for browsing.
- sometime play a game (only if i dont have any activity)

it usually 1 day 10++ hours last
on default settings, with CM7.2 latest version?
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    Android 2.3.7 - Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 For Galaxy GIO
    I am not responsible for any damage to your phone
    From 2012-03-25 i change this version to Like NIGHTLY. why??? because this version is most like vanilla build from CyanogenMod team.
    i only changes alittle code to make this rom perfect on our device.
    So, dont request unofficial feature to this rom

    My target is to make stable, fast & good power comsumption rom[/CENTER]

    Current status:
    • RIL
    • proximity sensor
    • touchscreen with multi touch
    • keychar
    • storage mode
    • gps
    • compass
    • accelerometer sensor
    • microphone (both phone & headset)
    • headset button
    • Root & Busybox
    • call,sms,mms
    • auto rotate
    • packet data with automatically apn detect
    • wifi
    • hardware video acceleration
    • secret code
    • bluetooth
    • camera
    • static wifi mac address
    • audio & FM Radio
    • wired & hotspot tether
    • Backlight Notification

    Not Working:
    • Sim Toolkit (maybe)

    known issue:
    • some option are not working on setting (like: mute camera sound, etc)
    • slow loading png image on gallery
    • after use camera, governor force back to "ondemand"

    Download link:


    Special thanks to:
    • CyanogenMod team
    • amarullz for Fantastic Aroma Installer
    • squadzone
    • ketut.kumajaya
    • psyke83
    • Maclaw

      • Nur Ahmad
      • T. William

    go to next post to read changelog & how to install
    How To Install

    Flash latest Clockworkod Recovery:
    skip this step if you have latest clockworkmod installed on your phone
    • Download latest ClockworkMod Recovery from This thread
    • Place it on root of your sdcard
    • reboot to recovery mode
    • install this cwm from recovery

    Flash Cyanogenmod 7 ROM :
    • Download and copy the latest CM7 ROM to SD Card
    • Reboot to Recovery Mode
    • Select install zip from sd card
    • Select choose zip from sd card
    • Select the new CM7 ROM
    • Select Yes - Install update
    • Wait till the Installation is finish
    • Select reboot system now
    • It's not automatically wipe your data. if you want to install fresh rom, you must wipe data before install it!
    • If you from stock / custom rom based on rfs filesystem, u must flash ext4-formatter.zip before flash CyanogenMod. link & instruction can fount on This Thread. otherwise you'll stuck on android logo because it cant mount rfs filesystem!
    • have problem after upgrade from earlier cyanogenMod? you should wipe your data!!

    Install & Enable a2sd Darktremor
    • Download dtapps2sd-
    • Reboot to Recovery mode
    • mount your system & data, then Install it
    • After install, reboot your phone. it'll make your phone bootloop for 2-3 times
    • For Activating it:
      • go to terminal emulator and write:
        a2sd zipalign
        a2sd cachesdreset
      • if u want use a2sd extream (move data to sd-ext):
        a2sd datasd

    Install & Enable Simple2Ext (S2E):
    • install it from market. be sure u've install gapps before!
    • open s2e, and press menu and choose setting
    • checklist the advance mode, extended partitions info, mount as ext4
    • press back, and press menu -> reboot
    • if your phone not automatic reboot, u should reboot it manually
    • after reboot, open s2e again. u can check whatever u want
    • i'm check it all, except Application data (Application data = a2sd extream datasd)
    • reboot again
      NOTE: if you cant activate S2E, i think your 2nd partition is corrupt. try to repartition it from PC
    Changelog & Download Link

    [ROM] patch-cm7.2-20120426.2-NIGHTLY-gio.zip

    • Revert some samsung's prebuilt library
    • Fix Audio routing to headset
    • Add missing sec_key keychar

    [ROM] patch-cm7.2-20120426-NIGHTLY-gio.zip

    • update samsung's prebuilt binary & library
    • fix unstable ril daemon when in 2G mode

    [ROM] patch-cm7.2-20120422-NIGHTLY-gio.zip

    • FIX: Video HW Acceleration

    [ROM] CM7.2-20120421-gio-NIGHTLY-AROMA.zip

    • Changes by me:
      • AROMA: Update Aroma Binary
      • Change Experimental Kernel to v20120420
      • Many Changes on Experimental Kernel
      • Remove Disable SetupWizard.apk
      • Fix disable YouTube Function
      • Update Goo-Manager App to v2.0.2
      • Update prebuilt library & modules
      • Fix camera info
      • More: http://github.com/phiexz
    • Changes by cyanogenmod Team:
      • fix "Skip on security" functionality
      • Allow theming of framework UI elements.
      • Fix Quick unlock bug
      • Fix Quick unlock bug
      • Update & Add many translation
      • Improove webkit (Let me know if u have problem with browser)
      • Improve GPS
      • and more, you can check it here and here

