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[DEVELOPMENT][SM-G532F/G/M/MT]LineageOS 14.1/13.0 porting attemt for Galaxy J2 prim

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May 18, 2017
CPU-Z lists the J2 Prime (G532G variant) with a MT6737T board and a MT6735 hardware. Don't know whym

G532G also runs on Android Marshmallow, so a LOS 13 port might be better, but LOS 14 still has some features that might not be present on LOS 13.

Also: the device lacks "some" free storage (user space) and prevents a user to make a SD card as an adoptable storage (only in the OS itself. Using adb to convert sdcard to adoptable storage works fine)

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    This thread is discontinued. Head over to LineageOS 14.1 for Galaxy J2 Prime by Prove N instead.
    Hi everyone!

    Merry christmas.

    I'm sorry to tell you that i had to give away my newly bought g532g to my other son as a christmas gift, as he was in need of a new phone since his old huawei was broken.

    Now i don't have any device to test los with anymore. Also my wife is pregnant, and we're expecting a child in the first quarter of 2018. I will have to prioritize my family.

    Thanks to everyone for the support, tips, info, ideas and testing of lineageos for this device. I sincerely hope another developer will come along and pick up development for this device.

    I hope the github repo's will be of use for dev's. Althought they are not complete, vendor is probably missing something, and probably device and kernel needs tweaking as well.

    Wish the best for the j2 prime community in the future and i wish you get custom rom's soon.
    will the rom have "Enhanced 4G LTE mode" (for voice) ?
    Should be possible if we get 14.1 up & running
    If the device supprts it
    We didn't know it existed before, but we're going to implement the mt6735-common (board common device tree for our mt6737t) lineageos sources.
    This has two branches, 13.0 and 14.1 :)
    (mt6735 is the board of the mt6737t chipset).
    This simplifies things a bit.
    I hope to have a successful build during the weekend.