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Do you think that this is a good idea?

  • YES! Appubator, please do us a Facebook app.

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  • No, it is useless.

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  • I don't care.

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Mar 3, 2008
I have noticed using the app that in the Most Recent feeds I see a bunch of posts of people playing games, that all those notifications are sent. These do not show up in the web app, security prevents it. Is this something that can be filtered out, they are very annoying?

I know what u mean mate. But you need to post this on the new xda Facebook thread cos this one is closed. If you go back one page there is a link to the new one in big red writing.


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Feb 27, 2011
i cant registrate the app after installation...does it works fine for you guys?
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Sep 4, 2008
i cant registrate the app after installation...does it works fine for you guys?

I no longer use this, but if you try logging in by the "external" method I think sometimes it gives an extra # symbol at the end. Try copying the text from the browser address bar and pasting into a text editor to see if it has the # symbol. If so delete it and copy the new line and paste it into the app.


You can just copy all the text from the browser address bar except the last # symbol.


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Jun 16, 2009
I have a little problem when I open a publication of my wall to make any comments on the application itself does not display my comments, the image or the text of the publication and also allows me to comment any publication sovereign, if they could help me with this , thank you very much.


Nov 29, 2008
i cant registrate the app after installation...does it works fine for you guys?

None of the methods work for me.
External Web -> "Invalid URL String. Please try and copy again."
I checked and there is no "#" at the end of the string; however, my FB is set up to always redirect to https, not sure if that's a problem.
Internal -> "An error has occurred and was logged. Please review and submit the file stored at: ... to the dev team. Thanks you!"
Internal Web -> The web page is seriously misshaped but usable. I am able to login after which the browser window closes and nothing else happens (e.g. the app is still on the login screen).

I did a quick search for HTTPS in this thread but didn't find anything.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    We are at the very beginning stage of development of new FaceBook app for WinMo.
    If any developer/graphic designer wants to join, please feel free to do so :)

    Please reffer to this google code project site:


    To join the group, PM xda member: joe_coolish


    Promised Fullfilled

    sinoo - $10 + $10
    thekrautdog - $5

    PS: The poll is from the old post. You can still vote on whether you want a new FB app.
    Follow updates on Twitter! Use the #xdafb hashtag to spread the word!
    Here is an article on what kinds of feedback we're looking for when helping test the public beta: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=9227274

    [UPDATED 12/7/10]

    BETA 4.1!

    **update** If you were caught in the infinite automatic-update, things should be fixed now. Also, I forgot to disable the Compose button in the inbox. It will crash the app if clicked on. Hopefully by friday I can have another version that has this part working :)

    • Photo Albums! Pictures can now be viewed in XDAFacebook.
      • Big pictures will open up in the default browser for the time being. Once I make a good photo viewer, I'll replace that.
      • Also, the settings menu has a whole section dedicated to photos. Feel free to play with the settings, but numerical values == 0 or <0 will cause the app to crash! There is no safty net for this!
      • There is a number for concurrent image downloads. This number should be between 6-10. Any more can cause slow down, and less and the effect seems non-existant. I've gone as high as 25 and felt pretty good about it. But I haven't dared push it to the limit!
      • New albums had a few bugs so I held back on this release. It will be coming soon!
    • Older Posts! Feel free to browse the older posts :) I've successfully gone about a days worth of posts back w/o any lag.
    • Searchable Friends List! I added a search box at the top of the friends search list :)
    • Memory Management! Special Thanks goes out to Corwin9S. He helped me look at the memory usage. I reduced the CPU cycles by ~30%. It still takes up about 3-6 mbs of RAM. This is caused by Form Allocations, DLL imports, etc. Most of the space is just allocated space that I can't get rid of. I will try to find more ways to make the RAM usage go down, but from what I've been told by some people at MSFT, this numer isn't uncommon or bad. CPU cycles are what count and that's what I'm trying to optimize
    • GUI fixes! I finished the drop-downs, so they look a little more professional. I also added the numerical counters. There are still more that can be done on them, so I will continue improving their apperance and performance.
    • Rollup of bug fixes
    • And finally SPEED!! This version should be the fastest yet. Rendering times are super quick and load times seem to be back to where they belong.