    [ROM] CM7.2-20120325-gio-NIGHTLY-AROMA.zip

    • Changes by me:
      • AROMA: User can select theme
      • Add more apn
      • remove unneded tweak, more vanilla
      • update dhcpconf
      • goo-inside.me OTA support
      • fix libaudio (mute on call). by psyke83
      • Big update for kernel
      • kernel: 800Mhz instead 806Mhz
      • kernel: Default clock is 800Mhz now, instead 787Mhz
      • kernel: A lot tweak for improve performance
      • kernel: Add Zcache & frontswap. better memmory management
      • More: http://github.com/phiexz
    • Changes by cyanogenmod Team:
      • Ipsec-Tools: racoon: introduce authentication method parameter
      • Skia: improve API
      • Zlib: Update to version on adler32/slhash repo as of Mar 07, 2012
      • Framework: implement Motoblur-like fingerprint tactile feedback
      • ADW: add sortable apps list for catalog setup
      • CMParts: Add option to enable/disable the ICS rotation animation
      • Contacs: Fix soft keyboard appearing on dialer under certain conditions.
      • Contacs: Fix initial state for t9 sort mode
      • MMS: Added a max SMS length option
      • MMS: Fix cursor repeatedly moving back to beginning of To field
      • Phone: Improve toast strings
      • MediaProvider: Backport "disappearing SD media" fixes from CM9
      • and more, you can check it here and here

    [ROM] CM7.2-03092012-gio-KANG-AROMA.zip

    • Changes by me:
      • Using AROMA Installer to install ROM
        NB: if you use px-recovery, please update to verison 0.28
      • Include 3rd apps & setting for customize rom
      • Include latest Google Apps
      • A lot of change on kernel-20120309 from squadzone
      • improve libaudio. by psyke83
    • Changes by cyanogenmod Team:
      • Added many translation
      • Added build time on system info
      • Many bugfix, more stable
      • and more, you can check it here and here

    [ROM] CM7.2-02242012-gio-KANG.zip

    • Changes by me:
      • remove unused tweak
      • cpufreq: tweak ondemand cpufreq
      • update libaudio from CodeAurora, thanks to psyke for fix libaudio for FM Radio & Mic
      • lib: add libmmomxcore & use libOmxCore from samsungs
      • improve gallery, but sometime still have issue with .png image
      • wlan: using official atheros tools, remove get_macaddress
      • sd-ext: now always mount as ext4. this change should fix any problem with S2E but not tested
      • updater-scripts: unmount before formatting device. this change for anyone who use px-recovery
      • Filemanager: Using source from squadzone. fix send files from filemanager
    • Changes by cyanogenmod Team:
      • fix alarm freeze on landscape mode
      • fix rotation freeze on screen off
      • and more, you can check it here and here

    [Patch] patch-CM7.2-02112012-1.zip
    • Working with Camera.apk
      • Fix video capture orientation
      • Remove wide option from video capture mode

    [ROM] CM7.2-02112012-gio-KANG.zip

    • Many patch on kernel for better performance
    • Framework: Improved cached
    • Framework: Add screen rotate animation from ICS
    • Many new option on setting (Tablet tweak, lockscreen style, disable scrolling cache, custom carrier label, lock volume key, bootanimation, power button end call, and many more)
    • Fix: fixed wired tether. now not need 3rd application like wiredtether.apk (tested on my archlinux)
    • Fix: Create & Loading thumbail on Gallery3D. now much faster. but sometime slow on png image
    • Fix: Screen flickering when turn on phone & disable screen on animation
    • IMPROVE: 100% rendering use GPU
    • IMPROVE: more snappy rom
    • IMPROVE: better ram management
    • and other

    [Patch] CM7.2-RC-1-patch-4.zip
    • trying to fix screen on blinking (when u disable screen on animation), but sometime still blinking
    • sensors hack, it should decrease gmaps v6.x lag. please test it. not tested by me
    • now using RGBA8888 color

    [Patch] CM7.2-RC-1-patch-3.zip
    • reworking again with camera driver on kernel, please check about orientation now
    • change camera app with modded camera.apk by squadzone
    • fix Droidwall problem (please check)
    • screen on animation (enable it from cyanogenMod setting)

    [Patch] CM7.2-RC-1-patch-2.zip
    • fix charging when phone turn off

    [Patch] CM7.2-RC-1-patch-1.zip
    • fix camera orientation driver from kernel. include with new official camera.apk from cyanogenMod. yesterday we used unofficial camera.apk
    • improve video recording, now using AAC instead of amr for audio
    • change local version to perf-CL783107, included module for CL783107 (wifi,zram,tun & cifs)
    • improve usb mass storage stability
    • patch usb composite.c, hope will fix usb tether problem

    [ROM] CM7.2 RC-1-b1
    • Added many option on cyanogenMod setting
    • Change device name from GT-S5660 to gio
    • Fixed many bug
    • disable live walpaper by default, because live wallpaper make cpu & gpu extra work, hot & drain more battery
    • added lagfree & lulzactive governor
    • added 672Mhz cpu scalling
    • patch backlight to fix backlight problem after set brightness
    • added Backlight Notification (BLN) support. use bln controll to set it!
    • patch libaudio for better audio. please check it and let me know your opinion. is it better or worse?
    • Change hardware name from GT-S5660V to GT-S5660

    [ROM] CM7.2 RC-0-b2 to b4

    [ROM] CM7.2 RC-0-b1
    • First build cyanogenmod 7.2 rc-0 from source, with many bug & problem
    New update available. sorry for long time without update it :p

    if you like my work, you can or click Thanks button to support me :)