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Sep 8, 2011
As we all know, Stelios97 made a working port of ICS for the X10 mini. fifo171 has tested the same rom on his X8 and has confirmed that it works for the X8 as well. This thread is to further develop this rom so we X8 users can have ICS. On the 27th November 2011,troufiniou and has further developed this rom :D ! Thnx guys :D !

Notice :In this thread, we'll be focusing on troufiniou's releases. If you would like to try stelious97's rom, the link is provided below but i don't think i will be posting his releases as he is developing for the x10 mini and not the X8, whereas troufiniou is with us in the X8 department. Please do not ask for ETA's and I will not tolerate posts like "when will be ready 100%, when will be stable and etc". Also, if anyone disrespects the thread, not counting if they are disrespecting devs or normal users, you will be reported and hopefully banned ! You have been warned. Also, troufiniou and n1kolaa are working around the clock to get the ICS port working for us, so please show some respect and do not make demands :) be thankful we even have devs helping us !

Thanks goes to stelios97 for the x10 mini ics port and for helping with the x8 rom, nobodyAtall, alfsamsung and doixanh (also for helping with V007 II :)) for their awesome kernels, fifo171 for testing on X8 (stelious97's rom), troufiniou who is currently developing this rom and to all the ICS testers as well as those who PM-ed me asking if they could help. Thanks guys :D !

stelious 97's thread

troufiniou's thread


[Stock kernel fix for V007 II and below] - Download this, extract the two files and paste them in system/bin and flash the rom (if asked to overwrite anything, just accept and click yes)
unlocked bootloader (Optional but highly recommended)
custom kernel : nAa kernel/alfs kernel/linuxdx kernel
rooted phone
latest firmware and baseband (xxxx015)

What's Working:
Touchscreen (Cypress users- stock kernel only with V008)
Hard buttons (Thnx to tony-noob :D)
Vibrate (With the nAa/alfs Kernel)
Sound (???)
SD Card Readable (V005)
LED (V005)
GSM (V005) (Can recieve calls and SMS but cant send sms and make calls :()
Brightness (V005)

What isn't working :
Pretty much everything else

Installation Instructions:

*Download THIS
*Extract contents and select "checkts .cmd"
*Make sure USB DEBUGGING is enabled on your phone
*Connect your phone to your PC but do not mount SD CARD
*Let the CMD run and it will state if Cypress or Synaptics was detected

Unlock Bootloader
For advanced users
For n00bs like me :D

Flash nAa kernel/alfs kernel/ linuxdx

Place rom on your sd card

Go to CWM Recovery

Full wipe

Wipe data

Wipe cache

Flash rom





V007 II







Diclaimer : I can't be held responsible if this rom bricks, destroys or screws up your phone :D flash at your own risk ! ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE FLASHING !!!!!! If you do have problems, PM me and I'll help :)

Video was done by jahlovePL :D thnx mate

Screenshots by 72andrew72 thnx bro !

Primary objectives : Fix network coverage, wifi, bluetooth, camera, basically everything and compatibility for cypress users (hang in there guys)

If you're not happy with this rom, simply full wipe, wipe cache, wipe data and restore your backup ! As for the kernel, you can use any kernel you prefer.


1. I am not a developer. I am merely providing info and links based on troufiniou's progress. All credits go to the devs and the testers.

2. This rom only works with synaptics digitizer users. Cypress users will have to use stock kernel fix (read the requirements section - 1st post) along with v008 for now

3. Please read the 1st page before asking useless questions or making stupid complaints !!!

4. In V008, there were complaints of users unable to access their recovery modes ! Here's the fix by ThePCGuy :D Thnx mate ! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=20044282&postcount=1216

Please, if you can help us, PM us and inform us that you can help to lessen our burden. Do not be selfish. Put it this way, the more hands we have working on this project, the faster you can expect ICS on your X8's :D I'm already recieving a lot of PM's asking if they can help ! THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT :) !

Let's all have a blast with this :D !


Alpha 9 (18-12-2011)
*Small fix*
- Added fix for recovery mode on stock kernel

Alpha 8 (7-12-2011)
-Screen density changed from 160 to 150 to improve the screen
-Add chargemon and ramdisk.tar for boot with stock kernel (yes, now u can flash this on stock kernel :D !!!) thanks to ThePCGuy
-Cypress drivers fixed but can only be used through stock kernel (for now) (thnx to DeFcOn and alfsamsung)
-Added temporary USB Mount Fix by Stelious 97 :D

Alpha 7 II (4-12-2011
*Performance fixes* (Reverted back to V003's Gralloc Driver thanks to doixanh's guidance :D)
-Speed has improved (djnilse said it's like GingerBread !)
-GPU works (basically same as the 1st post)
- GSM now connects automatically, unlike in v005, but still has the same bugs with sms and calls
-Screen resolution is fixed

Alpha 7 (3-12-2011)
-Wasn't uploaded because users complained that they could not boot and even if the could boot, their launchers kept FC :(

Alpha 6 (4-12-2011)
* Minor fixes*
-Changes to LCD Density (Better for viewing)
-Some improvements (optimizations to performance)

Alpha 5 (3-12-2011)
-Sd card is working :D
-LED works
-Brightness can be adjusted
-GSM (Can recieve calls and SMS but cant send sms and make calls :()

Alpha 4 (3-12-2011)
*A few improvements*
-About phone stats have been corrected (except for baseband)
-Keyboard is finally fixed :D !!!
-Scrolling speed improved and smoothened !
-If it's slow, try disabling animations (Settings/dev options/window & transition animation scale/unselect both) that should solve the problem ;)

Alpha 3 (28-11-2011) (troufiniou will be busy till next weekend, thats why this update came early.Idk maybe he may upload an update if he's free)
- The hardware buttons work great now, especially (un)locking the device (Thnx to tony-noob :) )
- Vibrate works except if you're running on LDX kernel.
- Credits go to TimeWasterNL for testing and providing me these findings :D !

Alpha 2 (28-11-2011)

- Smoother than V001 :D (tested with alfs kernel v05 (non-fcp)
- Not much lag like in stelios97's port
- Apps open faster than stelious97's port

Alpha 1 (27-11-2011)

- Initial release :)


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Jan 22, 2008
Ok let's start all from the begining.
Thread as been moved from General to here, this will improve to have have less people with less then 10 posts to troll here.

OP can contact me when ready to open it again.
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    Ok let's start all from the begining.
    Thread as been moved from General to here, this will improve to have have less people with less then 10 posts to troll here.

    OP can contact me when ready to open it again.
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