    Instructions for Localization:

    Please create a blank language file (instructions are above) and edit ONLY the text in between the quote marks "". The quotes need to remain!
    Verify that your text doesn't fly off the screen. Anywhere that the text is too long for the graphic, try shortening the word or pick a different one (if that's possible) if not, let me know (via picture) and I'll make the necessary changes.
    Once you have a translated file, save it as <Language>.txt and upload it to your device. Place it in the same directory where you got the Blank.txt.

    Please share your translations!

    ALSO! Since the app will be transforming and new features will be being added, the translation process will be ongoing.
    If you click "Create Blank Language File" and you already had an alternate translation loaded and working, the Blank.txt will only have the new strings in english, so you will only need to translate the changes.

    Unfortunately, after a couple of hours searching the web and looking at platform SDKs, I have learned that poking is not supported by the Graph or REST APIs (what I use to interact with facebook). I've been looking, and I might be able to hack something that might work, or I could have the option to support Pokes via SMS. I need your feedback. Which option (or both) sounds the best? Does anyone even Poke anymore?!

    Wall posting is very basic at the moment. I will be making an advanced text editor that has more options for posting links, privacy settings, etc.

    I also changed the road map a little. Let me know if that works for everyone!

    Hope everyone likes the new updates!

    I also wanted to make a road map of releases leading up to the final release of Version 1.0:

    BETA 4.X
    • This beta release will focus on posting data to Facebook and making sure everything works well.
    • This beta release will also include newer GUI pieces, such as Inbox!

    BETA 5.X
    • This beta release will focus on Chat!

    BETA 6.X
    • This beta release will focus on App Completeness! Or making sure all the functionality of a full Mobile Client have been implemented

    RC 1
    • This release candidate will focus on Bullet-Proofing! All minor bugs should be worked out

    RC 2
    • This release candidate will only happen if major bugs are discovered in RC 1

    Release 1.0
    • Hopefully all is well!

    That is the road map I have planned. I don't anticipate Beta 3 to be out very long (unless there are major bugs). I want to get to beta 4.X as soon as possible. I also might mix and match :) But that is the proposed roadmap to Release 1.0!

    Devices that this beta has been tested on:
    • HD2 WVGA

    • Authorization should be working, but using the new URL is a lot cleaner (I think). Go here to authorize directly. Once you see the browser transfered to "Success" then try the application again
    • Friend names that are really long hang off the edge.
    • I've fixed this bug for the next release, long names will be clipped with Ellipsis

    And the status of this beta is:

    thank you for the reports :)

    I'm going to be doing a ton of work for the next couple of hours. follow my progress on twitter (if you're bored and need something to do! also ask me questions on there and I'll be able to respond quickly.

    wish me luck!
    Skinning instructions

    Design instructions:

    • Download screenshots.zip
    • modifiy images in favorite image editor (that supports .psd and layers)
    • post concept image in thread/send us the .psd file
    • (OPTIONAL) Make skin with concept

    Skin the XDAFacebook app instructions:

    • Download zip file
    • extract all images and place them in the \Program Files\XDAFacebook\Resources folder
    • launch application
    • enjoy!

    Ok, instructions on how to skin the app are as follows:

    • Find the image that you want to replace.
    • Create new image and give it the specific name.
    • Special "tags" at the end of the name give the image special features.
    • copy the images to the \Program Files\XDAFacebook\Resources directory
    list of tags:

    • _alpha this will take the first pixel of the image and make it the images "Alpha Channel". Make sure that the image is solid in that color and that there are no artifacts!
    • _trans_### where ### is a number (ie 200, 100, 10. Not 001). This number represents the total opacity for the image. The higher the number, the more opaque. Range 255-0.
    • _trans_png. This only works with 24 bit PNG files!!!! This is also very resource intensive, so make this a last option. This will preserve the images alpha channel. It is the only way to make partial transparencies.

    List of files: This list will increase and until final release is up for change!

    • header 480x50
    • house 50x50
    • XFPanelHome 480x552
    • alphabar 50x648

    the dimensions are based on 800x480 res screen. If someone wants to experiment and give me dimensions for other resolutions, please do so!

    If you have any questions about where these images are, let me know and I'll tell you

    Good luck and send me the zip with your skins and I'll post the best ones here :)
    Thank you all for your support! XDAFacebook has a new home


    Please update your links. I will not be monitoring this thread any more.